Air Asia Snack Attack menu review

snack attack intro

Snack Attack is the Air Asia on-board outsourced cuisine (if you can call airline food cuisine). I have tried the Snack Attack Chicken Congee
[] before and it seems that they switch their menu items
once in a while and that one didn’t quite make the cut coz I didn’t see
it on the menu this time. This was on the trip to KL, I had wanted to
review the Snack Attack menu for ages.

snack attack attack

I had not eaten for a full 52 hours (I counted, statistical variance
of +- 30 minutes) in preparation for an all out attempt to tackle the
Air Asia’s prohibitively priced, bland tasting but yet strangely
attractive on-board offerings. This budget airline sells food and
merchandize on board, much like some US carriers do. Malaysian Airlines
provides food for free.

Snack Attack drinking water (RM 3)

snack attack drinking water

I first attempted to hydrate myself with their Snack Attack reverse
osmosis water, “exclusively for Air Asia”. It tastes like water. Hey,
what did you expect? πŸ˜‰

Snack Attack Malay sandwich (RM 6)

snack attack malay sandwich pack

The Snack Attack menu of sandwiches consists of 3 types of
sandwiches in 3 different categories – Western, Asian, and Malay. There
are three subgroups under the Malay sandwich banner, namely, Sambal
Anchovies, Chicken Satay, and Vegetarian Samosa. I went for the last
one. It comes wrapped in a square sandwich box.

snack attack malay sandwich

Here’s Vegetarian Samosa sandwich in all its…er, glory. It’s cut
in three horizontal strips but didn’t taste all that bad. Or maybe it
was coz I was hungry.

Snack Attack Nasi Lemak (RM 7)

snack attack nasi lemak

This is the nasi lemak (the only substantially filling item on the
menu) from Snack Attack. It has no logo, just a barebones classic foil
container which retains heat.

snack attack nasi lemak open

It tasted as sad as it looks. Oh well, at least the plastic spoon and fork didn’t break on me…I count my blessings. πŸ˜‰

Snack Attack SnackPack (RM 8)

snack attack snack pack

The Snack Attack menu describes this box of goodies with the tagline
– “Want a little of everything? How about our SnackPack with a tasty
savory, Cadbury chocolate and beverage. We’ve even thrown in a FREE
Snack Attack Pen!”

snack attack snackpack

There’s a RM 0.70 cent Gardenia Spicy Bilis Fun in a Bun, an RM 1.40
Cadbury Break chocolate bar and a pack of RM 0.80 justea. Move along
now, nothing to see here…

snack attack pen

Here’s the free Snack Attack pen, which I promptly misplaced.

Snack Attack Mango Juice (RM 3)

snack attack mango juice

I had to wash all that down with a bottle of mango juice…which tasted like generic mango concentrate diluted with water.

snack attack airlines

I’ll never fly S&M Airlines again…

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