Sri Shan Curry & Such review

sri shan curry and such

Sri Shan Curry & Such is an eating establishment offering “authentic rich aromatic Southern Indian cuisine” that opened its doors recently. There aren’t a lot of authentic South Indian food in Kuching so I went with *x to check out the place. She was buying lunch.

sri shan decor

Sri Shan Curry & Such is located at Jalan Ban Hock and has interesting dรฉcor at the open entrance which looks like a cross between an elephant and Bigfoot. Sri Shan Curry & Such is a large establishment that spans two shop lots and there are ample seating arrangements.

sri shan vegetarian

There are vegetarian options for the ones who practice vegetarianism…

sri shan meat

…and meat for the rest of us normal people. ๐Ÿ˜‰

sri shan chicken

This is ayam kurma (chicken cooked South Indian style) which goes for RM 5.

sri shan lamb

This is kambing paratal (lamb cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce) which goes for RM 6.

sri shan veggies

She also ordered deep fried vegetables at RM 1.50.

sri shan saffron rice

The food comes with saffron rice (RM 6) and a cracker.

sri shan dhal

We also ordered some dhal (free) to go with the saffron rice.

sri shan meal

It was a great meal, and I really liked the lamb. The total damage came up to RM 22 inclusive of drinks which *x says is overpriced compared to another authentic Indian cuisine outlet.


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7 thoughts on “Sri Shan Curry & Such review”

  1. I don’t like the freaking chairs. Not so good to attract big eaters like the rest of us in Kuching who come in XXL size. Hahahaha!
    The cracker is my favourite, it’s called Papaddom. Made from dhal flour or some kind of green beans etc.
    the Kurma looks tempting… ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Coki: I wasn’t even aware of this place until my ex told me about it. I ate there when I went to Kuching very late last year after I finished rehab to get my financial matters with my previous company settled (got RM 12k out of an initial investment of RM 20k but better than nothing).
    I love to crackers too. ๐Ÿ™‚


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