Old photo of me (1997)


Aha! I found an old picture of me (circa 1997) in my autograph. Yes,
I had one back in Form 5. I was going for a Keith (Prodigy) hairstyle
and I had a nose piercing through the middle part of my nose then. I
remember being forced by my Biology teacher to remove the piercing the
next day. She won’t let me go on the field trip otherwise. Hah! This
was in Christchurch, New Zealand. I was doing Year 12 there at that
time. Come to think about it, in that year alone, I had piercings on:
the middle part of my nose, the right side of my nose, two on my left
eyebrow, 5 on my left ear, my lower lip and my tongue. Not all at the
same time though. And it cost me NZ$40 for each one, except for the
tongue piercing which was NZ$100. I also got a barb wire tattoo on my
right wrist too, for good measure. Geez…I was such an attention freak
then. I admit it! I did it all for attention! :p Well, I was studying
in Riccarton High School
[riccarton.school.nz] then. Er…looking at their webpage, I noticed that
the principal is still the same. I had a few run-ins with him during my
time there. Wonder if he still remembers me…Now, I’ve removed all my
piercings (except the tongue piercing – it wasn’t visible) after my
1998 image makeover (returned to a Malaysian high school), but I did
get another tattoo in 2000. Unfortunately, I also lost the tongue
piercing due to the stud disappearing down the sink in a teeth brushing
accident. Couldn’t get it replaced coz they don’t sell those things in
my hometown. Hmm…the urge to pierce is with me again…

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