Failing sucks, eh?


I saw this today while in uni. I just got my summer semester results
today and as I said earlier, I failed and wanted to see if there was
anything I could do to get something like a near pass or faculty pass.
I was worried about failing this and approached the lecturer during the
exam about the possibility of doing some extra credit work just in case
I fail.


Well, the lecturer pretty much said it’s out of her hands. I went to
my course coordinator for help so we’ll see what happens. I hope to get
some consideration regarding this matter as I’m supposed to graduate in
June and my student visa expires then. I like Sylvia (my course
coordinator) as she’s always been very helpful.


Well, I hope we can work something out. I really need to pass this
subject. I’m pretty bummed about this right now. Hoping for a conceded
pass or something. Well, we’ll see how things go. Hmm…I posted
pictures I took of the reps that were at the Clayton
campus this afternoon but talked about something else altogether. My
Industrial Experience is practically over and that should be something
to be happy about but this failing business sure rained on my parade.
Failing sucks. I feel st00pid…

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