REAL TIME Pill Review – Pink Bird (Melbourne)

Afternote: I’m terribly sorry everyone. This is so juvenile
and stupid. This is a serious lack of forethought on my part. I suck so
much. I’m a sorry excuse for a human being. Look at me, feeling sorry
for myself. “I can’t help it, it’s the chemical imbalance going on
right now in my brain”. There I go again, always with the
justification. I hate myself. I’m feeling so depressed right now. I
took this pill (sold as ketamine) because I felt like some ketamine to
end my night. “Better living through chemistry”, I tell myself.
“Limiting my legal liability, it’s been sitting in my drawer for ages”,
I tell myself. Excuses, excuses. Is this ketamine? Felt like it, but
only MDMA (Ecstasy) makes me feel this horrible and depressed. I’m
smelling lavender everywhere. Lavender makes me depressed. I still
can’t think very well, but I’m sorry for posting such a stupid thing.
Please don’t read it. Feel free to flame me and call me names. I
deserve it. I’m useless. I’ve ruined the image of every responsible and
intelligent recreational user. I’m not fishing for your sympathy or
pity, don’t feel sorry for me, everything I do willingly is my
responsibility. I’m so sleepy right now. I’m going to sleep. I want to
throw up. Horrible depression, leave me be. Fuck it, everything sounds
wrong. Nothing but whine whine whine. I’m sorry for disappointing
everyone who reads my posts and I understand if you’ve lost your
respect for me. “It sounded like a good idea at the time”. Story of my
life. πŸ™


wowo typing that title sure was fun. hehehe.i was writing muy
personal trip report when i thought HEY! why not write a rREAL TIME
trip report fora change! hehehe
won’t that be a hoot!
eh i’;m altrady logged in and i didn’t know hahaha!

[Edit: I accidentally lost (wrote over) part of the opening
paragraph while updating. This real time
constant-update-as-things-progress idea isn’t so good after all.]

Pill Name: Pink Bird
Color: Pink with white spots
Location: Melbourne
Contents: Sold as a ketamine/speed combo pill – not sure, first
time I heard speed/ketamine combo and second time I heard ketamine
only. My fault for not clearing things up.

if uou’re blind (i won’t blame you though πŸ™‚ ) here’s the scanned pill front phottoshooped to show the outline of the bird

oh boy the images will be a challenge to do
i’m going to past the trip report i had just now and put it here:
oh this is so NOT FUNNY
by the way this is not the trip report dump
talking about how i logged out and lost some stuff
and next thing I DID IT AGAIN and lopst more stuff
real time is not so good after all
okay back to this, i was in the middle of the keeping the log when i
suddenly thought, why not do a REAL TIME one???? the prevpipus one all
are posted after, because of legal issues.

pill front taken with a digicam (macro mode) – pill is thick

ok here it is:
thick pill
pink with white spots
solid – hard pressed and hard to crush
no bevel or split
turn down red coz its very pink
and phewwwwwwwweeeeeeee
did it burn
ouch! fuck! fuck! fuck!
i snorted a big line and my eyes watered. should have crushed it finer.
theyshould have made it crumblier
its a k pill for fucks sake…why make it so solid when its meant to be crushed
scanned back of the pill. this is not part of the trip report, i
just chucked in in so you won’t have to read huge amounts of text
without some pics. hahaha! this is the pill’s back. wat do you see?
nothing? you’re right. no detail on the back

and snorted?
ouch! just had another line. wonder if its the granules or additives that made it

burn so bad. my eyes watered! i didn’t heve that problem even with my poorly

crushed dexamphetamine tablets.
third line
*eyes watering*
fourth line
oh man, i think i’m doing my sinuses some serious damage but i want to get it up

fast, so it’s all about fast fast fast snorting, don’t think, alternate nostrils,
this is a picture of the crushed pill. photo, not scan. not part of original trip report
and up it goes
oh…i’m feeling ketamine’s effects now. whoa. πŸ™‚
okay gonna clear my nasal passages now
eyes watering and i’m still not done with the pill
the watery eyes adds to the trippy k “visuals”
oh its definately the cut
fucking hell i’m on to ya
the makers of the pill put something that they know will burn going up
tats coz tehy want to make your eyes water
its fune to type
i’m crying
tears flow flow flow

not part of the original trip report. this is a picture, taken in
macro mode to schow you the size of the pill besie an A#2 coin

hmm hmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm
dum dum dum
em em eme em em
emmm ememmmmm
ticka ticka ticka
tsk tsk tsk
doop doop doop
thats the music i’m listening to now
written in words so you can listen to it too
music doesn;t sound right but typing is fun coz i have to correct the spelling mistakes i maaaaaaaake =D
but itssssssssssssssss whoops didn’t mean to do that
gonna do pics now
eh now that the ketamine effects have passed this is getting silly. oh well.

photo of the pill back taken with digicam in macro mode

I don’t know if there’s speed in there, can’t really tell, but I
feel able to sleep. Now I’m not sure it’s ketamine as well coz it made
me feel very depressed. πŸ™ I’ve only experienced this horrible
depression on MDMA (Ecstasy) before. I’m sobering up and this is
stupid. Everything sucks.

I’ve been down this road
In the end it’s all the same
Another day I’m getting older
Another day nothing has changed.
I’ve been down this road
I’m wrong when I know I’m right
Hard pressed to make it better and I’ve got no will to fight.
Think out loud things I want to change,
but I know I never will I’m gonna stay this way
Is this my great reward, servitude and solitude,
a lifetime of chances I have blown?
I woulda coulda shoulda been so much more than I really am,
and it’s nobody else’s fault but my own.

Zero Down – Down This Road

[Final update (07:15 AM): It was probably ketamine +
(possibly) speed after all. Qualitative evaluation of ketamine content
in the pill suggests that it is low compared to the white ? pills
[]. The presence of (meth)amphetamines cannot be confirmed
due to reasons I choose not to state (but you can probably figure out).
Depression is not so bad now, inconsistant with MDMA type depression.
Sleep is possible but unfeasible (poor quality) without benzos. This
may be due to other factors. Booya would be unimpressed by my reversion
to ‘clinical’ assessment. πŸ˜‰ If you’re wondering, no, I don’t take
substances every day. I would be appalled myself if that were true. πŸ™‚
The LSD consumption was recent but it wasn’t yesterday. I usually post
reports after the substance has been consumed for legal and
literature (writing and photo compiling takes time) reasons. Unless, I
specifically use chronological words like “yesterday”, “last night”,
“just now” etc in the post, the average lag between comsumption and
posting is 2-3 days. It’s usually 1 day (the day after) but it can be
much longer than that. I do have “report banks” as in I’ve half-written
but not posted some reports. This is either due to wanting more
experience (eg a fourth experience in the case of a unposted DXM
compilation), a lack of significance (eg the “I swear my Xanax pills
have legs and a mind of its own” post about disappearing pills) or
plain laziness (eg incomplete “Cooking with Cannabis” post). Just FYI.
πŸ™‚ Should my reports be dated (ie consumption date)? What do you think?]

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