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Infected Mushroom – Classical Mushroom []
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I don’t know where that animated GIF came from. I got it in the
signature of an email from a friend and he doesn’t know where he got it
too. Oh well, these things tend to fall into public domain anyway. πŸ˜‰
The track is off IsrAliens 2 – Bizarro. Please be kind to my limited
bandwidth. πŸ™‚ It’s an Infected Mushroom one, but it sounds more
‘mainstream’ than the stuff they usually come out with. That makes it
easier to get into, give it a listen, you might like it enough to get
their other albums. Infected Mushroom makes great psy-trance, my
favourite track is still Tommy the Bat off The Gathering. That one just
blew my mind away the first time I heard it. Hmm…in fact all the tracks
in that album is great. Messy! πŸ™‚ used to have a lot of their
tracks, but it’s all been replaced with Deeply Disturbed off their new

Okay, I have an assignment due tomorrow, and I can’t write much so here’s my day in GREYSCALE photos:


I saw this new display at the Caulfield campus B block first level
public art box. Captain America! This photo doesn’t look good in


I noticed a very long queue for the 630 Huntingdale bus at the
Clayton campus bus loop when I came back. It usually is quite long at
around these hours, but I’ve never seen it grow to these proportions
before. Lack of detail at the back, I’m still learning how to take good
night photos. I took three – one with suppressed flash, one with full
flash, and one with “quick flash” (a fast and short flash before the
shutter opens). I found that quick flash works well in night photos,
but only in enclosed spaces, it doesn’t do much at all in wide open
areas like this. No flash produced the worst photo, hardly any detail
in it. Full flash wasn’t good (I already knew that, but just tried
anyway) too, it just artificially brightens the front people and hid
all detail at the back. The photo above is from the quick flash shoot,
which was the best shot in among the three. I used a sensitivity of ISO
400, aperture of f/0.8 and a shutter speed of 1/125s. Noise reduction
was also turned on, but it’s not exactly the best settings.


This was what I saw when I got back. The Stairway 8 door’s lock has
been removed for some reason. No need for keys then. Back to
assignments…after 9 am today I’ll only have one left! =D Oh wait…it’s
past 4 am now, so that means…that means…*calculating in head*…I only
have 4 hours to complete this one! Fudge! No, I really am eating one.

Link of the Day (internal): The Anonymous Game Developers at comments on Magnum “The Sixties Nine” [].

You really have to read this comment…classic! πŸ™‚

Link of the Day (external): A good parent? [].

Insightful. Read this.

Link of the Day (news): Police charged over heroin [].

No wonder the contact I used to get heroin off insisted on being called “Detective”. Kidding! I joke too much. πŸ™‚

Photo Friday – Overlooked


Photo Friday – Overlooked []

I’ve just started doing the Photo Friday weekly photography
challenge today. I’m interpreting this week’s photo challenge with this
photo – it shows a woman struggling with her push trolley and bags
after crossing the street, but that detail is easy to overlook. The
building’s strong visual presence in the background makes it the
dominating feature of the photo and the woman only makes herself
noticeable after the other elements have been visually processed. I
find that the building is the first thing I notice, followed by the
bus, and finally the woman, and only because it’s centered in the
bottom of the photo.

This photo was taken in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The shot
was made in Auto mode (without any custom settings except a suppressed
flash) from the open window of a moving car. My digicam uses Matrix
Metering in Auto mode. The shooting data:

Focal Length: 8mm
Exposure Mode: Programmed Auto
Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern 1/78 sec – f/2.8
Exposure Compensation: 0 EV
Sensitivity: Auto
White Balance: Auto
AF Mode: AF-C
Tone Compensation: Auto
Flash Sync Mode: Front Curtain
Digital Zoom Ratio: 1.00
Saturation Compensation: 0
Sharpening: Auto
Noise Reduction: OFF

The flash did not go off (suppressed), and I didn’t realize I had
used a digital zoom of 1x while taking the photo. The digital zoom only
gets triggered when the optical zoom is at the maximum (3x zoom), and
the digital zoom probably contributed to the slight lack of detail. The
digital zoom also means that the photo was taken with a total of 4x
zoom. Chromatic aberration is noticeable on the left wing of the
building, and this was not corrected in post-production. The
post-production work was done in Photoshop 7.0 and involves:

Crop: A very slight crop to center the woman and reduce the
vertical scale of the building was applied to the original photo, with
aspect ratios intact.
Brightness: Gamma increased for better visibility.
Contrast: Contrast increased to draw out more detail from the woman.

Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!


This is the condom vending machine in the male toilet of the Roberts
Hall main building. I thought that the “Sold Out!” sign pasted on it
was funny, but then I’ve been told I’m easily amused. Oh, I took a
photo of a really old bus parked at the Monash University car park (the
one beside the bus loop) on Monday.


There I was, walking around it and taking photos, amazed to see such
an antique in prime condition. I thought it was some kind of display,
and I was about to poke my head into the ajar door…until I saw a girl
peering quizzically at me from inside. The interior was furnished like
a motor home and it even had a small gas tank on the side. “Oh, sorry
to intrude, I didn’t realize you were in there”. “No worries, take as
many photos as you want”.

I can’t believe I forgot all about this, they turned out to be
really good pictures. I only remembered when I saw the thumbnails while
I was uploading the digicam photos to the hard disk. I haven’t done a
transfer since last Sunday. The bus is painted green and yellow and
white like a tram and there’s even a sign saying “FLINDERS ST STN 4” on
the top. Very authentic.

Old photo of me (1997)


Aha! I found an old picture of me (circa 1997) in my autograph. Yes,
I had one back in Form 5. I was going for a Keith (Prodigy) hairstyle
and I had a nose piercing through the middle part of my nose then. I
remember being forced by my Biology teacher to remove the piercing the
next day. She won’t let me go on the field trip otherwise. Hah! This
was in Christchurch, New Zealand. I was doing Year 12 there at that
time. Come to think about it, in that year alone, I had piercings on:
the middle part of my nose, the right side of my nose, two on my left
eyebrow, 5 on my left ear, my lower lip and my tongue. Not all at the
same time though. And it cost me NZ$40 for each one, except for the
tongue piercing which was NZ$100. I also got a barb wire tattoo on my
right wrist too, for good measure. Geez…I was such an attention freak
then. I admit it! I did it all for attention! :p Well, I was studying
in Riccarton High School
[] then. Er…looking at their webpage, I noticed that
the principal is still the same. I had a few run-ins with him during my
time there. Wonder if he still remembers me…Now, I’ve removed all my
piercings (except the tongue piercing – it wasn’t visible) after my
1998 image makeover (returned to a Malaysian high school), but I did
get another tattoo in 2000. Unfortunately, I also lost the tongue
piercing due to the stud disappearing down the sink in a teeth brushing
accident. Couldn’t get it replaced coz they don’t sell those things in
my hometown. Hmm…the urge to pierce is with me again…

Mini Photo Prints

You know how sometimes you only thought of a witty reply after it
has passed? Well, this is kinda like this. This one is from a couple of
days ago when me, Chris, Adrian, and Karen went to get Ung Hing from
the airport.


Saw a couple of thick 747 engineering manuals which you could probably sell to al Qaeda for er…a couple of sheep?

This is gotta go quicker coz I’m sleepy already. I only remember
what happened because the pictures are in order. Took pictures of
random stuff:


Some roadside at the CDB.

Hilton airport. I mean the airport at Hilton. No, I mean the Hilton at the airport.

I’m going to do this like those mini photo prints so you have to squint to see anything.


Waiting at the airport.


People coming out.

Oh no, I’m getting sleepier, I’m going to fall asleep before finishing this.


Had the Big Bloke BK Beef Burger. It’s the one with the
advertisement that goes around asking guys whether they want vegetables
in their burgers. You know what the answer is. This one has no vegies
whatsoever, only meat and hash browns or onion rings as the “vegies”. I
can’t even remember which it was. Uh oh, there goes my memory.

BTW, spell check thinks vegies should be spelled veggies.


This is what I had, also had the Hershey’s Chocolate Pie. Eh, it
seems that I’m going back to my one meal per day schedule nowadays. I
just couldn’t be bothered otherwise. Digression.


At Burger Kings.


The guys in the other direction


Thought you might like a closer look at the Hershey’s Chocolate Pie.


This one should have gone before, it’s all over the place! πŸ™‚

California Dreaming. All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey.
I’ll be for a walk on a winter’s day. I’ll be safe and warm. California
Dreaming. On such a winter’s day! ALL THE LEAVES ARE BROWN! AND THE SKY

Some random guy.

Er…yes, I like that song. It’s one from the 60s I think. By the The
Mama & The Papas I think. Although Hi-Standard did a cover on it in
one of the Fat Wreck Chords albums.

Karen looking pissed.

My Pop the Cop. Don’t know who it’s originally by but it’s covered
by Dickies. Strangely interesting. Even Country Road is covered in
here. Take me home, to the place where I belong. West Virginia.
Oh, I nearly fell asleep
Some random bridge.

Starting to go into Stage 1 sleep…

Last one:

Some random building at night.

I just remembered about this coz the same group plus a couple others
are going out to celebrate Karen’s birthday and head off to Moomba.

Oops…it’s nearly 7 am. Hmm…I don’t think I came across as completely sober…

Sibu, CNY, Class of ’98

These are the photos of the Chinese New Year mega gathering of
Methodist High School Class of ’98 which I missed due to coming back
early. πŸ™ Daniel sent me the pics today for everyone to download. He
also sends his apologies because the pictures are not taken very well.
I’m going to put this up for a week and then I’ll take it down, so if
you’re in the picture, get it now. πŸ™‚

Right click, Save as


Download here. (2.12 MB)


Download here. (2.00 MB)

[Edit: Large pictures have been removed.]

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