A warning about Amsterdam Coffeeshops

coffeeshop amsterdam

I didn’t sleep much on the flight to Amsterdam from London so one of the first things I did was to pop into a coffeeshop and grab an old fashioned cup of coffee. I reckon a mug of Joe would warm me up and give me the caffeine hit to see all the sights Amsterdam has to offer.

smoking room

The first sense that something wasn’t quite right was the wonderful smell wafting tantalizingly out of the coffeeshops. It smelled herbal but it’s not cigarettes. I didn’t think much of it – if people wanted to smoke cigars or whatever it was they smoked over in the Netherlands, they’re free to do so.

coffeeshop menu

I entered the coffeeshop and looked at the menu in confusion. Super Lemon Haze? White Widow? Amnesia Haze? Afgani Polm?

cannabis strains

The coffee beans in Amsterdam sure has some weird ass names. I figured it was a direct Dutch to English translation so I just pointed to one that won some kind of award in 2009 and the nice person behind the counter showed me the product.

amnesia haze

It looked more like tea than coffee but perhaps that’s what coffee looks like over here. It’s my first time here so what the hell. There is another type of coffee which looks more like coffee though so I ordered that instead.

weighing hash

It came as a huge shock to me when it came to my table. It’s called Nepal First Cream and it came in a sticky goo that you’re supposed to crumble it into a smoking device (which I later learned is called a bong) and light it up.

nepal first cream hash

I was horrified! The proverbial light bulb came on and I realized what I was being offered. Cannabis! Hash! The travesty of it all! I couldn’t believe it and stormed out of the coffeeshop with righteous anger and my head held high with the THC laden hashish left untouched on the table.

Imagine that! Hmph! What has the world come to? action

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160 thoughts on “A warning about Amsterdam Coffeeshops

  1. Hehe, I liked this tongue in cheek post.

    The funny thing is that coffeeshops usually do good coffee too. Not like Starbucks style but more like Italian style.

    The machines they use cost over 10,000 Euros so you shouldn’t be disappointed :)

    • Thanks! :)

      I think I did another one on space cakes but that was overdoing the angle a little. Heh!

      I’ve actually had coffee (as in the brew that contains caffeine) in coffeeshops and cafes and I agree – it’s good stuff. =D

      • Nice! Have you ever gone back?

        I was thinking of going back earlier this year, but went to Germany and France instead. I’ve stopped smoking weed since I met my better half but I still like it. I would smoke it if it were legal, but it’s not over here in Malaysia.

    • Haha! Sorry, didn’t see this comment until now.

      You know I was kidding right? I have been smoking cannabis since I was 15 and at that time (2008-2012) have been a daily smoker – this was the main reason I went to Amsterdam. :)

      I like their cannabis but their ice hash is amazing, close to 70% (some say 80-90% THC) – it’s also called “ice-o-lator hash” and it will put even the most experienced stoner down, it’s truly wonderful stuff if you have a high tolerance.

      I was in various coffeeshops and smart shops every day I was there – wake and bake with a couple of backpacker friends.

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