I went out with my ex classmates (plus one FOAF []) tonight. Picked up
Johnny, Justina and Daniel and headed to Wisma Sanyan to meet with Yi Ching and Jonas (I
think…didn’t hear your name clearly). Yi Ching wanted to get a new cellphone and Daniel wanted
to get some CDRs. I went to the camera shop to ask about the availability of a 36.5 mm UV filter
for my digicam. If you’re a photography nut, you’ll know that is a not a standard lens thread
size. As far as I know, only Crystal Optics produce 36.5 mm filters and that shop didn’t carry
it. I might have to use a step up adapter to 37 mm or a step down one to 28 mm. We’ll see.
Anyway, we headed down to Bandung after that because Johnny hasn’t had dinner yet and was
hungry. Too bad he had to share the kampua goreng with 3 other people. Heh. Anyway, Bandung has
become a shell of it’s former self. It’s pretty empty now, it used to be the only late night
outdoor food court, but now there is the more popular Taman Selera and also the Pedada one. I
asked someone to take a photo of us and she nearly dropped my digicam (!) and was pointing the
lens at herself at one point. Here’s how that one turned out.

Busting out my chopstickz skillz and holding a whole lime.

From left: Huai Bin, Daniel, Johnny, Justina,Yi Ching, Jonas (?)

(Click for a larger image)

After supper, we went to Pintu Gerbang (Pintu = door and Gerbang = arch) to take some pictures.
There are always people racing those mini remote controlled cars there, but there was only a couple
doing it today. At weekend nights, there could be as many as 40 people there. I noticed that there
are quite a few new structures in Sibu nowadays. This one is in front of the old Sugarbun and
opposite the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic church.

Sitting: Jonas (?), Johnny, Daniel, Huai Bin (from left)

Standing: Yi Ching, Justina (from left)

(Click for a larger image)

It’s good to meet up with Yi Ching and Justina, which I haven’t seen in a long time. We were
from the same class in high school. We actually considered going to Methodist to take some photos
there but finally decided it would be too troublesome to have to wake up Mr. Yeo to open the gates.

From left: Justina, Yi Ching.

(Click for a larger image)

Mail me if anyone wants higher resolution, un-watermarked

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