Arnott’s Kahlua Slice chocolate biscuits

arnotts kahlua slice

This is the chocolate biscuits that caused a bit of controversy when
it came out. Arnott’s came out with a line of liquor biscuits, the most
popular one being the Kahlua Slice. I just found it
today and realized from the various artefacts that my sister came back
from Christchurch, NZ for a holiday. I just missed her by a couple of
days, she was only here for a while, it’s hard to get leaves in her
line of work (she’s a doctor attached to a hospital).

arnotts kahlua slice liqueur

Well, she brought back these Arnott’s Kahlua Slice chocolate
biscuits made with pure coffee liquor that I’ve heard so much about.
It’s available in New Zealand, though these are made in Australia. The
package blurb goes “Why is your Kahlua Slice moment so special? It’s
because at Arnott’s we make our own real chocolate. We source the
finest cocoa ingredients from around the world and blend with natural
milk products from Australian pastures.”

arnotts kahlua slices

It looks like a standard Arnott’s product…

arnotts kahlua slices biscuits

…but it really tastes like Kahlua! Arnotts licenced the coffee
liqueur Kahlua to make Kahlua Slice. It’s great! The synergy of flavors
goes very well – this product just might be the one to ursurp Tim Tams
as the Arnott’s golden goose.

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