World Cup Finals @ Town Square

I went to the town square with a couple of my friends last night to catch
the World Cup finals. There is a big screen there, and the ambience would
be better too. I’m glad Brazil won, I like Ronaldinho coz I feel sorry for
him. Heh. For one thing, he’s always overshadowed by his higher profile
teammate Ronaldo and also he never complains during substitutions. When he
was red carded during the England match, he did not argue with the referee
even though that decision was very dubious. He seems like a good natured
person. I hear he can do it 8 times in a night too. =D

Anyway, I finally paid my summons today. Strange thing is, you don’t need
to produce an IC or driver’s license when you pay the summons. You are
supposed to fill in the detachable slip and just pay the fine. Thus,
theoretically, it’s possible to fill in some other person’s particulars
and he gets the demerit points instead of you. Doesn’t seem like a good
system to me.

What is a Germ Bra?

Not surprisingly, Brazil won 1-0 against Turkey
[] in this match. I hear the Asian Handicap betting odds for this match is a one
goal advantage to Turkey, so that means no one is hauling home any cash tonight. Of course that
means no one is winning any money as well, so it all works out. A very remarkable game was
played by Brazil, with the winning goal made by Ronaldo. The Hasan Sas antics towards the end of
the match displays very poor sportsmanship though. I think he was pissed coz he alleged one of
the Brazilians pushed him, but the referee didn’t do anything. As the Brazilian took the corner,
Sas tackled him in a way that makes it seem like he was out to get the player instead of the
ball. Naughty, but understandable. Must be pretty frustrating to lose in the semis. I’m looking
forward to the Germ Bra final. Or is it Bra Germ?

On another note, I finally had one of those Spicy McChicken Delight burgers today. It’s okay,
tastes like a Zinger. The McDonald’s fries here sucks compared to Aussie McDonald’s fries

Boo hoo hoo

Link: Boo hoo hoo

South Korea lost 1-0 to Germ Many. I was hoping they will reach the finals…that would have
been great! I was screaming at them to PULL AN ITALY [] and JUST
GET A SHOT IN during the last 5 minutes, but the Germany defense was too solid at that point.
Michael Ballack got a yellow card BEFORE he shot that killer goal in, and considering he’s going
to miss the finals due to that card, I was hoping he’ll be bummed but he still managed to get a
goal in!!!!!!!!! Arrrggggggghhhhhhh… But at least Michael Ballack and Oliver
Jens Jeremies []
won’t be playing in the finals [Edit: I’ve been told that Jeremies will NOT miss the finals
and there was only one yellow card dealt to the Germans. I must be getting Referee-itis
(selective blindness) coz I could have sworn I saw two German players carded
]. Hmph. Good
game Korea, go and eat those Senegal motherfuckers alive in the 3rd place playoffs [Edit: I’m
really blur…that should read “eat those TURKEY motherfuckers alive”

Go Korea!

Another wonderful match
[] by South Korea today. They managed to hold off the Spanish Inquisition and
win 5-3 on penalties. w00t! I’m looking forward to watching them play Germany, and with a bit of
luck, they just might meet Brazil in the finals. There was several nail biting moments, when the
ball just deflected off the goal posts (my heart nearly stopped), but good thing they won in the
end. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t very confident in Lee Woon-Jae’s abilities as a goal
keeper, but he managed to block one of the penalty attempts, and that’s good enough for me.


Both of the teams I was supporting lost today. What a pity. I wanted England [] and the
United States [] to win. I
was hoping for the final to be USA vs Korea with Korea winning on a penalty shootout. Heh. I
feel sorry for David Seaman, it’s got to be his last World Cup appearance so I was rooting for
England to get through this match. He did a spectacular save and hurt himself in the process,
but too bad he didn’t see the Ronaldinho goal coming. Oh well…it would have been great if they
had won the match, at least he would have gone out having won against Brazil in the World Cup.
Nevertheless, I’ll be rooting for South Korea and Senegal tomorrow.

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