Anbara / Anbarah king dates – the most expensive variety

anbara king dates

There are a lot of dates in the market now since it’s the fasting
month. I saw the now ubiquitous date displays at 1 Utama and something
caught my attention…

anbara dates king

RM 13.90 for five dates in a container! That’s about RM 3 dollars
per date! It’s a ludicrous sounding price, since most dates aren’t so

anbara dates container

I couldn’t resist from getting some though. I just had to taste these expensive dates, just to see what’s so special about it.

anbara dates 5

I learned that Anbara (also spelled Anbarah) dates hails from Saudi Arabia and is the most expensive premium dates around.

anbara dates coin

These are very large dates, as you can see – here’s a 20 cent coin
on top of it for a better perspective. It well deserves the title of
king dates indeed. I haven’t seen larger dates around.

anbara dates inside

It tastes really good too, high sugar content, with very generous
flesh. There isn’t much of a seed to speak of, which is good. Fleshy,
sugar packed dates, full of protein.

Anbara dates. i’m lovin’ it.

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