Roti Pisang Cheese Strawberry

roti pisang cheese strawberry

Roti Pisang Cheese Strawberry is a user customized version of roti canai
(the base) which uses unorthodox but delicious ingredients. I was at
the 24 hour ScH mamak (just downstairs) for supper just now and asked
for Roti Pisang…with cheese…and strawberry ice cream. ;) The owner
hid his astonishment well and double confirmed the order. I said Roti
Pisang Cheese Strawberry – and a new roti variant is born! =D

roti pisang cheese strawberry slices

This is what it looks like – it came out shaped like a subway sandwich instead of the flat variable shaped roti canai. The Roti Pisang Cheese Strawberry
is sliced into manageable but rather large bite sized pieces and it
contains pisang (banana), cheese (er…cheese), and strawberry (ice

roti pisang cheese strawberry contents

It tastes amazing, trust me. The taste is dominated by the
strawberry ice cream and banana, but the melted cheese shines through,
distributing that sweet, squishy, and salty umami (three posts in a row!) cheese flavor and texture combination all at once.

roti pisang cheese strawberry hot

You have to eat it really fast though coz it’s hot so the strawberry
ice cream melts real fast. Check it out at your local mamak next time –
any reputable mamak will allow customers to order quirky combinations
of this Malaysian staple. ;)

P/S – I’ll reply all the comments tomorrow. I just
got back and we have a big meeting early tomorrow morning so I’m going
to turn in now. Good night!

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