Gourmet Market @ Siam Paragon

siam paragon

Siam Paragon is the newest shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand and it would be heresy not to check out the latest and greatest after all the comments about Siam Paragon. Dubbed “The Pride of Bangkok“, I went with my gf one night to walk around the mall (it’s a lot like KLCC) and eat at the Gourmet Market.

siam paragon decor

Siam Paragon is an imposing building catering to upscale shoppers and has an Ocean World (aquarium) and a cinema attached to the building. The décor is absolutely amazing both indoors and outdoors and the sheer newness of the building is overwhelming.

siam paragon entrance

The main entrance to Siam “The Pride of Bangkok” Paragon is via a glittering glass façade. There are No Photography signs but I took photos anyway and no one stopped me (my gf reckons it’s coz I look like a tourist).

siam paragon maze

Siam Paragon is practically a maze to navigate, much like the first time you step into MidValley Megamall. There are escalators everywhere and it’s hard to get out of the place (we had to ask for directions).

siam paragon armani

Siam Paragon, as previously mentioned, is home to up market labels like Emporio Armani (check out the creepers on the levels)…

siam paragon gourmet market

…but we were there to eat so we went to the Gourmet Market.

wrapped noodle pork

The first thing we ate was the hilariously named “Wrapped A Noodle With A Pork” for 50 Baht (RM 5).

wrapped noodle pork eat

It tasted great, despite the Engrish name. Very Thai, with the pork.


Next, we went to iBerry for some sorbet.

iberry sorbet

This is us, my apologies for the mosaic, it is necessary.

minced crab

Next up was a trip to get some Minced Crab Meat + Crab Meat Sausage + Shrimp Meat Sausage (120 Baht).

minced crab eat

It comes in a set and we ate it right there at the counter…definitely tourists. 😉

minced crab mmm

This is easily the best meal of our gourmet market adventure. I love the minced crab meat stuffed back into the shell of the crab.

fermented pork

The next thing we ate (highly recommended by my gf) was fermented pork sausage (110 Baht).

fermented pork lady

The lady at the counter mixed the fermented pork with a rice ball (pictured above) and asked us if we wanted chillis (probably coz we look like tourists). I told her to make it as she would serve a Thai customer coz I’m a big fan of spicy food.

fermented pork mix

It’s a Thai delicacy and it tasted great! It has an interesting texture and it’s spicy as hell. One funny incident happened during this gourmet food tour – we actually recommended the fermented pork to strangers (a couple from Singapore) and they thanked us for it. Heh!

paragon department store

Having satiated our appetites, we walked into Paragon Department Store and I got my gf some cosmetics. The litmus test of love is to see if your bf actually tags around when you go shopping for “boring” stuff like cosmetics. 😉


There was a Porsche on display at Siam Paragon too.

Siam Paragon is a great shopping mall…it truly earns the tagline “The Pride of Bangkok”.


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