Restaurant Mmm Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh

myy bak kut teh

This has got to be the most hilariously named eating establishment ever. It’s called Mmm Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh
and is from the original Klang restaurant. This is the one in 1 Utama.
This place specializes in Bak Kut Teh, a potpourri of pork cooked in
variety of spices and herbs. It’s usually translated as pork rib tea.

myy interior old

It feels like stepping back in time, into ancient China while
walking into the interior. The decors, the seating arrangements, the
lanterns…everything in Mmm…Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh (cracks me up every
time) seems to preserve an aura of the old mainland dynasty elements.

myy har kau

I’ve always liked har kow so I ordered a dim sum platter of it. This establishment serves dim sum as well.

myy har kau prawn

The har kow is good, with a huge prawn inside, but the wrapping is a little too fragile…

myy radish cake

This is raddish cake, a savory appetizer.

myy bkt claypot

Going to the main – this is the claypot bak kut teh, the flagship
dish of this restaurant. It’s good bak kut teh. The small version for
1-2 person(s) goes for RM 18.

myy bkt claypot inside

Here’s a look inside – this is the mixed variety, a “combo” if you
will, containing not only pork spare ribs, but other offal from the
animal called pig.

myy bkt sauces

It comes with a choice of two sauces – either chilli or garlic. I like garlic with Bak kut teh.

myy you cakoi

Bak kut teh is usually complemented with you char kueh (or you cakoi as it states in the menu). It’s RM 3 for a serving.

myy rice

Rice goes for RM 1.20 per bowl. It’s for small appetites, but the
rice is very fragrant, the fried onions on top complement the rice

myy veggies

Add in a serving of vegetables (RM 8) and there’s a complete meal for you.

myy value bkt

There’s another option which is more economical – the Executive
Lunch Set which comprises of Bak Kut Teh, You Cakoi, Rice and Tea for
just RM 9.90. However, the portion is much smaller, as you can see in
the picture above. It’s only slightly larger than the rice bowl.

myy value rice

The rice is the same as the normal variety, but the you char kueh is
served on the side of the bowl. Nevertheless, it’s good value since it
comes with a bit of everything in the set. This place serves really
good bak kut teh and rice. It really deserves the title of Mmm Yum Yum
Bak Kut Teh! (or maybe I just wanted to use that phrase again ;))

myy dessert balls

Of course, the perfect thing to end the meal would be a classic old
skool dessert of hot glutinous rice balls filled with black sesame,
swimming in a clear bowl of sweet syrup…

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