A day of spills…

spill1.jpg + spill2.jpg



I spilt Diet Coke TWICE on my Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical
keyboard yesterday. I forgot all about it and went to sleep. Upon
waking up, I started typing and wondered why some keys were going
crazy. Typing s brought up Outlook Express, Ctrl puts it into Sleep
mode and stuff like that. I was wondering why, I couldn’t even remember
the spillage incident yesterday…until I saw some liquid coming out from
the seams on the side. I overturned it, and a significant amount of
Diet Coke steeped in gunk dripped out. Fuck. I’m letting it dry and see
if it works, if not I’ll flood it with water (coz it’s sticky), dry it
and try again. That sucks because I have an assignment due on
Wednesday, while all the time I was thinking it’s due on Thursday. This
A$5 backup keyboard has a Sleep button where my Outlook Express mapping
was (grr…), I keep reaching for a non-existent volume control and the
keys feel too hard. I have to apply considerable force to make each key
press register and since I’m used to the softer Logitech, I keep making
typing mistakes coz the key strokes are not being registered. Typing
with such force is tiring too. I also managed to spill chicken topping
sauce on my pants during dinner.


Oh well, back to work. I’m about to nod off, I need an infusion of something. Too bad I don’t have anything.

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