Space cakes in Amsterdam

amsterdam space cake

I have come here to highlight another gross violation of my good standing and name during my vacation in Amsterdam as well as to reassure everyone of my outstanding reputation which may have been tarnished with these revelations.

space cake cannabis

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam sells space cakes and space muffins for about Euro 5 (RM 20 or so). It differs from coffeeshop to coffeeshop – I assume they make it themselves since all the ones I’ve been to contain different packaging and sizes.

I bought and ate one as a snack one day. It tastes just like chocolate cake – what my mom would bake (no pun intended) in her very wholesome kitchen. It’s quite delicious really. My mistake was that I did not look at the ingredients before I naively consumed it.

space cake

The paper slip inside the space cake starts out with “Inexperienced marijuana users are advised not to eat space cake” and ends with the shocking revelation that the very item I was consuming contains 0.40 (measurements not indicated) of cannabis and gorilla glue weed.

eating space cake

I rushed to the toilet and forced myself to throw up by sticking two fingers down my throat. Hereby, with my stomach totally regurgitated of the vile cannabis infused muffin did I take stock of what just had happened. I’m glad I managed to completely empty my stomach by voluntary vomiting after unwittingly consuming spacecake. I just didn’t know what it was.

This is the second time I’ve been fooled in Amsterdam. Well, I never! Hmph. action

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42 thoughts on “Space cakes in Amsterdam”

  1. ZOMGGGGGG huai bin are u serious!!!!!!!!!?
    Space cake is very very well known to be made of weed! 🙂 It’s the MAIN ingredient, you silly! XD

    anyway, glad u enjoyed it before throwing it up! -___-”

    • Hello Jess! I did not know that. *innocent

      It’s a good thing I upchucked everything before I could have tested positive to THC then. 😉

    • HAHAHA

      The different ones from different coffeeshops differs in quality, the best I had were several cookies and a particularly delicious rainbow cake. 😉

    • Indeed Mel. 😉

      It was still good though – I was already partially messed up from some mushrooms I ate which isn’t quite like the ones we have over here. =D

  2. “I assume they make it themselves since all the ones I’ve been to contain different packaging and sizes.”

    Wah, how many slices have you been consuming from different packaging and sizes, ar? Huh?? Huh??!? 😀

    • Erm…in the interests of experimentation I had several cakes, muffins and cookies from different establishments just to see what the strengths are. However, if you ask me, it’s a VERY unscientific way to measure things since if you’re already stoned, and were pressed to ask whether another product is as strong or better…well, there just isn’t any answer to it. 🙁

  3. Ha ha excellent post! Since quite a large number of your blog posts revolves around food reviews I guess this fits the bill perfectly bro 🙂 How was the effect like? It takes at least half hour to feel any euphoria and it comes on slowly too right? More similar to a shrooms sensation compared to smoking cannabis? At least that’s what it felt like to me when I tried it ages ago (like you, I also “naively” consumed it).

    • Hmm…I felt it within 20 minutes with an empty stomach. I’ve had experience with cannabutter a.k.a. Project Cooking with Cannabis while I was in Melbourne, so am prepared for the effects.

      I would say that it’s just like smoking it…up to a certain extent…coz when you eat it you can’t control it (if you’re smoking it and wonder if you should take another toke, you’re still sober, while when you eat, it hits you far later).

      It’s nowhere near shrooms – shrooms and LSD are in a different and (to me) much highly regarded category but it gives you a very stoned feeling and lasts much longer than when you smoke it. 🙂

    • I ate some cookies too! It’s pretty weak relatively compared to cakes and muffins coz of the density I supposed but it’s all good. 🙂

  4. haha I’m going to Amsterdam next month and I want to eat this space cake! I’m sure you didn’t vomit it out… such a waste! But do tell me about the experience (in private)! haha

    • Heh! Okay, I’ll tell you in Twitter DM but if you’re not a regular smoker, don’t eat more than 1 or (MAX) 2 of these things. It’ll hit you hard coz all the stuff in Amsterdam is strong. 🙂




    i hope that was enough repentance.

    • Just like regular cakes – some are chocolate flavored, some poppy seed flavored, you can hardly taste the cannabis but you sure can feel it. Resist the temtation to eat more than 4 of these lovely things coz if you’re eating, smoking and consuming shrooms, it can be gnarly even for the experienced stoner. 🙂

    • Heh! I totally agree bro. I have become very fond of Amsterdam during my short time there and can’t wait for my next trip back. 🙂

  6. Little known fact that was revealed in Christopher Hitchen’s memoir; when he was at Oxford with Bill Clinton, Bill was known to have an allergy to smoke. So when he famously claimed that he “did not inhale” it was the literal truth. But apparently he used to eat a heck of a lot of *home-made brownies* LOL!

    • No shit! That’s interesting. I did not know that. Heh! So he really didn’t inhale. How about that….

      Oh well, about eating it I reckon most people did drugs at some point of their life. Bush (Jr) was cocaine.

  7. the readers that take what you say at face value are retards. really, sixthseal is going to spend 5euros on a chocolate cake? really? a brain, get one.

  8. shocked, totaly shocked, hb. i liked your notes about english cooking and eats. pub fare is good fare, and this coming from a guy in an an area that eats livermush, I am not much on steak and kidney pie. bangers and mash. as you go north, colkenny. but things like toad in the hole, ( fried egg in the middle of a circular cut in toasted bread) and i aint even gonna mention eel pie. but you are right, there are and should be alot of currie, and oriental ( chinese) take outs. but I do like trifle ( a dessert) and roasted lamb, with green beans and potatoes. clotted cream and room temp beer. scones. I do like sardines or sharp chesse on wheat crackers, with a dark beer, and english muffins. harveys bristol sherry ( my mother was from bristol) and many things. like the magna carta. never gonna win any awards for fine wine, but the beer is good. bet thats what the romans said. just at hadrians wall. ouch. such a wonderful place with so much history. but great people also.

    • Cheers tom!

      Yeah, toad in the hole! I totally missed that, have been meaning to try that. I am planning a trip, don’t know if it’s going to be back to London to travel around Europe or do the Trans-Siberian Railway.

      Be safe my friend and take care!

  9. I’m sorry you had to do that. What a waste of a space cake. Perhaps they should start putting the ingredients, specifically the marijuana, in bold lettering so those who do not desire to consume such a snack will be informed prior to purchase or, at the very least, consumption.

    • I was kidding. 🙂

      I’m a cannabis user, daily smoker at the time of this post. I also did a lot of other drugs, I think some people just landed here and didn’t read into the obvious satire/parody.

  10. Which dickhead would go to amsterdam eat a space cake in a f’in coffee shop and not be suspicious that it may be infused with marijuana, i mean you have to be as dim as a bloody rock to not know that!

    • Haha! It’s a joke dude. 🙂

      You gotta learn what’s meant as satire/parody and is written for a laugh or you’ll have problems when you travel – unless you’re the type that sticks to tours and eats Malaysian food when you go abroad.

      It’s meant to be funny. I was a daily smoker at the time, along with a lot of other drugs. I got addicted to meth and opiates but I’ve always thought cannabis was a very benign substance and I’m all for legalization.


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