Situation normal, all fucked up…

Tomorrow is the last day of the semester. It would be my final
semester here too, if I don’t fail anything. *crosses fingers* Anyway,
just some updates since I haven’t been posting much – the final exam of
GCS2714 Alcohol and Drug Use went okay, some bits were easy, some were
hard. The last few days (weeks?) have been crazy, my organs took quite
a pummeling…I know my kidneys are not happy with the amount of
processing they had to do. Oh, I had a really interesting sleep
deprivation hallucination today too. I was coding, when those squiggly
RGB protoplasm started to fill my vision (like I was looking through
swirling red green blue “organic eyeshades”). I blinked, and in that
split second (it felt like minutes), I was transported to a bizarre
world with lots of horrible screaming and an ultra bright strobe light
that made everything blinding white and flickering. The strange thing
is, it couldn’t have been more than a second, but it felt like minutes!
It gave me a start, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚ Classic! It’s worthy of a
“hallucination” label instead of visual distortion because of the
auditory hallucinations and sensory (spatial) confusion. Anyway, I’m
too tired now, but here’s some pictures of food I got over the last few
days but didn’t get around to eating yet…will eat them all tonight, and
a nice big meal as well (all the better for a lacerating GI tract to
absorb of course). It would be good to have an alternative energy
source, ketone bodies just doesn’t measure up. πŸ˜‰ I will post again
tomorrow if all that doesn’t give me reactive hypoglycemia like the
doctor said it would.

Cadbury’s Picnic Rocky Road, Snickers Hazelnut, Snickers Cruncher and
Twix (King Size). Twix rocks. Stoner’s choice. πŸ˜‰ “Tune out big time!”

It comes in a white chocolate version too.

I only saw this today…third in the series of Smith’s Great Australian
Tastes. This one is Bega’s Strong & Bitey Aged Vintage cheese. It
would go well with my meal later. πŸ™‚ The first two are here: Heinz Big Red Tomato Sauce & Meat Pie and Ham and Keen’s Mustard [].

No, there isn’t.

Public service announcement: Grain alcohol/pure spirit (95% alcohol or 190 proof) + lacerating stomach = fiery, terrible retribution from the pits of hell.

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