Buying drugs in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia

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Methamphetamine shards in front of a blue background.

My contacts:
Mr. Pimp – methamphetamine crystals
Category III girl – “Ecstasy” pills


(ice, shabu, meth)

Meth is plentiful and cheap in Malaysia due to the proximity to
source countries. Not as cheap as our neighbor to the east, but cheaper
than Australia. Most methamphetamine comes in crystal form (shards).
There are meth pills of course, sold as “feng tau” pills, but IMHO that
is really not worth it if you’re after meth. Regional street names
vary, the usual ones is “ping” (Chinese for “ice”), ice and syabu. Ask
for it by the drug’s slang, asking for methamphetamine would only get
you a blank stare from most drug dealers. πŸ™‚ I will be relating a story
of how I got my contact for meth later.

The easiest place to score meth pills (“Ecstasy”) are in discos, not
the pretentious clubs where people drink and fuck, but the ones where
Ah Bengs go. There is a notorious one in KL as oops mentioned.
I will not be repeating it, browse the archives. However, I suggest
getting crystal meth instead, it’s better value for money. I will not
divulge where I got mine, so please do not email me about it, there
will be hints if you read through the post, but be discreet and don’t
mention it in the comments! Anyway, meth pills (not to be confused with
crystals) are quoted as RM 60, which I thought is a ludicrous price.
The person also sells ketamine and what she claims are MDMA pills, all
for the same price.

Pre-packed methamphetamine crystals.

That’s not what we’re talking about though, RM 60 per pill is
something I’m not willing to pay unless it’s MDMA. Methamphetamine
crystals on the other hand, ah, now that’s what I’m talking about. πŸ™‚
Anyway, it’s not very hard to find sources for drugs, just don’t look
like a narc or wear a jersey with NTV 7 – EDISI SIASAT on it. I
get a lot of emails asking me for drugs, sorry I don’t reply those, I
don’t deal in Malaysia (gantung mati) and even possession would put me
in the slammer a long time.

Anyway, if you’re new in town and you’re looking for someone to hook you up, I suggest the following (in descending order):

Notorious areas of town (watch out for undercovers)
Discos (expensive)
Gangsters types (look out for real players, not the all talk, no goods type)
University (ask around, but watch out for all talk, no goods too)
Workplace (very dangerous, it can be damaging to the career)

Once you find a reliable contact, I suggest giving them a small tip
and ask for their contact number. It’s not that hard, drugs are
everywhere, ask around and you’ll get there sooner or later.

Meth taken in front of a red background.

Methamphetamine contact: Mr. Pimp
Nickname: He is one.
Haunt: There are only two prostitution hotspots, it’s one of them.
Favorite Quote: “Yau nu hai zhi ma?” (“Do you want any girls?”)
My reply: “Wo wan yau de, mei you wan nu hai zhi.” (“I’m interested in drugs, not girls”)

This guy doesn’t sell drugs himself, his “stash” consists of females
all aged under 20. However, he has a friend who sells methamphetamine
only. I approached him because he wasn’t doing anything at that time,
so I thought I would strike up a conversation.

(original conversation in Mandarin, translated into English)
Me: Eh, do you know where I get any feng tau (“Ecstasy”) pills.
Mr. Pimp: Feng tau yuen ah…I don’t sell any, hey wait.
He calls for his friend who was standing 20 meters away.
Mr. Pimp: (name deleted), he’s looking for feng tau pills, do you have any?
Meth Man: Feng tau ah…better get it at discos, I don’t stock that.
Me: What do you have?
Meth Man: I have ice, it’s not on me though, I’ll have to get it from there.
He points to a building 100 meters away.
Me: How much?
Meth Man: RM 100
Me: How much is that? Do you sell by the weight or what?
Meth Man: It’s a packet, I don’t know how much it weights, but it’s standard, it’s this big.
He makes a narrow rectangle in his hands.
Me: How long would it take?
Meth Man: Oh, it’ll be quick. I’ll have to get the money off you first though.
I’m wary at this point – Meth Man might pull a Houdini.
Me: I’ll pay you when you get back.
Meth Man: Don’t worry, he’ll (Mr. Pimp) be here with you, so I won’t run away with your money or anything.
I’m still wary at this point – the old switcharoo trick where the
guy stays with you for a while and then runs off on an emergency, but I
thought it was worth the risk if it’s the amount he says it is. I hand
him RM 100.

Mr. Pimp: Right, he’ll be back soon. Let’s wait over there.
He points to a carpark nearby.
Mr. Pimp: Lots of police around.
Me: Yeah! I noticed two every 100 meters. Dangerous place to score.
Mr. Pimp: Well, I’ve been working here 3 years, it is dangerous,
but usually they don’t bother us. You know, I’ve seen you before,
walking around here.
Me: Yes, I work near here.
Mr. Pimp: I see. Yeah, noticed that you never seemed to be interested in girls.
Me: Yeah, I’m more interested in drugs. It’s my hobby, don’t do it often now though.
Mr. Pimp: I give my girls ice sometimes, it helps them concentrate on their work.
He’s being very friendly and chatty, I’m getting suspicious at this
time, since it’s been 5 minutes and Meth Man is not back yet. Anyway, I
thought I’ll make small talk and ask him about his line of work, always
interesting to hear inside information.

Me: I see. How is business here? I notice every person seems to have a block for soliciting.
Mr. Pimp: Yeah, we all have an agreement. These car park
attendants, I’ve got an agreement with them too. Are you interested in
girls? My girls are all under 20.
Me: No thanks, but under 20??? Are they students or what?
Mr. Pimp: Not all of them. Most of them are shop salesgirls,
they do part time work. I have some students as well, that’s mostly
freelance. Everyone is under 20, I’ve even got 16 year olds.
Me: Interesting. Isn’t that a bit young?
Mr. Pimp: Well, those come from broken families, you know the drill.
Me: There’s a lot of police activity here though, is it safe?
I’m actually scared of standing next to a known pimp, people might
pass by and think I’m soliciting or police might notice me and do a

Mr. Pimp: It would be okay here at this car park…so what are you doing? Working did you say?
Me: Yeah, I work around here.
Mr. Pimp: I see. So what do you work as?
Me: (deleted)
Mr. Pimp: Oh, you earn a lot in that line of work right?
Me: Nah, I just graduated, so my pay is low.
Mr. Pimp: Okay, if you’re interested, I can get you a really good looking girl for a discount. Package for RM 200.
Me: Er…no thanks, but it would be great if I could contact you whenever I want ice.
Mr. Pimp: Sure, I’ll be happy to do that, just drop by whenever you want any.
Me: Thanks! So, how is business?
Mr. Pimp: It’s okay, I have a lot of girls – from Thailand, China, India, Russia, Malays, locals, and I specialize in the young ones.
Me: I see. How does it work?
Mr. Pimp: Well, whenever a customer comes, I’ll call the girl
he’s interested in and he can go up and see for himself. If he’s not
satisfied, then he can choose another girl. We have agreements with
several hotels around here, the girls are in the rooms.
Me: Very enlightening. Good looking girls?
Mr. Pimp: Definitely! For this price, of course the customers get a great looking girl. Interested? I’ll give you a discount.
He grins widely.
Me: Well, I don’t go into this scene, I’m not interested. But it
would be great if I can get other drugs off you. Do you have grass? Or
just anything.
Mr. Pimp: Hmm…grass is hard to get in KL nowadays.
So it’s true – there is a draught.
Mr. Pimp: My friend, the one that just left, has ice and that’s
it. I suggest you go to discos and ask for pills, they all have people
selling inside. Try going at 2-3 am, that’s when it’s most packed,
that’s the easiest place to get pills. After all you’ll be going to
discos anyway when you take pills right?
Me: Not always, I usually use ice to concentrate. I love the
stuff, I’ve not have it for quite a while now, I’m actually cutting
down on my use.
Mr. Pimp: Yeah, I see lots of people getting addicted. It’s not
pretty. I have a friend who had a heart attack and died when he smoked
too much. Do you smoke it?
Most people smoke methamphetamine crystals in Malaysia. It seems to
be the most common route of administration – smoking using a light bulb
(ghetto meth glass pipe).

Me: Nah, I insufflate.
Mr. Pimp: Really? Does it work that way?
Me: Yeah, I prefer snorting, smoking it gives me a really scattered comedown.
Mr. Pimp: I see. That’s interesting, I didn’t know you could take ice that way. Is that better than smoking? The feeling.
Me: I can’t say, everyone is different, but it’s better than
eating, there’s a rush too, but it’s not as intense as smoking or IV
but the high lasts longer.
Mr. Pimp: Wah, you’ve injected ice before?
Me: Just a couple of times, I studied in Australia, we get clean
needles and injecting equiptment there. Just need to walk into a
Mr. Pimp: Really??? You can buy needles just like that?
Me: Yeah, the laws are different.
At this point, I see Meth Man approaching. Anyway, Mr. Pimp seems to
be a nice guy, he just stood there chatting with me, neglecting his
duties of soliciting passer bys, so I tipped him.

Me: Here, thanks for getting the stuff for me, sorry I don’t have much, I only have RM 3 left.
I actually only have RM 4 but 4 is a bad number for most Asians.
Mr. Pimp: Hey thanks, you didn’t have to do that.
I’m surprised a person in KL actually said “Thanks”.
Me: No problem, I’ll just come over when I want more ice, is that cool?
Mr. Pimp: Sure, here’s my number, you can call me if I’m not around here.
Me: Great, thanks!
Meth Man arrives.
Meth Man: Here, be careful with this.
Meth Man slips me a package discreetly.
Me: Thanks.
I’m not really interested in dealing directly with Meth Man. He’s a
little…er, burnt out, he looks that way anyway and my hypochondriac
tendencies warns me to avoid any unnecessary contact with him, lest I
catch anything.

Mr. Pimp: Alright, take care and don’t run around, there’s heaps of cops here. Be careful.
Don’t run around = “bu yau shui bien luan pau”.
Me: Yeah, I’m heading home. I’ll see you around.

Note: “Ice” in Malaysia does not refer to 4-MAR but methamphetamine crystals.

I didn’t want to inspect the package since the place has heavy
traffic, plus you never know when one of those damned Edisi Siasat
people are filming. Not all publicity is good publicity, you don’t want
to be on NTV7. Edisi Siasat is an expose TV show who avoids violating
privacy laws by “censoring” the people involved. Photography and
filming in public places is protected by law but NOT when it’s for
profit, so they mosaic it out. Very funny. Anything for ratings.

It originally came wrapped in a dirty magazine paper.

Anyway, I went to a public toilet and looked at the package. It was
wrapped in a dirty magazine cover, which I promptly flushed. The actual
package is surprising.

The contents of the package. It’s an ironic touch that the magazine
has an ad for Colgate toothpaste. Heh. Anyway, for people not involved
in the scene and didn’t get it, it’s funny coz meth use tends to
decrease saliva output and that manifests itself with tooth decay.

It’s SEALED! A very nice and appreciated professional touch, the
plastic is heated so it isn’t exposed to the atmosphere. It’s nice for
hygiene reasons and methamphetamine is hydroscopic too (absorbs
moisture from the air) so that is very nice indeed. It is crystals,
crushed shards, but I wasn’t sure whether it was methamphetamine or
some other lookalike…until today.

Inside the wrapper is a sealed package with pre-measured amounts of meth. Very nice.

I opened up the package (needs scissors), racked up a line, rolled
up a new RM 50 bill and insufflated. It burnt quite badly going
up…waiting, 2 minutes later – THE RUSH. =D Fuck, it’s good stuff –
meth shards, no cuts visible to the naked eye and the amounts needed to
get me nicely tweaking was sufficiently small, so I dare say it’s pure
uncut crystal meth, even after taking into account my loss of
tolerance. Quality methamphetamine for a very reasonable price!

Here’s a closer look at one end of the sealed package.

This is the other sealed (by heat) end.

I don’t know how much it weights since I don’t have a microgram
scale, but eyeballed, it seems to be 200 mg – 300 mg. Anyway, a note
for Australian visitors, meth is cheap in Malaysia coz of it’s
proximity to source countries. I took some of the photos in the toilet,
so excuse the quality, it’s hard to do that in a WC you know. Well, the
above was not taken in the toilet, but it still didn’t focus well. How
much methamphetamine is in one of this “standard” RM 100 packages? It’s
pictured next to a 50 cent (Malaysian) coin in the photo below.

Mmm…methamphetamine. πŸ™‚

Caution! Methamphetamine is illegal in Malaysia and long jail terms
awaits if you’re found in possession of it. The fury of the Malaysian
drug laws would also get you if urine tests finds that you have
consumed meth. The events depicted in this post happened some time ago,
and methamphetamine only takes 2 – 3 days for normal people to excrete
itself from the body. I will not test up for methamphetamine, I
politely suggest putting more resources into the investigation of
violent crime instead of apprehending harmless recreational drug users.

Sealed for your convenience. πŸ˜‰

“Ecstasy” (feng tau) pills contact: Category III girl
Nickname: She thought I was after X rated movies when I asked her for pills the first time.
Haunt: “Pirated” CD/CD-ROM/DVD shop
Favorite Quote: “Wah, this guy speak English one.”
My reply: “Eh, you didn’t seem to understand when I speak in Chinese.”

The darnest thing I’ve ever seen. A girl who sells pills on the side
while working at a pirated CD/CD-ROM/DVD shop. I just asked because I
overheard her talking to another person with obvious allusions to
drugs. I decided to ask if she has any “Ecstasy” pills.

(original conversation is a mix of English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia)
Me: Hello, do you happen to know where I can get some pills?
Category III girl: Wah, this guy speak English one.
Me: Eh, you didn’t seem to understand when I speak in Chinese.
Category III girl: Heh, I was just kidding. What did you say?
Me: Ecstasy pills, do you know anyone who has any?
Category III girl: XTC?
She whispers to another guy. The guy nods and points outside.
Category III girl: Yeah, we have them outside.
Me: Really??? What kinds do you have? What’s the imprint? The logo I mean.
Category III girl: Oh we have lots, what do you want?
Me: Depends, can I see the things?
Category III girl: Sure, they’re RM 8 each.
Me: RM 8? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Are you sure?
Category III girl: (puzzled look) Yeah, that’s what they usually sell for.
Me: Amazing! I’ll love to get some.
Category III girl: Okay, it’s outside.
Me: Where? Can you bring it inside?
Category III girl: Sure, I’ll bring the folder. Wait ya.
The folder?!?! I’m astounded at the size of this operation!
Category III girl: Here you go.
She passes me a folder with X rated film covers.
Me: Hmm…where are the pills?
Category III girl: What pills?
Me: Ecstasy pills!
Category III girl: What??? I thought you wanted X rated movies. Alamak. Wait ah.
She whispers to another guy.
The guy points to another guy.
She whispers to that other guy.

Category III girl: Yeah, we have 4 kinds, one’s a green “UC”…
Me: A green CU???
Category III girl: No, a “UC”. And there’s this black one and this blue one as well.
Me: They don’t happen to be RM 8 do they?
I grin at her.
Category III girl: Heh, of course not lah. It costs RM 60.
Me: That’s very expensive lar…what kind of pills are they? Meth or ketamine?
Category III girl: Huh? I don’t know lah. It just gets you high.
Me: Right, can you sleep on these pills?
Category III girl: Nope, these are the can’t sleep ones.
That’s a meth(amphetamine) pill.
Me: Well, do you have the ones that you can sleep on?
Category III girl: You want Happy 5 is it?
That’s the benzodiazepine called nimetazepam.
Me: No, no. I’m looking for pills that makes you hard to move, the ones that lasts about an hour only?
I’m describing ketamine pills.
Category III girl: Oh, those, we have that too, but not very popular lah, these pills.
Me: How much are they then?
Category III girl: Also RM 60. You want to see it?
She shows me the pill – it’s a brownish pill with “XO” imprinted on
it. I didn’t want to pay RM 60 for a pill though, so I declined.

Me: You don’t have anything else?
Category III girl: Well, I think got new stock coming in next month lah. I give you my number, you can call me or find me here.
Me: Okay, thanks.

Pills for RM 60! What an exorbitant price…RM 60 is plenty cheap
for MDMA though, but I don’t think these pills are MDMA. I forgot the
logo of the others, only the colors, damn benzos. Does anyone know what
pills are going around at the moment? I’m interested in MDMA pills or
ketamine pills, not methamphetamine pills. The black pill is very
interesting, but I didn’t want to part with RM 60 for what sounds like
a meth pill. I curse myself for not bringing my EZ-Test X-treme Kit
back. Oops, do you know if JB pills come up to KL? Or does KL have
different imprints? Anyone familiar with the import scene? Also I would
be interested in hearing about pills with less than conventional
chemicals like PCP. Thanks!

Insufflating with dollar bills like in the movies is not hygienic
practice! Circumstances dictate I had to resort to use this (there’s
never a straw when you need one), but I take comfort in the fact the RM
50 note is new. Don’t do it though, money is dirty.

CT, could you save up an Orange 3 for me? Sounds like fucking legendary pills!

Disclaimer: is not responsible for what you do,
this is just a post intended to reduce the amount of source requests.
It is very important to remember that DRUGS ARE VERY ILLEGAL IN MALAYSIA! I suggest buying small amounts (is the bulk buy discount worth the risk of stashing it?) and consume it within the day. I do not possess any drugs. I am not condoning drug use. I am not the owner of this domain! I am a guest author
and this article should not be taken as an admission of drug use.
Malaysian law is very harsh on users – watch yourself and take care.

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