Boo hoo hoo

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South Korea lost 1-0 to Germ Many. I was hoping they will reach the finals…that would have
been great! I was screaming at them to PULL AN ITALY [] and JUST
GET A SHOT IN during the last 5 minutes, but the Germany defense was too solid at that point.
Michael Ballack got a yellow card BEFORE he shot that killer goal in, and considering he’s going
to miss the finals due to that card, I was hoping he’ll be bummed but he still managed to get a
goal in!!!!!!!!! Arrrggggggghhhhhhh… But at least Michael Ballack and Oliver
Jens Jeremies []
won’t be playing in the finals [Edit: I’ve been told that Jeremies will NOT miss the finals
and there was only one yellow card dealt to the Germans. I must be getting Referee-itis
(selective blindness) coz I could have sworn I saw two German players carded
]. Hmph. Good
game Korea, go and eat those Senegal motherfuckers alive in the 3rd place playoffs [Edit: I’m
really blur…that should read “eat those TURKEY motherfuckers alive”

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