Ketamine experience report and video

ketamine 2g baggie

Ketamine is a drug that I’ve used on numerous
occasions but never have really written a trip report about since I
consider it a “regular use” drug. However, I do have various trip
reports (personal) and videos shot while I was snorting or injecting
ketamine and I decided it was high time (no pun intended) to put up the
latest one. πŸ˜‰

I have obtained 2 grams of ketamine crystals earlier this week and decided to go for an introspective k-hole trip
by insufflating the entire packet of ketamine (which cost me RM 450 – k
is not cheap over here). This is the best batch of ketamine (in powder
form) I’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling, though I’ve had access to
liquid pharmaceutical ketamine for IM injections before.

ketamine crystals

The majority of ketamine users insufflate (snort) the crystals
instead of using a syringe to IM the liquid form of ketamine and
despite certain preconceptions, it IS possible to k-hole by
insufflating ketamine crystals of suitable purity if it’s done in
excessive amounts over a very short period of time (Extreme Ketamine

It is not as intense as the K-hole achieved through IM injections
but it is comparable (and it’s all too easy to give yourself a line
dose while injecting ketamine as I once did, which rendered me
effectively anesthetized). The ketamine I obtained this week was
sourced from JB and the purity of the ketamine crystals are one of the
best I’ve seen in Malaysia (and even Australia, to be honest).


Download: Video of me snorting ketamine []

My cell phone went off while I was insufflating ketamine with a RM
50 dollar bill, and I muttered something about it being the perfect
time to call. πŸ˜‰

The ketamine experience:

The ketamine experience can be summed up in one word – confusing. I
personally like to call it konfusing as in “k is konfusing” but it’s a
great experience. Ketamine is an NMDA antagonist, which makes it different from other drugs. PCP (Angel’s Dust) and DXM are two other drugs that belong to this exclusive group of NMDA antagonists.

NMDA antagonists are similar to psychedelic drugs (e.g. LSD, magic
mushrooms) in a sense, though purists would argue with this.
Practically, these are REAL mind-altering drugs with hallucinogenic
potential unlike methamphetamine or heroin which just changes the state
of mind e.g. accelerated thought processes in the former and
comfortable dopamine release in the latter.

It’s more similar to what a non drug user would think “drugs” are – ketamine and the likes are mind-altering drugs instead of mind-state change drugs.
Ketamine, like all NMDA antagonists has “plateaus” which gives
different experiences according to the dosage – a low dosage would give
CNS inebriating effects while a large dose will give full blown
hallucinations and profound out of body experiences.

ketamine snort

The amount of ketamine I snorted (2 grams of relatively pure
ketamine crystals) was sufficient to bring me into a k-hole, a term
ketamine users use to describe an intense trip characteristic of
ketamine. It’s an amazing mind altering experience where sense of time,
temporal space, and all other “reality grips” are TOTALLY lost.

Ketamine Trip Report:

One recurring “trip theme” I have when I take large doses on ketamine is existentialism or more accurately, human consciousness.
I insufflated about 2 grams of ketamine and I found myself in a
profoundly altered state – everything slows down and familiar shapes
become unfamiliar. I could not talk or move much – I tried standing up,
and promptly sat down again.

The thought processes goes into a completely unfamiliar loop which
can be frightening for first time ketamine users (or those who haven’t
experienced a k-hole). The vision starts to become tunnel-like, walls
and other textures flows and occasionally RGB colors gets infused into
the wall. Closed eye hallucinations are extremely strong and hard to
ignore, as is open eye hallucinations at this point.

I felt like a long, long time has past and I started thinking about
the meaning of life, and one recurring theme is that someone (a divine
being) starts to reveal the secrets of the universe to me – that
“reality”, as we know it, DOES NOT EXIST and even I
(as a person, and my consciousness) does not exist and ketamine is the
substance that “broke me free” from the illusion of “reality” (or life)
as we know it.

I start to see the world as it really was – that we’re just an
insignificant part of a larger life form (divine being?) e.g. I am just
one of the stomach elements in a large being and my job is just to push
the food as it comes through to the next “person” (which is the next
stomach segment) and that’s all I do (reflecting the world’s monotonous
work life).

I can aspire to “break free” of my current “existence” while I’m
tripping on ketamine (always in the same ketamine trip theme) by sheer
force of will. I can go through a scary, hair-raising “transformation”
into one of the Superior Beings (where existence as we know it is only a part of their bodily function) and become a deity, a God, if you will.

The scariest part about this “transformation” (and I always opt to
do it) is that I will have to die in this life in order to make the
leap to become a Superior Being. I start thinking (vaguely) about my
life, my loved ones, and overcome the feelings of fear of death
(I would have no qualms taking my own life at this point, and I
frequently think about doing that if it can expedite my transformation
into the “real world” if I end my life in our current reality

…and there is always a repetitive ringing, reverberating sound as
I make my “transformation” to break free from “reality” as we know it
and I start to become one deity in a great chain of deities and my
transformation will continue for all eternity by aspiring to become a
Greater Deity (either by going through a scary out of body, death-like
extreme ketamine trip) or some other greater methods in that spiritual

There’s a vivid sense of “spiralling” into this new world and I do
not “exist” in this realm, as in I do NOT have a physical body, but my
consciousness is there, and everything that exists in this realm i.e.
“the real world” is just spritual beings and I am one of them and I can
communicate with the others, not through words, but some form of
telepathy. I have a “world” that’s mine, a space where only I exist and
I can see the other lower “worlds” (or realms) and even the higher ones.

I usually can just see the next higher realm above me in great
detail (the even higher realms after that are fuzzy) and that’s where I
will travel. I am able to occasionally “float up” from my current realm
and look from a God-like perspective into the other realms. I glimpse
through the “worlds” (it’s all in a long, long chain) and I see that
the “realm chain” is eternal – it’s infinate.

It’s a long way to go after “breaking free” in this world and
joining the enlightened spiritual realm and the neverending trip to
work my way up to become greater and greater deities and I am exposed
to great vistas and wonders that are never available in this world
though hallucinations (the hallucinations on ketamine are vivid, you
actually experience it in every sense – tactile, sound, sight) in each
transformation I go through in the process to reach Nirvana.

It’s a long journey, and it’s a scary one, but I do it every time.

…and then the trip ends. Ketamine lasts 1-2 hours in the intense
k-hole trip and then tapers off to sobriety at about the 4 hour point.

It’s a great drug. I love ketamine – every trip is always
enlightening. It’s very intense and can be scary during the k-hole, but
if you overcome your fear of death, it will be a great teacher to you.

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