Kratom (ketum) experience report

kratom smartshop

This should probably go into but I feel like writing on my main blog. Kratom (known as ketum in Malaysia) is a leaf with psychoactive properties, confirmed by this scientific article. I have been searching for it for quite some time, it’s sold in certain parts of Malaysia (especially in the rural cultivation community) in bags of homemade prepared liquid ketum.

Unfortunately, the Malaysian government decided to ban ketum a few years back and the only ones available are highly dubious and sans quality control. To buy kratom online is illegal in Malaysia, which is really unfortunate.

It is rather ironic that I have to travel all the way to Amsterdam to experience a psychoactive plant that is indigenous to MY OWN COUNTRY.

kratom extract

Kratom (ketum) is available in most smartshops in Amsterdam for about Euro 15. This is not your garden variety kratom – much like salvia divinorum, it has been enhanced – this is a 5x extract of kratom. This means that the liquid concentrate is 5x more potent than what is naturally available. You can perhaps use cuttings of the tree to grow the tree.A great way to describe kratom potentiators is that they basically “spice things up” – pushing the biochemical reactions this all-natural plant causes throughout the body to even higher levels, ramping up its potency, it’s bioavailability and its duration in the body to heights that it wouldn’t have been able to reach all on its own. Before we even get down to the best kratom for energy, it’s important to understand that Kratom is a natural herb that does not work in the same way to everyone.

kratom drink

I have to be honest here…I’m rather disappointed with the kratom/ketum experience. I had expected too much of an opiate high due to its properties. I was told to buy kratom and take half a bottle by the smartshops but I ingested the entire bottle on an empty stomach. I was expecting something like DHC (dihydrocodiene) or at least plain old codeine. Kratom is not like that at all.

kratom amsterdam

I started feeling the effects at T +0:30 (30 minutes after dosing for those unfamiliar with the nomenclature of trip reports) – a general feeling of well being and (surprisingly) serotonin release. It doesn’t feel like traditional opiates (e.g. the nodding off, itchiness and other miscellaneous properties) but more like certain opioid analogues.

It should be noted that the effects of kratom is VERY MILD. I shouldn’t have written that in caps (and bolded it to boot, FML) lest people get the wrong impression and think that it’s strong. It’s not. Go in without expectations, consume with an open mind and let the ketum experience wash over you.

…just don’t expect too much.

ketum extract

I can describe the feeling further to those who are familiar with recreational pharmaceuticals. It feels like 200 mg of tramadol. Tramadol is another substance in the happy opiate family but it produces none of the classic recreational opiate subjective feelings. It’s a bit of a stimulant combined with a general sense of well being.

…and that is essentially what kratom (ketum) gives you. It releases serotonin (which won’t go down well with fundamentalist opiate users) and gives you a happy sense of well being for about 4 hours. You’ll feel a significant bit of nausea while coming up and crashing but it’s nothing a bit of cannabis won’t fix.

ketum drink

I truthfully am more than a little disappointed with the kratom experience. What irks me the most is that I had to travel thousands of miles to consume a psychoactive plant that is native to my country. -_-

Additional info site:
The problem with getting used to taking opiates is that you will eventually experience opiate withdrawal symptoms once you stop abruptly.

Space cakes in Amsterdam

amsterdam space cake

I have come here to highlight another gross violation of my good standing and name during my vacation in Amsterdam as well as to reassure everyone of my outstanding reputation which may have been tarnished with these revelations.

space cake cannabis

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam sells space cakes and space muffins for about Euro 5 (RM 20 or so). It differs from coffeeshop to coffeeshop – I assume they make it themselves since all the ones I’ve been to contain different packaging and sizes.

I bought and ate one as a snack one day. It tastes just like chocolate cake – what my mom would bake (no pun intended) in her very wholesome kitchen. It’s quite delicious really. My mistake was that I did not look at the ingredients before I naively consumed it.

space cake

The paper slip inside the space cake starts out with “Inexperienced marijuana users are advised not to eat space cake” and ends with the shocking revelation that the very item I was consuming contains 0.40 (measurements not indicated) of cannabis and gorilla glue weed.

eating space cake

I rushed to the toilet and forced myself to throw up by sticking two fingers down my throat. Hereby, with my stomach totally regurgitated of the vile cannabis infused muffin did I take stock of what just had happened. I’m glad I managed to completely empty my stomach by voluntary vomiting after unwittingly consuming spacecake. I just didn’t know what it was.

This is the second time I’ve been fooled in Amsterdam. Well, I never! Hmph. action

A warning about Amsterdam Coffeeshops

coffeeshop amsterdam

I didn’t sleep much on the flight to Amsterdam from London so one of the first things I did was to pop into a coffeeshop and grab an old fashioned cup of coffee. I reckon a mug of Joe would warm me up and give me the caffeine hit to see all the sights Amsterdam has to offer.

smoking room

The first sense that something wasn’t quite right was the wonderful smell wafting tantalizingly out of the coffeeshops. It smelled herbal but it’s not cigarettes. I didn’t think much of it – if people wanted to smoke cigars or whatever it was they smoked over in the Netherlands, they’re free to do so.

coffeeshop menu

I entered the coffeeshop and looked at the menu in confusion. Super Lemon Haze? White Widow? Amnesia Haze? Afgani Polm?

cannabis strains

The coffee beans in Amsterdam sure has some weird ass names. I figured it was a direct Dutch to English translation so I just pointed to one that won some kind of award in 2009 and the nice person behind the counter showed me the product.

amnesia haze

It looked more like tea than coffee but perhaps that’s what coffee looks like over here. It’s my first time here so what the hell. There is another type of coffee which looks more like coffee though so I ordered that instead.

weighing hash

It came as a huge shock to me when it came to my table. It’s called Nepal First Cream and it came in a sticky goo that you’re supposed to crumble it into a smoking device (which I later learned is called a bong) and light it up.

nepal first cream hash

I was horrified! The proverbial light bulb came on and I realized what I was being offered. Cannabis! Hash! The travesty of it all! I couldn’t believe it and stormed out of the coffeeshop with righteous anger and my head held high with the THC laden hashish left untouched on the table.

Imagine that! Hmph! What has the world come to? action

Ketamine experience report and video

ketamine 2g baggie

Ketamine is a drug that I’ve used on numerous
occasions but never have really written a trip report about since I
consider it a “regular use” drug. However, I do have various trip
reports (personal) and videos shot while I was snorting or injecting
ketamine and I decided it was high time (no pun intended) to put up the
latest one. 😉

I have obtained 2 grams of ketamine crystals earlier this week and decided to go for an introspective k-hole trip
by insufflating the entire packet of ketamine (which cost me RM 450 – k
is not cheap over here). This is the best batch of ketamine (in powder
form) I’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling, though I’ve had access to
liquid pharmaceutical ketamine for IM injections before.

ketamine crystals

The majority of ketamine users insufflate (snort) the crystals
instead of using a syringe to IM the liquid form of ketamine and
despite certain preconceptions, it IS possible to k-hole by
insufflating ketamine crystals of suitable purity if it’s done in
excessive amounts over a very short period of time (Extreme Ketamine

It is not as intense as the K-hole achieved through IM injections
but it is comparable (and it’s all too easy to give yourself a line
dose while injecting ketamine as I once did, which rendered me
effectively anesthetized). The ketamine I obtained this week was
sourced from JB and the purity of the ketamine crystals are one of the
best I’ve seen in Malaysia (and even Australia, to be honest).


Download: Video of me snorting ketamine []

My cell phone went off while I was insufflating ketamine with a RM
50 dollar bill, and I muttered something about it being the perfect
time to call. 😉

The ketamine experience:

The ketamine experience can be summed up in one word – confusing. I
personally like to call it konfusing as in “k is konfusing” but it’s a
great experience. Ketamine is an NMDA antagonist, which makes it different from other drugs. PCP (Angel’s Dust) and DXM are two other drugs that belong to this exclusive group of NMDA antagonists.

NMDA antagonists are similar to psychedelic drugs (e.g. LSD, magic
mushrooms) in a sense, though purists would argue with this.
Practically, these are REAL mind-altering drugs with hallucinogenic
potential unlike methamphetamine or heroin which just changes the state
of mind e.g. accelerated thought processes in the former and
comfortable dopamine release in the latter.

It’s more similar to what a non drug user would think “drugs” are – ketamine and the likes are mind-altering drugs instead of mind-state change drugs.
Ketamine, like all NMDA antagonists has “plateaus” which gives
different experiences according to the dosage – a low dosage would give
CNS inebriating effects while a large dose will give full blown
hallucinations and profound out of body experiences.

ketamine snort

The amount of ketamine I snorted (2 grams of relatively pure
ketamine crystals) was sufficient to bring me into a k-hole, a term
ketamine users use to describe an intense trip characteristic of
ketamine. It’s an amazing mind altering experience where sense of time,
temporal space, and all other “reality grips” are TOTALLY lost.

Ketamine Trip Report:

One recurring “trip theme” I have when I take large doses on ketamine is existentialism or more accurately, human consciousness.
I insufflated about 2 grams of ketamine and I found myself in a
profoundly altered state – everything slows down and familiar shapes
become unfamiliar. I could not talk or move much – I tried standing up,
and promptly sat down again.

The thought processes goes into a completely unfamiliar loop which
can be frightening for first time ketamine users (or those who haven’t
experienced a k-hole). The vision starts to become tunnel-like, walls
and other textures flows and occasionally RGB colors gets infused into
the wall. Closed eye hallucinations are extremely strong and hard to
ignore, as is open eye hallucinations at this point.

I felt like a long, long time has past and I started thinking about
the meaning of life, and one recurring theme is that someone (a divine
being) starts to reveal the secrets of the universe to me – that
“reality”, as we know it, DOES NOT EXIST and even I
(as a person, and my consciousness) does not exist and ketamine is the
substance that “broke me free” from the illusion of “reality” (or life)
as we know it.

I start to see the world as it really was – that we’re just an
insignificant part of a larger life form (divine being?) e.g. I am just
one of the stomach elements in a large being and my job is just to push
the food as it comes through to the next “person” (which is the next
stomach segment) and that’s all I do (reflecting the world’s monotonous
work life).

I can aspire to “break free” of my current “existence” while I’m
tripping on ketamine (always in the same ketamine trip theme) by sheer
force of will. I can go through a scary, hair-raising “transformation”
into one of the Superior Beings (where existence as we know it is only a part of their bodily function) and become a deity, a God, if you will.

The scariest part about this “transformation” (and I always opt to
do it) is that I will have to die in this life in order to make the
leap to become a Superior Being. I start thinking (vaguely) about my
life, my loved ones, and overcome the feelings of fear of death
(I would have no qualms taking my own life at this point, and I
frequently think about doing that if it can expedite my transformation
into the “real world” if I end my life in our current reality

…and there is always a repetitive ringing, reverberating sound as
I make my “transformation” to break free from “reality” as we know it
and I start to become one deity in a great chain of deities and my
transformation will continue for all eternity by aspiring to become a
Greater Deity (either by going through a scary out of body, death-like
extreme ketamine trip) or some other greater methods in that spiritual

There’s a vivid sense of “spiralling” into this new world and I do
not “exist” in this realm, as in I do NOT have a physical body, but my
consciousness is there, and everything that exists in this realm i.e.
“the real world” is just spritual beings and I am one of them and I can
communicate with the others, not through words, but some form of
telepathy. I have a “world” that’s mine, a space where only I exist and
I can see the other lower “worlds” (or realms) and even the higher ones.

I usually can just see the next higher realm above me in great
detail (the even higher realms after that are fuzzy) and that’s where I
will travel. I am able to occasionally “float up” from my current realm
and look from a God-like perspective into the other realms. I glimpse
through the “worlds” (it’s all in a long, long chain) and I see that
the “realm chain” is eternal – it’s infinate.

It’s a long way to go after “breaking free” in this world and
joining the enlightened spiritual realm and the neverending trip to
work my way up to become greater and greater deities and I am exposed
to great vistas and wonders that are never available in this world
though hallucinations (the hallucinations on ketamine are vivid, you
actually experience it in every sense – tactile, sound, sight) in each
transformation I go through in the process to reach Nirvana.

It’s a long journey, and it’s a scary one, but I do it every time.

…and then the trip ends. Ketamine lasts 1-2 hours in the intense
k-hole trip and then tapers off to sobriety at about the 4 hour point.

It’s a great drug. I love ketamine – every trip is always
enlightening. It’s very intense and can be scary during the k-hole, but
if you overcome your fear of death, it will be a great teacher to you.

Guide to rolling a concealable cigarette joint

guide worktable

This is a basic beginner’s guide to rolling a concealable joint that looks like a cigarette for discreet use in public. The orthodox method of joint rolling does not seem to be popular in Malaysia due to the low proliferation of rolling papers, compounded by the unique customs in a country where drug use is generally frowned upon and the sociological factors affecting ganja (cannabis, marijuana, weed) consumption and the local etiquette involved with cannabis use, people prefer to use healthier ways to smoke like the Liquido24 .

Listed below are the items necessary for making a cigarette joint:

1. Cannabis (also known as ganja, marijuana, weed, grass, pot etc)

guide malaysian weed

Shown above is the commonly available cannabis in Malaysia – highly compressed for minimal bulk.

2. Cigarettes

marlboro cigarettes

This is the Marlboro “Racing Edition” packs – Marlboros are ideal due to the high structural integrity of the paper. Pall Mall is also acceptable due to the extreme ease of tobacco removal (low density) but
has a more fragile paper.

3. Syringe

defanged syringe

Please snap off the needle for safety purposes – only the plunger is required, though the body provides a relatively clean receptacle for storing it. IV users should remove the orange cap to avoid mistaking it for a usable syringe (which is why the needle should be snapped off).

Guide to making a cannabis cigarette:

cannabis shredded

Step 1: Prepare a “workspace” i.e. a clean sheet of
glossy paper to “shred” the cannabis. There are some people who prefer to utilize scissors for this tedious task, but manual shredding can be enjoyable for the people who enjoy working hands-on with cannabis.
Prepare an amount according to personal preference.

cigarette guideline

Step 2: Take one cigarette and hold it at the
reference point shown in the photo above. User preference is the overriding factor here, but generally 1-2 cm above the filter is a good guideline.

cigarette prep

Step 3: Work you way down the length of the
cigarette by applying rotational pressure with an appropriate amount of force to “loosen” up the tobacco inside the cigarette. Please do not use excessive force as the integrity of the cigarette will be compromised. Marlboros generally can withstand moderately rough
treatment without adverse effects.

tobacco removal

Step 4: Extract all the tobacco from the cigarette
starting from the reference point. The tobacco can be pulled out when it emerges during Step 3 and stroking the cigarette downwards will loosen up the remaining tobacco for spinning (mixing with cannabis).

cannabis tobacco mix

Step 5: It is essential that at least some tobacco
is used as cannabis alone will not burn well. The ratio of cannabis to
tobacco should be very high (for non-smokers) or 2:1 (for smokers). 1:1
ratios are also acceptable in times of low cannabis availability.

hollow cigarette

Step 6: The emptied cigarette should look like the
photo above. The entire cigarette should be hollow up to the reference
point. The reference point is used to avoid cannabis wastage by
ensuring that the very end of the cannabis cigarette contains tobacco
only. This will prevent users from having to smoke right down to the
filter, which can be unpleasant to the palate. Notice that the
structural integrity of the hollowed out cigarette is maintained.

cannabis tobacco sift

Step 7: Combine the cannabis with tobacco by
sifting it using the fingers. Please ensure that an equal distribution
is prepared and ensure that there are no excessively large pieces of
the mixture present. It is also important that the stem and seeds of
the cannabis bud is not used as the former can tear the cigarette when
repacked and the latter would result in an uneven burn.

adding surplus

Step 8: Previous cannabis + tobacco preparation
surplus can also be added at this point (if any). Ensure that the
sifting process is repeated if surplus mix is used.

cannabis mix heap

Step 9: There should be a pile of cannabis and
tobacco mixture on your workspace at this point. It is important to
note that potential sources of airstreams such as ceiling fans should
be neutralized. Working with cannabis requires a wind free environment,
much like methamphetamine use. This rule should be adhered to strictly,
at the expense of extreme displacement of substance(s) due to changing
wind currents or existing atmosphere disturbances. The latter includes,
but is not limited to, people breathing over your neck, sneezing, and
coughing either by yourself or others.

syringe plunger

Step 10: Prepare the plunger by removing the plunger from the body of the syringe completely.

plunger first pack

Step 11: Grip the cigarette firmly on the filter
tip and insert plunger carefully into the cigarette, making sure to
minimize unnecessary contact with the sides or (more importantly) the
top of the cigarette to avoid structural damage. This first step is
done to ensure that the 1-2 cm of tobacco intentionally left behind in
the cigarette is packed properly as the base for a smooth draw.

filling cannabis

Step 12: Hold the hollow cigarette at 45 degrees
and proceed to fill the cigarette with the cannabis and tobacco
mixture. It is essential that no contact is made with the fragile tip
of the cigarette. Instead, allow gravity to do most of the work by
using the thumb and forefingers to “drop” the mixture into the
cigarette. This can be achieved by using the motion used to snap your
fingers (without actually doing so) while holding the mixture on top of
the cigarette.

packing cannabis

Step 13: Periodically insert the plunger into the
slowly refilled cigarette to ensure that the density is maintained.
Using the fingers of one hand to tentatively grip the paper top of the
cigarette and holding it while pushing the plunger in and
simultaneously “docking” the filter to the table to provide support
will “pack” the cigarette effectively, though it should be mentioned
that this requires some expertise to avoid compromising the integrity
of the cigarette paper.

cannabis cigarette filled

Step 14: Repeat Steps 12 – 13 until the cigarette
is repackaged with cannabis. It should look like this after it’s being
filled – with minimal damage to the exterior. It justifies reiterating
that no stems should be present in the mix due to the possibility of it
tearing the paper.

cannabis cigarette repacked

Step 15: The refilled cannabis cigarette can be
left as is, though this practice is not recommended due to the
possibility of confusing the cigarette joint for a real cigarette.

cannabis cigarette

Step 16: Twist the tip of the cigarette to produce
a classic joint “twist close” shape to differentiate the cannabis
cigarette from factory packed cigarettes.

Congratulations! The cannabis cigarette is now ready to be enjoyed or transported under the guise of a normal cigarette.

filter trimming

It should be noted that smoking the cannabis joint disguised as a
cigarette would not produce optimal effects due to the cigarette
filter. The cigarette filter should be removed, stripped down to a
minimal amount and reinserted to produce a more THC laden smoke. The
video below describes the methodology involved and includes a cool
trick to remove the filter (Thanks dc!):

cannabis cigarette video

Download: Cannabis cigarette filter removal trick and lighting up []

Please note that smoking cannabis in public is illegal and there is
a very real risk of a law enforcement officer stopping you and asking
for a toke. 😉

cannabis april fool

Happy April Fool’s Day! The “cannabis” above is just tobacco and
nothing illegal was used in the making of this post. I know I’m a day
late, but who would believe it if it was posted on 1st of April? 😉’s first video post – Episode I: Shadow People

This is the first full video blog. I am basically doing a monologue
about my day. In the grand tradition of, we tend to do
things differently. While others strive to present only their most
aesthetically pleasing self to the readers, culling out all “ugly”
photos and only inserting the “good ones”…we, on the other hand,
present it like it is, just one take, and its uploaded. Thus, be
prepared to see a rather unflattering version of me in this pilot
episode. 🙂

shadow people

Download: Episode I: Shadow People [].
Requires Apple Quicktime. Going to the “Movie” drop down menu bar and choosing “Fill Screen” would be more optimal for viewing.

Yeah, that is what I look like after multiple day runs…strung out, scattered and definitely not pleasant company.

Indiscriminate…I’d rather be elite
I’ll choose my own shit scene
Unsubstantiated rumors flown are true
I’m here for me, not you

Nonconglomerate…I mean what I say
I’m not your fucking scape
Though, apparently I’ve alienated some
It seems my job’s half done

So let me present to you, the first episode – Shadow People.

(coz I know I sound incoherent)

Hey, you’re watching and this is – a video post.

I’ve become too tired to write, and…this is how long my hair actually is now.

I keep it long on one side, probably the last time I’ll see such hair, because I have hereditary male pattern baldness.

I feel like shit, it’s been a couple of days without sleep…and I went to the doctor’s today, got some benzos, that’s good.

By the way, I’m just pretending to smoke, simulating things, you know. I’m not inhaling.
Honestly, I don’t smoke.

Anyway, we’ll just talk until this ends…ah, I’ve got one shaving cut today.
Somewhere anyway. Just a little cut.


Dear readers, if you’re in the mood for some good old classic ultra
mundane posts with the blogger talking about things that you probably
don’t give two shits about, please, do not hesitate to download the
video post. I must urge people not to mistake this as some kind of
satirical production about the blogging community – that would be
giving me way too much credit. Heh.

Anyway, like I mentioned, I went to see one of my doctors today, I
don’t “officially” have a medical record for anxiety here, but he’s
always generous with the benzodiazepines whenever I go. He’s asks me
how many I want, instead of prescribing them himself, and I can pick
and choose here. 🙂 I decided on 20 x 2 mg Rivotril (clonazepam) and 20
x 5 mg chlordiazepoxide (generic Librium, just for review purposes)
today. I suspect he knows quite a bit about my lifestyle even though I
never tell him. I’m quite certain he knows that I’m benzodiazepine
dependant but still doesn’t mind handing them out due to previous
consultations where I basically told him about my various problems and
he seems to feel that my situation justifies it.

highbp benzos

Anyway, I also asked to have my blood pressure read and it was
pretty good (for me). I registered a BP of 180/95 (same results, taken
twice) and a pulse rate of 135 at rest. The figures aren’t bad – it’s
the bit about sustaining what are probably higher figures than that for
hours, before judicious benzodiazepine self-administration reduced it
to the figure that was measured at the doctor’s that made me feel quite
uncomfortable. I must say that I wasn’t feeling too good earlier as
well, thought I was about to have a stroke. I have just about every
factor that puts me at a higher risk and I have had many incidences of
stroke symptoms manifesting during certain high risk activities.

There were a few that required medical attention (hypertensive
crisis) but most of them were resolved without medical care, off my
head, there was one a few months ago – extremely alarming rapid onset
of action, everything happened within seconds, or so it seems. I knew I
had gone too far and my body was protesting but I, er…drank another
cup of coffee, and suddenly felt an alarming feeling of pressure
insistently building up in my brain, followed by the lost capability to
move my left leg, which resulted in me tripping and as I laid there on
the ground, I couldn’t even think, it was all too confusing, and then
*whoosh*, came the extreme headache that I thought would push my brain
out of the skull and I passed out.

I woke up 3 hours later totally disoriented and confused and
couldn’t remember the events which precipitated it. It was worse than
the worst hangover I ever had. I was wondering what time it was, and
why I was lying on the floor. I thought I went to bed and fell off
it…until I saw the…ah, smashed coffee cup on the floor. It’s not a
very nice feeling to wake up in your own room and wonder why the lights
and computer was on (with several flashing IM messages to boot) and
you’re lying propped up against a laundry basket and there’s a smashed
*coffee* cup beside you. It took a while to regain my senses, and it’s
a testament that the first thing I did was to remove all incriminating
evidence (the coffee mugs which aren’t coffee mugs and coffee which
isn’t coffee) before my gf came in the next day. Granted, I was aghast
about the period of unconsciousness…it seemed to be too long and I
had the distinct feeling that a good portion of my brain was
compromised on that day.

Well, that’s what happens when you drink too much caffeine containing beverages like coffee
compulsively over a short period of time if you have condition(s) which
contraindicates those, but still do it anyway. I’ve never been the type
that learns from my mistakes, I’m the kind of person who jumps back on
the horse. I would be careful the next time though…from experience, I
noticed that for me, it’s the overt intracranial pressure point that
has “Last Exit” written on it, coz it can avalanche very quickly to the
point where you are unable to communicate with people and then pass
out. I noticed that I could never go on heroic runs after my first
incident. Two to three day ones feels punishing, while it wasn’t even a
problem before. The Shadow People are starting to turn up earlier and
earlier too….

Trip down the stairs into hell
Cathay de I miss your smell
A mixture of puke, beer, stale piss,
fuck, sweat, and fear

Adrenaline addicted, the
blood leak from my head,
kinda concerned my friends…

But at the time it felt so right
The music blaring on….

Dinner and a movie (with Ah Kuas and some Ecstasy pills thrown in)

star kuching

Miriam wanted to do this horror movie marathon by watching all the
currently showing flicks …so Saturday night, Ah Lung (Miriam’s bf)
dropped by my place to pick me up since there’s an established
association between Saturday nights and me ending up incapable of
operating a motor vehicle safely, and my vehicular accident history
does not inspire faith in the others so I don’t have to drive. Heh.

tiger beer classic

We then picked up Ah Boon and he had come with offerings. There
seems to be this beer called “Tiger Special Classic” out on the markets
now. It didn’t to taste any different from the normal Tiger beer and
evoked (not entirely unwanted) memories of Cap Langkau. Anyway, we
headed to Star Cineplex after that to go get the tickets. There two
that she hasn’t watched – Ju On 2 and Dead End. I haven’t watched any
of them. We finally settled for the latter and went to get some supper.

sin kwang heng

This is supper at the Central Market, Kuching. The stall’s name is
Sin Kwang Heng and they’ve been serving soya bean and sio bi’s for as
long as I can remember.

blmm supper

The four of us had that and went back to Star to catch Dead End.

dead end movie
Photo taken in cimema.

The movie was alright, there’s a lot of that sudden creepy music
leading to a Horrible Thing (TM) scenes that has become a staple of
horror movies. There was on particularly disconcerting one with the
mother seeming to scratch an itch that wouldn’t go away, and she kept
on going at it, and the camera pans right and we see that she’s
scratching her brain, the skull fragment has fallen off to expose the

I think that the movie counts too much on the “sudden shock” horror
movie cliche though I think they managed it well, since I could feel
the people behind me recoiling in fright. The funniest exchange of the
(sudden horror scene)

Ah Boon: Mai cibai hak tiok wah.
(Your mother’s cunt, scared me.)

Ah Lung: Wo mah se ho e hak tiok.
(The scene caught me by surprise too.)

Me: Wa chiak aneh chey Xanax, e pun etan hak tiok wah!
(I’ve taken so many Xanax pills and it still managed to give me a start!)

Miriam: Wo mei yo pei siak tau wor?
(I didn’t think that scene was all that scary.)

We look at her. Horror movie veteran.

Anyway, after the movie, we received word that raids are still in
full force (sigh). Tropicana (?) or another disco/entertainment venue
was raided earlier during the night. We drove around to await further
news and went hunting for Ah Kua’s for my digital photography
collection. Here’s one of them:

ah kua

Unfortunately, they managed to obscure their faces before I took the
photo. The flash is terribly slow and my digicam is the Nikon 5700,
which no one in their right mind would call low profile, so I didn’t
get many good ones, the camera can be spotted a mile away. I’ll only be
publishing this one anyway. This does not mean that we’re against
transsexuals or anything as malignant as that. It’s just street
photography, a hobby of mine. 🙂

Anyway, true to the basics of economics, word started filtering in
that dealers are trying to offload as much of their stock as they can,
since word about raids get around and there’s be no one in left the
outlets except the exclusively alcohol representation. It would be
logical to assume that hoarding the pills for next week due to Acts of
Law Enforcement would be the sane thing to do, but strangely, the
Kuching market subscribes to an alternate line of thought and goes for
a more aggressive approach – they offload it by undercutting “normal
street prices” which is usually reported as RM 35 outside a venue and
anywhere from RM 40 upwards inside.

x pills 3 pack

These were going for RM 30 each or RM 80 for 3 pills, going as cheap
as RM 1,750 for 100 tablets bulk. A friend of ours bought the 3 pack
(he’ll be the only one dropping) and wanted to reagent test it at my
place, which I didn’t mind at all, so long as there’s relevant data to
publish about the Ecstasy pills going around Kuching now.

Disclaimer: I did not consume the pills nor do I have
anything illegal in my possession. I quit all illicits remember? All
three pills were consumed by a mutual friend who shall remain unnamed,
but we’ll call him SWIM for consistency in publication. I did not know
that person before today and I don’t have any of his contacts either.
He just wanted me to reagent test them to see what substance it
contains and said he’ll tell me what it felt like, called him just now
and this is what he has to say:

(All text below is by SWIM, but has full copyright and
intellectual property ownership claims granted by SWIM in return for
reagent testing the Ecstasy tablets. All photographs are taken by me.)

X (XXX, Xtreme Games) Ecstasy pill report

Pill name: X, XXX, Xtreme Games
Pill color: Beige/dark yellow, almost mustardy.
Circa: Kuching, Sarawak (February 2004)
Details: There’s a large X stamp covering the side of one pill
and a smaller x inside the large one. There is no score and the back is
poorly pressed. The pill was quite soggy and had a white inner layer.
The pills seems to be originally white and then dipped into coloring.
Pill contents: MDMA

I, bearer of good news, stand witness that there’s more real Ecstasy
(MDMA) in the market now. This may be due to a more sophisticated
clientele, or to the relatively short acting properties of this
compound, compared to methamphetamine, which makes MDMA ideal for a
night out. I was quite pleased and surprised when the Marquis result
went purple/black:

yellow x marquis

And the Mandelin reagent produced a shade of purple as well:

yellow x mandelin

I triple dropped this (crunched up and swallowed all three Ecstasy
pills at the same time). Obviously I’m not very big on ascertaining the
MDMA content of each pill beforehand. Needless to say, this is not in
the interests of harm reduction since there might be more possible
medical complications. I’ve has always been a loud proponent of
multiple pill consumption, which seems to be a concept which is foreign
in Kuching. People seem to go really slow here, one or half a pill and
maybe the other half later.

yellow x pill front
Front of the pill with the X imprint.

Wtf? I’ve never seen the point in dropping a single pill, except for
review purposes. I typically quad drop (for weaker pills) and triple
drop (for stronger ones), since our group of friends are in different
lines of work so it’s only Saturday nights. Go hard or go home. 😉 I
heard these ones are strong, so I triple dropped after testing for
active compounds with the reagents. I feel safe and I’m not worried
about MDMA, since I’ve had quite a bit of experience with it, so I
didn’t mind consuming an potential atypically strong batch since I’ve
been on higher doses (560 mg MDMA lab tested).

T+ 0.15 The typical indicators that an MDMA psychedelic trip is next on your itinerary.

T+ 0:30 I have to credit the local pills for being able to hold it’s own in terms of quality.

T+ 0.40 Sudden peak, body high, sensory enhancement and strong feelings of empathy and bonding typical of MDMA noted.

T+ 1:00 Very nice! I haven’t been this happy in a long time! 🙂 I must have let my serotonin stores fill up nicely.

T+ 1:10 Jaw chattering, teeth clenching and feelings of alternating
extreme cold and extreme heat manifested. The body temperature
regulation issue resolved itself soon, but Miriam noticed that I had
unnaturally dilated pupils and the others could see I was peaking hard.

T+ 1:30 Totally out of it, Speech was rendered near impossible due
to heavy slurring and I found it hard to communicate due to the
inability to remember words and construct proper sentences. My friends
could tell that I was much blurer (than usual anyway ;)). I could
maintain some semblance of sobriety if the situation warrants it,
thought it probably won’t fool anyone in a drug raid.

Events after this point are only vague half forgotten memories, just
remember a wonderful flood of serotonin which I haven’t experienced in
a while. There was extreme nysagamus which adds to the beauty of MDMA.
I’m not a big fan of pills, to be honest, I’m more of a meth fan, since
MDMA usually precedes the dreaded E-pression. Three of these (no
tolerance, last pill was 1-2 months ago) did give me a wonderful MDMA
experience. I thought I couldn’t get the same effects from MDMA anymore
but I was proved wrong. It was beautiful…

yellow x pill back
Back of the Yellow X pill – not very well pressed.

RTB around 5 hour mark. Sleep doesn’t seem to be forthcoming even at
T+ 11:00 despite generous benzodiazepine administration. The comedown
is a bit harsh too, to say the least. The depression storm is
definitely building up and it seems like a big one this time. With one
hand, He giveth and with the other, taketh away. 😉 Nevertheless, I
give it a much deserved:

Rating: 9/10

Splatterday Night Fever:
splatterday 290204
29th February 2004

A least complimentary photo of yourself every Sunday. Come as you
are. Scattered Sundays (TM) is a designation day of rest according to
the gospel. Here at, we like to think of ourselves as
Christians and thus is bound by the teachings of the Bible. The Lord
hath speaketh! In deference to this religious observation, comments
will only be replied on Monday. 😉

In other news, I’m planning to go for a full renal test this week.
I’ll love to see the results. My girlfriend always admonishes me with a
“hen tuo when ti” when I say something like this. 🙂 I admit, I’m a bit
of a hypochondriac, but I want to go anyway, if just to see the
results. Which medical center would be cheaper? Normah or Timberland?
I’ll wager RM 50 that someone is bound to say, “Renal function test? At
your age?” 😉 I’ll love to reply with something like “Yeah, I wanted to
see if 8 years of recreational drug use did any damage to my kidneys.”,
but obviously, a smartass reply should be avoided since our fine
country Malaysia does not offer full doctor patient confidentiality.
It’s definitely a far cry from medical professionals in Australia who
treats the patients (had several drug induced ER trips) and releases
them after lightly treading the issue about whether the patient wants
to talk to the inhouse drug dependency counselor (it’s optional), with
no obligation to report to the police. Hell, they even give you your
stuff back…

MDMA (and other drugs, non users) research at my alma mater


I saw this notice on
[] today. Photo courtesy of veritas, naturally.
So…who’s going? 😉 The research is being done at my previous campus
(Caulfield). I live at halls in Clayton but my main campus is at
Caulfield (20 minutes drive), though I can take subjects in Clayton. I
know Monash Uni had CADAR but wasn’t aware of active research by the
center. Help out if you can, it would be interesting to see the results
of this study. Here’s the details from the page:

Cognitive Performance and Monitoring in Dance Drug users (Melbourne, Australia)

People who have used ecstasy for over three years required to participate in a psychological study.

Research through Monash University’s Centre for Applied Drug and
Alcohol Research (CADAR) is looking for people over 18 years old:

who have used ecstasy for over three years

who would be interested in participating in a psychological study

We are also testing people who have used ecstasy for less time than
this, people who have used no drugs at all, and people who have used
other drugs (e.g. speed, cannabis etc) but no ecstasy.

Participation will involve around 3-4 hours of your time, and is
open to those able to make it to Monash University, Caulfield.
Participants will be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses.

If you are interested in participating in this research, please
email me at or call on 9903 1149.

(KL, Malaysia) “Ecstasy” (feng tau) pill report: Pink Penguin

This is a veritas [] post.

Heavily sharpened photo of the Pink Penguin imprint.

“Ecstasy” Pill Name: Pink Penguin
Circa: September 2003
Pill Color: Pink
Pill Description: Pink pill with beveled edges on both sides and
no score. The pink seems to be a coating, the insides of the pill is
white. The imprint is shallow, not impressive.
Tested: No. Don’t have reagents here.
Suspected Contents: Ketamine and other stuff (see below).

Original photo of the pill.

I will not go into details regarding the aquisition of this pill –
it doesn’t seem to be a good idea, so let’s just skim over the details
and get on with the review. I paid RM 50 for this “Ecstasy” pill – I
asked for a feng tau pill and the guy didn’t have it, he only has
Erimin 5 pills for RM 20 (horrible price) but he will call someone who
has pills to come over, and it’s RM 50. It’s not the price I’m used to
paying. This is expensive, due to the location of the transaction, but
I thought wtf, I haven’t done a pill review in ages, so why not?

What is it about dealers here putting stuff in cigarettes? It’s so bleeding obvious…

Anyway, I passed him RM 50 and he said come back in 5 minutes. I was
wary of being ripped off, but I have er…surveyed the area for a while
and he seems to be a permanant fixture of the place and he wasn’t going
anywhere (runner gets the pill) so I decided to give it a go, haven’t
been ripped off here before anyway. Well, I went to the toilets and
came back in three minutes…I made eye contact and he pointed to an
empty cigarette pack conveniently located an arms length away from
where he was sitting, so I picked it up and checked – yes, there is a
pill inside.

Pill inside the cigarette pack.

Well, I went to a public toilet to study the pill (I like imprints)
and the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the (shabby) pill
imprint was that it’s a cockroach or some other bug. I looked at it
from all possible sides and the best I could think of is Pink Penguin.
A pink penguin smoking a pipe (or using a walking stick). Runner ups
are Pink Golf Bag (not very catchy), Pink Archer, Pink Ninja (well if
you look at it real hard and squint) and Pink Singer (the long pipe
beig the mike and the main shape the person).

Pink Penguin front view.

I did not ask about the pill name, does anyone know what these are
called in KL? It was obviously made by a chemist with an interest in
abstract art because it isn’t a word (eg ‘CU’, ‘Tp’, ‘AK47’) nor a
readily identifiable image (eg dove, nike swoosh, clogs). Anyway, I
crunched up the pill on an empty stomach and recognized the taste –
that salty, tangy ketamine taste that makes people retch. 😉 Ah, wasted
lah, if I knew it was ketamine I would have crushed and insufflated it.

Pink Penguin back view.

Anyway, the pill hit me SURPRISINGLY fast! Within the minute, I was
feeling an acute sense of vertigo and there were visual characteristics
consistant with ketamine (world moving faster than you etc). Now this
is the most disturbing part…within 3 minutes my whole tongue burned,
started tingling and turned numb. Next thing I knew, my throat was
closing up on me and I had to struggle to breathe! Wtf? I was worried
about this for 30 seconds, until the throat constriction passed and I
could breath again (albeit through a swollen tongue and throat – or so
it seems). Very smart ar, want to make your pills Very kick hor!

Outlined the imprint for better visibility.

I wonder what did the chemist cut it with…possibly novacaine or
another similar compound coz the tingling and numbness was really
intense with a rapid onset. It could be anything for all I know, just
watch out for this effect and stay away if you don’t want any unknown
tangibles in your pills. Anyway, the tingling, burning sensation and
throat constriction lasted about 30 minutes. From my experiences with
ketamine, methamphetamine and MDMA, this seems to be a ketamine pill,
possibly with a bit of caffeine inside as well, but no
(meth)amphetamine that’s for sure. It is definately not an MDMA pill. 🙂

Well this was what I wrote while under the influence (transcribed with errors intact):

Numbness in extmemities
k space
very blur
ketamine – dnno wats going on
lost the plot
fucking bizzare
people are strange
i stepped into alice in wonderland
eat me
not a k hole dose obvously since i,m out in public and can scribble this

The effects were consistant with ketamine – rapid onset and fast
peak with effects tapering off at the 1 hour point. I don’t know how
much Special K (not the cereal) this pill has, but it’s fairly ok,
would have been good to insufflate this. I was able to maintain a level
of sobriety (or at least I think I did :)) in public and respond to
stimuli. Conversation is very possible, though not complex ones. Peak
felt great, visual distortions – the tunnel vision that I get on
ketamine. Perhaps I didn’t behave properly as I remember laughing out
loud at the peak. 😉

Sealed – for your convenience. 😉

Don’t expect to get K-holed by one of these, but snort a couple in
quick succession and you might get near the line dose. It’s a fairly
good pill but I wouldn’t pay RM 50 for a ketamine pill. I experienced a
full return to baseline after T+ 2.

Next up: veritas’s guide to taking photos in public – Chapter
1: Managing unsanitary conditions (eg public toilets) while maintaining
a reasonable level of sterility. 😉

BTW, I used a card as the base and then a white receipt as the
background. Both were flushed after the session. Needless to say if you
drop the pill on the floor, forget about it, consider it gone.

Hmm…I might try one of those Erimin’s he’s selling, could be something interesting.

This is the last post I make on I will be moving to
another domain soon to provide a clear distinction between the
different posts.

Disclaimer: I am a guest author on and I’m not
related to the main author in any way. I am NOT the owner of this
domain or the main author. The owner of is not legally
responsible for the posts made by any guest authors but retains full
distribution and ownership rights regarding posts made by its guest
author(s) as intellectual property.

Buying drugs in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia

Note: This is a post by veritas
[], a guest author of veritas is not
related to the main author and owner of the domain.

Methamphetamine shards in front of a blue background.

My contacts:
Mr. Pimp – methamphetamine crystals
Category III girl – “Ecstasy” pills


(ice, shabu, meth)

Meth is plentiful and cheap in Malaysia due to the proximity to
source countries. Not as cheap as our neighbor to the east, but cheaper
than Australia. Most methamphetamine comes in crystal form (shards).
There are meth pills of course, sold as “feng tau” pills, but IMHO that
is really not worth it if you’re after meth. Regional street names
vary, the usual ones is “ping” (Chinese for “ice”), ice and syabu. Ask
for it by the drug’s slang, asking for methamphetamine would only get
you a blank stare from most drug dealers. 🙂 I will be relating a story
of how I got my contact for meth later.

The easiest place to score meth pills (“Ecstasy”) are in discos, not
the pretentious clubs where people drink and fuck, but the ones where
Ah Bengs go. There is a notorious one in KL as oops mentioned.
I will not be repeating it, browse the archives. However, I suggest
getting crystal meth instead, it’s better value for money. I will not
divulge where I got mine, so please do not email me about it, there
will be hints if you read through the post, but be discreet and don’t
mention it in the comments! Anyway, meth pills (not to be confused with
crystals) are quoted as RM 60, which I thought is a ludicrous price.
The person also sells ketamine and what she claims are MDMA pills, all
for the same price.

Pre-packed methamphetamine crystals.

That’s not what we’re talking about though, RM 60 per pill is
something I’m not willing to pay unless it’s MDMA. Methamphetamine
crystals on the other hand, ah, now that’s what I’m talking about. 🙂
Anyway, it’s not very hard to find sources for drugs, just don’t look
like a narc or wear a jersey with NTV 7 – EDISI SIASAT on it. I
get a lot of emails asking me for drugs, sorry I don’t reply those, I
don’t deal in Malaysia (gantung mati) and even possession would put me
in the slammer a long time.

Anyway, if you’re new in town and you’re looking for someone to hook you up, I suggest the following (in descending order):

Notorious areas of town (watch out for undercovers)
Discos (expensive)
Gangsters types (look out for real players, not the all talk, no goods type)
University (ask around, but watch out for all talk, no goods too)
Workplace (very dangerous, it can be damaging to the career)

Once you find a reliable contact, I suggest giving them a small tip
and ask for their contact number. It’s not that hard, drugs are
everywhere, ask around and you’ll get there sooner or later.

Meth taken in front of a red background.

Methamphetamine contact: Mr. Pimp
Nickname: He is one.
Haunt: There are only two prostitution hotspots, it’s one of them.
Favorite Quote: “Yau nu hai zhi ma?” (“Do you want any girls?”)
My reply: “Wo wan yau de, mei you wan nu hai zhi.” (“I’m interested in drugs, not girls”)

This guy doesn’t sell drugs himself, his “stash” consists of females
all aged under 20. However, he has a friend who sells methamphetamine
only. I approached him because he wasn’t doing anything at that time,
so I thought I would strike up a conversation.

(original conversation in Mandarin, translated into English)
Me: Eh, do you know where I get any feng tau (“Ecstasy”) pills.
Mr. Pimp: Feng tau yuen ah…I don’t sell any, hey wait.
He calls for his friend who was standing 20 meters away.
Mr. Pimp: (name deleted), he’s looking for feng tau pills, do you have any?
Meth Man: Feng tau ah…better get it at discos, I don’t stock that.
Me: What do you have?
Meth Man: I have ice, it’s not on me though, I’ll have to get it from there.
He points to a building 100 meters away.
Me: How much?
Meth Man: RM 100
Me: How much is that? Do you sell by the weight or what?
Meth Man: It’s a packet, I don’t know how much it weights, but it’s standard, it’s this big.
He makes a narrow rectangle in his hands.
Me: How long would it take?
Meth Man: Oh, it’ll be quick. I’ll have to get the money off you first though.
I’m wary at this point – Meth Man might pull a Houdini.
Me: I’ll pay you when you get back.
Meth Man: Don’t worry, he’ll (Mr. Pimp) be here with you, so I won’t run away with your money or anything.
I’m still wary at this point – the old switcharoo trick where the
guy stays with you for a while and then runs off on an emergency, but I
thought it was worth the risk if it’s the amount he says it is. I hand
him RM 100.

Mr. Pimp: Right, he’ll be back soon. Let’s wait over there.
He points to a carpark nearby.
Mr. Pimp: Lots of police around.
Me: Yeah! I noticed two every 100 meters. Dangerous place to score.
Mr. Pimp: Well, I’ve been working here 3 years, it is dangerous,
but usually they don’t bother us. You know, I’ve seen you before,
walking around here.
Me: Yes, I work near here.
Mr. Pimp: I see. Yeah, noticed that you never seemed to be interested in girls.
Me: Yeah, I’m more interested in drugs. It’s my hobby, don’t do it often now though.
Mr. Pimp: I give my girls ice sometimes, it helps them concentrate on their work.
He’s being very friendly and chatty, I’m getting suspicious at this
time, since it’s been 5 minutes and Meth Man is not back yet. Anyway, I
thought I’ll make small talk and ask him about his line of work, always
interesting to hear inside information.

Me: I see. How is business here? I notice every person seems to have a block for soliciting.
Mr. Pimp: Yeah, we all have an agreement. These car park
attendants, I’ve got an agreement with them too. Are you interested in
girls? My girls are all under 20.
Me: No thanks, but under 20??? Are they students or what?
Mr. Pimp: Not all of them. Most of them are shop salesgirls,
they do part time work. I have some students as well, that’s mostly
freelance. Everyone is under 20, I’ve even got 16 year olds.
Me: Interesting. Isn’t that a bit young?
Mr. Pimp: Well, those come from broken families, you know the drill.
Me: There’s a lot of police activity here though, is it safe?
I’m actually scared of standing next to a known pimp, people might
pass by and think I’m soliciting or police might notice me and do a

Mr. Pimp: It would be okay here at this car park…so what are you doing? Working did you say?
Me: Yeah, I work around here.
Mr. Pimp: I see. So what do you work as?
Me: (deleted)
Mr. Pimp: Oh, you earn a lot in that line of work right?
Me: Nah, I just graduated, so my pay is low.
Mr. Pimp: Okay, if you’re interested, I can get you a really good looking girl for a discount. Package for RM 200.
Me: Er…no thanks, but it would be great if I could contact you whenever I want ice.
Mr. Pimp: Sure, I’ll be happy to do that, just drop by whenever you want any.
Me: Thanks! So, how is business?
Mr. Pimp: It’s okay, I have a lot of girls – from Thailand, China, India, Russia, Malays, locals, and I specialize in the young ones.
Me: I see. How does it work?
Mr. Pimp: Well, whenever a customer comes, I’ll call the girl
he’s interested in and he can go up and see for himself. If he’s not
satisfied, then he can choose another girl. We have agreements with
several hotels around here, the girls are in the rooms.
Me: Very enlightening. Good looking girls?
Mr. Pimp: Definitely! For this price, of course the customers get a great looking girl. Interested? I’ll give you a discount.
He grins widely.
Me: Well, I don’t go into this scene, I’m not interested. But it
would be great if I can get other drugs off you. Do you have grass? Or
just anything.
Mr. Pimp: Hmm…grass is hard to get in KL nowadays.
So it’s true – there is a draught.
Mr. Pimp: My friend, the one that just left, has ice and that’s
it. I suggest you go to discos and ask for pills, they all have people
selling inside. Try going at 2-3 am, that’s when it’s most packed,
that’s the easiest place to get pills. After all you’ll be going to
discos anyway when you take pills right?
Me: Not always, I usually use ice to concentrate. I love the
stuff, I’ve not have it for quite a while now, I’m actually cutting
down on my use.
Mr. Pimp: Yeah, I see lots of people getting addicted. It’s not
pretty. I have a friend who had a heart attack and died when he smoked
too much. Do you smoke it?
Most people smoke methamphetamine crystals in Malaysia. It seems to
be the most common route of administration – smoking using a light bulb
(ghetto meth glass pipe).

Me: Nah, I insufflate.
Mr. Pimp: Really? Does it work that way?
Me: Yeah, I prefer snorting, smoking it gives me a really scattered comedown.
Mr. Pimp: I see. That’s interesting, I didn’t know you could take ice that way. Is that better than smoking? The feeling.
Me: I can’t say, everyone is different, but it’s better than
eating, there’s a rush too, but it’s not as intense as smoking or IV
but the high lasts longer.
Mr. Pimp: Wah, you’ve injected ice before?
Me: Just a couple of times, I studied in Australia, we get clean
needles and injecting equiptment there. Just need to walk into a
Mr. Pimp: Really??? You can buy needles just like that?
Me: Yeah, the laws are different.
At this point, I see Meth Man approaching. Anyway, Mr. Pimp seems to
be a nice guy, he just stood there chatting with me, neglecting his
duties of soliciting passer bys, so I tipped him.

Me: Here, thanks for getting the stuff for me, sorry I don’t have much, I only have RM 3 left.
I actually only have RM 4 but 4 is a bad number for most Asians.
Mr. Pimp: Hey thanks, you didn’t have to do that.
I’m surprised a person in KL actually said “Thanks”.
Me: No problem, I’ll just come over when I want more ice, is that cool?
Mr. Pimp: Sure, here’s my number, you can call me if I’m not around here.
Me: Great, thanks!
Meth Man arrives.
Meth Man: Here, be careful with this.
Meth Man slips me a package discreetly.
Me: Thanks.
I’m not really interested in dealing directly with Meth Man. He’s a
little…er, burnt out, he looks that way anyway and my hypochondriac
tendencies warns me to avoid any unnecessary contact with him, lest I
catch anything.

Mr. Pimp: Alright, take care and don’t run around, there’s heaps of cops here. Be careful.
Don’t run around = “bu yau shui bien luan pau”.
Me: Yeah, I’m heading home. I’ll see you around.

Note: “Ice” in Malaysia does not refer to 4-MAR but methamphetamine crystals.

I didn’t want to inspect the package since the place has heavy
traffic, plus you never know when one of those damned Edisi Siasat
people are filming. Not all publicity is good publicity, you don’t want
to be on NTV7. Edisi Siasat is an expose TV show who avoids violating
privacy laws by “censoring” the people involved. Photography and
filming in public places is protected by law but NOT when it’s for
profit, so they mosaic it out. Very funny. Anything for ratings.

It originally came wrapped in a dirty magazine paper.

Anyway, I went to a public toilet and looked at the package. It was
wrapped in a dirty magazine cover, which I promptly flushed. The actual
package is surprising.

The contents of the package. It’s an ironic touch that the magazine
has an ad for Colgate toothpaste. Heh. Anyway, for people not involved
in the scene and didn’t get it, it’s funny coz meth use tends to
decrease saliva output and that manifests itself with tooth decay.

It’s SEALED! A very nice and appreciated professional touch, the
plastic is heated so it isn’t exposed to the atmosphere. It’s nice for
hygiene reasons and methamphetamine is hydroscopic too (absorbs
moisture from the air) so that is very nice indeed. It is crystals,
crushed shards, but I wasn’t sure whether it was methamphetamine or
some other lookalike…until today.

Inside the wrapper is a sealed package with pre-measured amounts of meth. Very nice.

I opened up the package (needs scissors), racked up a line, rolled
up a new RM 50 bill and insufflated. It burnt quite badly going
up…waiting, 2 minutes later – THE RUSH. =D Fuck, it’s good stuff –
meth shards, no cuts visible to the naked eye and the amounts needed to
get me nicely tweaking was sufficiently small, so I dare say it’s pure
uncut crystal meth, even after taking into account my loss of
tolerance. Quality methamphetamine for a very reasonable price!

Here’s a closer look at one end of the sealed package.

This is the other sealed (by heat) end.

I don’t know how much it weights since I don’t have a microgram
scale, but eyeballed, it seems to be 200 mg – 300 mg. Anyway, a note
for Australian visitors, meth is cheap in Malaysia coz of it’s
proximity to source countries. I took some of the photos in the toilet,
so excuse the quality, it’s hard to do that in a WC you know. Well, the
above was not taken in the toilet, but it still didn’t focus well. How
much methamphetamine is in one of this “standard” RM 100 packages? It’s
pictured next to a 50 cent (Malaysian) coin in the photo below.

Mmm…methamphetamine. 🙂

Caution! Methamphetamine is illegal in Malaysia and long jail terms
awaits if you’re found in possession of it. The fury of the Malaysian
drug laws would also get you if urine tests finds that you have
consumed meth. The events depicted in this post happened some time ago,
and methamphetamine only takes 2 – 3 days for normal people to excrete
itself from the body. I will not test up for methamphetamine, I
politely suggest putting more resources into the investigation of
violent crime instead of apprehending harmless recreational drug users.

Sealed for your convenience. 😉

“Ecstasy” (feng tau) pills contact: Category III girl
Nickname: She thought I was after X rated movies when I asked her for pills the first time.
Haunt: “Pirated” CD/CD-ROM/DVD shop
Favorite Quote: “Wah, this guy speak English one.”
My reply: “Eh, you didn’t seem to understand when I speak in Chinese.”

The darnest thing I’ve ever seen. A girl who sells pills on the side
while working at a pirated CD/CD-ROM/DVD shop. I just asked because I
overheard her talking to another person with obvious allusions to
drugs. I decided to ask if she has any “Ecstasy” pills.

(original conversation is a mix of English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia)
Me: Hello, do you happen to know where I can get some pills?
Category III girl: Wah, this guy speak English one.
Me: Eh, you didn’t seem to understand when I speak in Chinese.
Category III girl: Heh, I was just kidding. What did you say?
Me: Ecstasy pills, do you know anyone who has any?
Category III girl: XTC?
She whispers to another guy. The guy nods and points outside.
Category III girl: Yeah, we have them outside.
Me: Really??? What kinds do you have? What’s the imprint? The logo I mean.
Category III girl: Oh we have lots, what do you want?
Me: Depends, can I see the things?
Category III girl: Sure, they’re RM 8 each.
Me: RM 8? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Are you sure?
Category III girl: (puzzled look) Yeah, that’s what they usually sell for.
Me: Amazing! I’ll love to get some.
Category III girl: Okay, it’s outside.
Me: Where? Can you bring it inside?
Category III girl: Sure, I’ll bring the folder. Wait ya.
The folder?!?! I’m astounded at the size of this operation!
Category III girl: Here you go.
She passes me a folder with X rated film covers.
Me: Hmm…where are the pills?
Category III girl: What pills?
Me: Ecstasy pills!
Category III girl: What??? I thought you wanted X rated movies. Alamak. Wait ah.
She whispers to another guy.
The guy points to another guy.
She whispers to that other guy.

Category III girl: Yeah, we have 4 kinds, one’s a green “UC”…
Me: A green CU???
Category III girl: No, a “UC”. And there’s this black one and this blue one as well.
Me: They don’t happen to be RM 8 do they?
I grin at her.
Category III girl: Heh, of course not lah. It costs RM 60.
Me: That’s very expensive lar…what kind of pills are they? Meth or ketamine?
Category III girl: Huh? I don’t know lah. It just gets you high.
Me: Right, can you sleep on these pills?
Category III girl: Nope, these are the can’t sleep ones.
That’s a meth(amphetamine) pill.
Me: Well, do you have the ones that you can sleep on?
Category III girl: You want Happy 5 is it?
That’s the benzodiazepine called nimetazepam.
Me: No, no. I’m looking for pills that makes you hard to move, the ones that lasts about an hour only?
I’m describing ketamine pills.
Category III girl: Oh, those, we have that too, but not very popular lah, these pills.
Me: How much are they then?
Category III girl: Also RM 60. You want to see it?
She shows me the pill – it’s a brownish pill with “XO” imprinted on
it. I didn’t want to pay RM 60 for a pill though, so I declined.

Me: You don’t have anything else?
Category III girl: Well, I think got new stock coming in next month lah. I give you my number, you can call me or find me here.
Me: Okay, thanks.

Pills for RM 60! What an exorbitant price…RM 60 is plenty cheap
for MDMA though, but I don’t think these pills are MDMA. I forgot the
logo of the others, only the colors, damn benzos. Does anyone know what
pills are going around at the moment? I’m interested in MDMA pills or
ketamine pills, not methamphetamine pills. The black pill is very
interesting, but I didn’t want to part with RM 60 for what sounds like
a meth pill. I curse myself for not bringing my EZ-Test X-treme Kit
back. Oops, do you know if JB pills come up to KL? Or does KL have
different imprints? Anyone familiar with the import scene? Also I would
be interested in hearing about pills with less than conventional
chemicals like PCP. Thanks!

Insufflating with dollar bills like in the movies is not hygienic
practice! Circumstances dictate I had to resort to use this (there’s
never a straw when you need one), but I take comfort in the fact the RM
50 note is new. Don’t do it though, money is dirty.

CT, could you save up an Orange 3 for me? Sounds like fucking legendary pills!

Disclaimer: is not responsible for what you do,
this is just a post intended to reduce the amount of source requests.
It is very important to remember that DRUGS ARE VERY ILLEGAL IN MALAYSIA! I suggest buying small amounts (is the bulk buy discount worth the risk of stashing it?) and consume it within the day. I do not possess any drugs. I am not condoning drug use. I am not the owner of this domain! I am a guest author
and this article should not be taken as an admission of drug use.
Malaysian law is very harsh on users – watch yourself and take care.

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