I made my own chocolate bar at the Kit Kat Rubies launch!

Kit Kat Rubies Group

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Kit Kat Rubies launch at The Royale Chulan Damansara Hotel. This is in fact the worldwide première of the Kit Kat Rubies as the opening launch is in Malaysia – that’s right, we’re the first ones to get it! :)

Kit Kat Rubies Photo

There were selfie props at the photo wall so I decided to take one with Aud and the two girls dressed up in Kit Kat Rubies attire. They’re supposed to take a photo of us, but I thought it’ll be nice to have a photo with them flanking us. Haha.

Kit Kat Rubies Packaging

The event started soon after that and Mr. Sachin Goel (Business Executive Manager, Confectionery Business Unit, Nestle Products Sdn Bhd) and Mr Thierry Martin (Innovation & Renovation Manager, Confectionery Business Unit) went up for the launch gambit.

Kit Kat Rubies Presentation

It was our first look at the Kit Kat Rubies packaging…

Kit Kat Rubies Launch

…which opened up to show a beautifully crafted two-tiered box which opens up both ways to show off an array of Kit Kat Rubies!

Kit Kat Rubies

This gem of a chocolate is individually wrapped and contains an indulgent piece of rich chocolate truffle filling with a crispy wafer centre, and pieces of hazelnut encased in silky smooth milk chocolate. The chocolate truffle cream is created from the finest ingredients brought in from Spain and the crispy wafer centre stays true to the Kit Kat name.

Kit Kat Chocolatier

I had a chance to go up while Mr. Thierry Martin was conducting a chocolate making workshop and mixed my own liquid chocolate. This was an extremely fun experience for the media, each of us got the opportunity to make our own chocolate bar with the ingredients we wanted!

Liquid Chocolate

I opted to put everything except nuts into my chocolate since I wanted to make this for my better half and she didn’t like chocolates. I had these to choose from:

  • Strawberry pieces
  • Chocolate crumble
  • Crisped cereal
  • Almonds
  • Hazelnuts

Making Chocolate

I mixed the top three together well in my liquid chocolate before pouring it into my mould. We had name stickers on the moulds so we won’t mix it up while it set. I actually took a photo of the ingredients we had to work with and used Whatsapp to send it to my dear to ask what she wanted in her chocolate.

Chocolate Moulding

It took a while for the chocolate bar to set but as soon as that was done, it was packed up and I rushed to pass my better half her personalized handcrafted chocolate bar:

Handcrafted Chocolate Bar

We were the first to sample the Kit Kat Rubies and there was a lot going around during the Kit Kat Rubies launch. It’s really indulgent – I loved the chocolate truffle and hazelnuts inside the silky smooth milk chocolate that holds it together. The crimson red individually wrapped pieces adds a touch of class and makes it perfect for sharing.

Kit Kat Rubies Individual

Kit Kat Rubies is an ideal gift for the festive season too – the 2-tier packaging is beautiful and it’s perfect as a gift! No matter the occasion, be it Christmas (it lasts for 12 days), New Year, or even Chinese New Year, Kit Kat Rubies would be an excellent gift. It works for birthdays, celebrations or even just giving for the sake of giving.

Kit Kat Rubies Media

I loved the Kit Kat Rubies launch, especially the chocolate making workshop and the unveiling of the product – it was a lot of fun and all of us enjoyed it immensely. I know what I’m going to give as gifts for this festive season! :)

Gimme a break…


I’m a big fan of KIT KAT. It’s awesome stress food. I tend to reach for one at work (I keep a stash) when things get hectic and I need a quick break. I remember hunting down their limited editions back in 2006. They came out with Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition X1 Cappuccino Flavor and Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02. I’ve even had the Nestle Kit Kat Strawberry Limited Edition specially brought in from Japan.


There are a lot of promotional bars in Melbourne when I was in university – from the KIT KA$H wafers to KIT KAT Chunky bars where a select few contains a fake plastic contraption (with a similar weight and size to the regular bars so you can’t distinguish it) which sings when you pull it out. If you get this “singing” Kit Kat bar, you’ve effectively won yourself a round-the-world trip.


I’ve always wondered why Malaysia doesn’t have similar promotions…until now:


I’ve always loved reading Roald Dahl’s works and I adore his vivid descriptions of food. This reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Golden Ticket…for adults! Instead of winning a trip to a chocolate factory, you get something much better – an all expenses paid trip for two to see MTV’s Featured Artist of the Month live in concert…anywhere in the world!


Repeat after me: All expenses paid trip, anywhere in the world!


I love travelling and music so I went to the nearest 7 Eleven after work and raided their Kit Kat supply. You just need to look out for this sticker:


Kit Kat has distilled the contest mechanics into three simple steps:

1. Have a break
2. Have a KIT KAT
3. Check inside pack

I’ve eaten several bars of Kit Kat today for lunch. I also got a couple of my coworkers to dig in – on the condition that the chocolate is free, but if there’s a prize inside, I’m keeping it. ;)


I haven’t found a pack with a prize yet, but I still have a stash of Kit Kat and the contest only ends on August 28 so there’s plenty of time to work my way through the Kit Kat bars. There are iPod Shuffles and music CDs up for grabs too…check out the details here.


Good luck!


(Break a leg/finger)

Nestle Kit Kat Strawberry Limited Edition (Japan)

kit kat strawberry japan

Nestle came out with a limited edition strawberry flavored Kit Kat in Japan. fish fish
[blogspot.com] kindly brought it back for me but I forgot to take it
the first time and only managed to get it when I went out for dinner
with her a couple of days ago. The Japanese Kit Kat box is very well
designed with images of strawberries and a photo of the actual Kit Kat
Strawberry bar printed in front.

kit kat strawberry japan box

Nestle Kit Kat Strawberry Limited Edition is
packaged in the specially designed cardboard box pioneered by Japan
that has evolved into the standard limited edition Kit Kat packaging
now. The distinctive packaging is filled with kanji and hiragana
characters and has a side perforation which opens up to reveal the
individually wrapped twin bars that has become the benchmark for
limited edition Kit Kats around the world.

kit kat strawberry japan bars

The Japanese Nestle Kit Kat Strawberry Limited Edition cardboard box
contains 2 x 2 wafer bars in a nicely designed wrapper which features a
pink color scheme and strawberry outlines in bright aluminum foil
interspaced throughout the wrapper. The back of the individually
wrapped twin bars is inscribed with “Have a break, have a KitKit” and
it’s really nicely designed compared to Malaysian efforts.

kit kat strawberry japan open

Nestle Kit Kat Strawberry Limited Edition (Japan) opens up to reveal
the familiar Kit Kat layout with a distinctive strawberry scent wafting
out as soon as the foil is perforated. It’s amazing…they got the
strawberry fragrance spot on, and I immediately felt like eating it!
The bars are nicely pressed too, with speckles of bright red containing
bits of strawberry pieces in a pink strawberry flavored coating.

kit kat strawberry japan bite

Nestle Japan Kit Kat Strawberry Limited Edition
tastes great! The taste test does not disappoint – it seems that the
wafers in the Japanese edition of Kit Kat is much better than the ones
we get over here…it has an almost melt-in-the-mouth texture and the
middle of the wafers is coated with strawberry paste too, making this
one extremely strawberry-licious Kit Kat! :)

Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition X1 Cappuccino Flavor

kitkat limited edition cappuccino jusco

Nestle Kit Kat Cappuccino Flavour Limited Edition X1
is the first one in the new line of Malaysian Kit Kat limited edition
series. I have only seen the other one (Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake
Flavor Limited Edition 02) on the shelves and it seems that Nestle Kit
Kat Cappuccino Flavor Limited Edition X1 is a Jusco (the hypermarket)

kitkat limited edition cappuccino stand

I was walking around in Jusco when I saw this rack
of Nestle Kit Kat Cappuccino Flavor Limited Edition X1 on a promotional
stand. The normal box (2 x 2 finger wafer) retails for RM 2.29 and the
new larger format box goes for RM 4.29. This batch of Malaysian Limited
Edition KitKat runs seems to have only two flavors in the lineup.

kitkat limited edition cappuccino size

The packaging looks impeccable – the new line of limited edition Kit
Kat cardboard boxes are done well, much like its Japanese counterpart.
It is indeed a leap from the simple design of the first Malaysian foray
into the limited edition Kit Kat market. The normal 2 x 17 g box and
the larger 4 x 17g box have similar side perforations to open up the

kitkat limited edition cappuccino box

Nestle Kit Kat Cappuccino Flavor Limited Edition X1 has a more
elaborate design compared to the minimalist Nestle Kit Kat Lemon
Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02 – there are intricate swirls and
symmetrical patterns adorning the cardboard box with a cup of frothy
cappuccino in the form of a raised imprint as the centerpiece.

kitkat limited edition cappuccino bars

Nestle Kit Kat Cappuccino Flavor comes in individually wrapped 2 x 2
wafer packs with KitKat logo and the words “Cappuccino Flavor” on the
right extreme tapering into a pure brown color palate to the left, much
like the other limited edition KitKat in this series.

kitkat limited edition cappuccino open

Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition X1 Cappuccino Flavor opens up to
reveal dark brown twin Kit Kat wafers. The chocolate coating is
slightly darker than the standard Kit Kat bars.

kitkat limited edition cappuccino bite

The Kit Kat Cappuccino Flavor tastes like coffee flavored Kit Kat bars. The official description is printed as “Wafer fingers in milk chocolate – Cappuccino Flavor“. It tasted alright, but it’s too plain compared to the Cheesecake Flavored Kit Kat.

kitkat limited edition cappuccino end

Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition X1 Cappuccino Flavor can be found at Jusco hypermarkets on cardboard stands printed with “It’s out there – ENJOY The rarest of breaks“.

Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02

kitkat limited edition cheesecake shelf

Nestle KitKat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour Limited Edition 02
is the latest promotion of the Kit Kat line of chocolate wafers. I have
no idea where Limited Edition 01 is – I only saw Limited Edition 02 in
the Kuching airport before I took a flight to KL. Perhaps the numbering
is just arbitrary. *shrugs*

kitkat limited edition cheesecake size

The Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02 comes
in two sizes – the standard 2 x 2 finger format we’re all familiar with
(RM 4.50) and a larger 4 x 2 finger format that I’ve never seen Kit Kat
being packaged in, which was what caught my eye in the first place.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake design

The packaging looks great – the Kit Kat cardboard box is light
yellow and has a lemon slice imprinted on one side of the box and
random see-through holes to allow the individually wrapped yellow wafer
fingers inside to be visible through the plastic window. There is also
a perforation on the right which opens up like a flip-tip cigarette box.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake box

This Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition is only available in Malaysia.
It marks the first time Malaysia has its own individually wrapped and
boxed Kit Kat Limited Edition runs, which are very popular in Japan.
Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour Limited Edition 02 is
officially dubbed “Wafer fingers in Lemon Cheesecake Flavored Confectionary“.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake bars

Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour Limited Edition 02 comes in
individually wrapped 2 x 2 wafer packs with words on one side tapering
into a pure yellow color scheme. The design looks good and it marks a
nice debut for Malaysian Limited Edition Kit Kat confectionary.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake open

Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour opens up to reveal a whitish yellow Kit Kat wafer in the dual wafer format. The consistent color scheme is great!

kitkat limited edition cheesecake bite

Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor tastes like cheesecake on the
inside with the lemon flavor coming from the coating. It really tastes
like cheesecake! I was amazed at the taste and texture, which resembles
a cheesecake (a good one to boot) so closely. The wonders of modern
artificial food flavoring! ;)

kitkat limited edition cheesecake end

Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02 tastes great! Get it while you can…it is limited edition after all.

P/S – I wrote this before I found the Nestle Kit
Kat Limited Edition 01 in KL. The review of the other limited edition
Kit Kat in the series is coming up in the next post.

Nestle Kit Kat Dark Luxury Limited Edition

kit kat dark luxury bar shelves

Nestle came out with a limited edition variant of their Kit Kat product line – it’s called Kit Kat Dark Luxury and it’s made with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

kit kat dark luxury limited edition

The Dark Luxury Kit Kat bars retail in the standard Kit Kat size but
instead of a wrapper, it comes in a nicely packaged box with a
perforation on one end and the text “Limited Edition” emblazoned beside

kit kat dark luxury wafers

The Kit Kat Dark Luxury cardboard box opens up to reveal individually wrapped 2-finger wafers.

kit kat dark luxury bar

Kit Kat Dark Luxury tastes like standard Kit Kat made with dark
chocolate instead of milk chocolate. I didn’t find it exceptional as I
do not like the Kit Kat bars over here.

I’ll be flying to KL on a business trip tomorrow morning for a 4 pm
meeting and I’ll be coming back again on Saturday. I won’t spend the
weekend since I have obligations in Kuching but I’ll probably head out
Friday night. See ya!

Situation normal, all fucked up…

Tomorrow is the last day of the semester. It would be my final
semester here too, if I don’t fail anything. *crosses fingers* Anyway,
just some updates since I haven’t been posting much – the final exam of
GCS2714 Alcohol and Drug Use went okay, some bits were easy, some were
hard. The last few days (weeks?) have been crazy, my organs took quite
a pummeling…I know my kidneys are not happy with the amount of
processing they had to do. Oh, I had a really interesting sleep
deprivation hallucination today too. I was coding, when those squiggly
RGB protoplasm started to fill my vision (like I was looking through
swirling red green blue “organic eyeshades”). I blinked, and in that
split second (it felt like minutes), I was transported to a bizarre
world with lots of horrible screaming and an ultra bright strobe light
that made everything blinding white and flickering. The strange thing
is, it couldn’t have been more than a second, but it felt like minutes!
It gave me a start, that’s for sure. :) Classic! It’s worthy of a
“hallucination” label instead of visual distortion because of the
auditory hallucinations and sensory (spatial) confusion. Anyway, I’m
too tired now, but here’s some pictures of food I got over the last few
days but didn’t get around to eating yet…will eat them all tonight, and
a nice big meal as well (all the better for a lacerating GI tract to
absorb of course). It would be good to have an alternative energy
source, ketone bodies just doesn’t measure up. ;) I will post again
tomorrow if all that doesn’t give me reactive hypoglycemia like the
doctor said it would.

Cadbury’s Picnic Rocky Road, Snickers Hazelnut, Snickers Cruncher and
Twix (King Size). Twix rocks. Stoner’s choice. ;) “Tune out big time!”

It comes in a white chocolate version too.

I only saw this today…third in the series of Smith’s Great Australian
Tastes. This one is Bega’s Strong & Bitey Aged Vintage cheese. It
would go well with my meal later. :) The first two are here: Heinz Big Red Tomato Sauce & Meat Pie and Ham and Keen’s Mustard [sixthseal.com].

No, there isn’t.

Public service announcement: Grain alcohol/pure spirit (95% alcohol or 190 proof) + lacerating stomach = fiery, terrible retribution from the pits of hell.

A butterfly flaps its wings in China…


I didn’t think it would be possible, but it’s done. They improved on
the chunky Kit Kat bars. The bar has this 1 cm gap on the top where
there is this smooth flowing caramel. It has displaced Twix as my
favourite chocolate bar. It’s like stuffed crust pizzas for chocolate
bars! Perhaps the Pizza Hut management were having this focus group
with the Nestle management and they suddenly thought about this cool
idea – going where no man has gone before – putting good stuff into
normally banal stuff. Pizza Hut were putting sausages and cheese into
the crust of their pizzas and Nestle got around to putting caramel (!)
into the top layer of chocolate into their Kit Kat bars. Smooth flowing

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