Nestle Kit Kat Dark Luxury Limited Edition

kit kat dark luxury bar shelves

Nestle came out with a limited edition variant of their Kit Kat product line – it’s called Kit Kat Dark Luxury and it’s made with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

kit kat dark luxury limited edition

The Dark Luxury Kit Kat bars retail in the standard Kit Kat size but instead of a wrapper, it comes in a nicely packaged box with a perforation on one end and the text “Limited Edition” emblazoned beside it.

kit kat dark luxury wafers

The Kit Kat Dark Luxury cardboard box opens up to reveal individually wrapped 2-finger wafers.

kit kat dark luxury bar

Kit Kat Dark Luxury tastes like standard Kit Kat made with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. I didn’t find it exceptional as I do not like the Kit Kat bars over here.

I’ll be flying to KL on a business trip tomorrow morning for a 4 pm meeting and I’ll be coming back again on Saturday. I won’t spend the weekend since I have obligations in Kuching but I’ll probably head out Friday night. See ya!


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