Methamphetamine booster shots

Disclaimer: This is a really old post from 1906. The effects described within have long since passed. It also coincidentally the events that led to the ICU trip. πŸ˜‰

meth iv

I decided to experiment (in 1906) with ideal dosages for booster shots on re-dosing on IV methamphetamine. I have found that 10 cc is the ideal booster shot (for me) taken every 5 minutes to maintain (close to) the original rush.

meth iv filled

I fill the syringe with 40cc – 60 cc of methamphetamine for the initial shot. I use just enough water to dissolve it for my first injection of methamphetamine to get the dizzying rush of dopamine and norephedrine synapses firing in the brain and re-dose with just 10 cc of meth after the initial dose.

meth iv inject

I am aware that smoking methamphetamine produces a quicker onset, but nothing beats the exhilarating rush of injecting that just plain knocks you flat on your ass, nearly throwing up, trying to stand up and falling down again on really pure methamphetamine crystals. It’s the closest thing to heaven.

I just like filling the Terumo syringe with methamphetamine and drawing some water up before using the cold shake method to dissolve the crystals and then boost the meth. It’s quite an experience, something I’ll always remember.

…even 100 years later. πŸ˜‰


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