Mini Photo Prints

You know how sometimes you only thought of a witty reply after it
has passed? Well, this is kinda like this. This one is from a couple of
days ago when me, Chris, Adrian, and Karen went to get Ung Hing from
the airport.


Saw a couple of thick 747 engineering manuals which you could probably sell to al Qaeda for er…a couple of sheep?

This is gotta go quicker coz I’m sleepy already. I only remember
what happened because the pictures are in order. Took pictures of
random stuff:


Some roadside at the CDB.

Hilton airport. I mean the airport at Hilton. No, I mean the Hilton at the airport.

I’m going to do this like those mini photo prints so you have to squint to see anything.


Waiting at the airport.


People coming out.

Oh no, I’m getting sleepier, I’m going to fall asleep before finishing this.


Had the Big Bloke BK Beef Burger. It’s the one with the
advertisement that goes around asking guys whether they want vegetables
in their burgers. You know what the answer is. This one has no vegies
whatsoever, only meat and hash browns or onion rings as the “vegies”. I
can’t even remember which it was. Uh oh, there goes my memory.

BTW, spell check thinks vegies should be spelled veggies.


This is what I had, also had the Hershey’s Chocolate Pie. Eh, it
seems that I’m going back to my one meal per day schedule nowadays. I
just couldn’t be bothered otherwise. Digression.


At Burger Kings.


The guys in the other direction


Thought you might like a closer look at the Hershey’s Chocolate Pie.


This one should have gone before, it’s all over the place! πŸ™‚

California Dreaming. All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey.
I’ll be for a walk on a winter’s day. I’ll be safe and warm. California
Dreaming. On such a winter’s day! ALL THE LEAVES ARE BROWN! AND THE SKY

Some random guy.

Er…yes, I like that song. It’s one from the 60s I think. By the The
Mama & The Papas I think. Although Hi-Standard did a cover on it in
one of the Fat Wreck Chords albums.

Karen looking pissed.

My Pop the Cop. Don’t know who it’s originally by but it’s covered
by Dickies. Strangely interesting. Even Country Road is covered in
here. Take me home, to the place where I belong. West Virginia.
Oh, I nearly fell asleep
Some random bridge.

Starting to go into Stage 1 sleep…

Last one:

Some random building at night.

I just remembered about this coz the same group plus a couple others
are going out to celebrate Karen’s birthday and head off to Moomba.

Oops…it’s nearly 7 am. Hmm…I don’t think I came across as completely sober…

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