KLIA Ramadhan Fest 2004

klia fest 2004

There’s a Ramadhan Fest organized by Eraman (not Erimin ;)) at KLIA yesterday. There’s some people doing nasyid performances on-stage as well as many vendors selling everything from dates…

klia sisha

…to shisha/hookah pipes (!) complete with the tobacco mix and
charcoal. I saw a variety of fruit mixes and charcoal and intricately
designed pipes on sale. It was retailing for RM 159 for each pipe,
which I reckon is a nice price. I would have bought one if it wasn’t
for that 19/10 incident. :p

air asia leather

…and here’s the Air Asia newly equipped leather seats that they’ve
been advertising for quite some time. Not bad for a budget airline. I
booked the tickets to KL a month ago as a surprise for my gf’s
birthday. I just arrived in Kuching late last night. I will post the
birthday post up during lunch break – I have a backlog of things to do
due to the unpaid leave I took yesterday.

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