BDC Taiwan Beef Noodle

beef noodles bdc stall

BDC Taiwan Beef Noodle is located in BDC and the stall is manned by a proprietor who makes the best beef noodles I’ve ever had to date.

beef noodles bdc

The large beef noodles (RM 5) come with a generous helping of beef and noodles. The liberal portions can be seen in the chunks of beef on top of the noodles.

beef noodles bdc mixed

This is what it looks like after being mixed up a little. The beef noodles taste great and the broth is hearty too, so you can drink it together with the noodles. I’m not a big fan of soupy noodles but this won me over.

beef noodles how you cafe

The stall is located at the curiously named How-You CafΓ©.


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