Behold, I draw again


This is what I always drew in high school when our art teacher said “bebas” during art class. Bebas
= free, which indicates the topic of the day was to draw anything you
want. As you can see, I’m not very gifted in the arts, so inevitably,
I’ll hand up this picture. It was always drawn this way too, a house, a
sun in the top right hand corner, a pond with a duck inside (complete
with lines depicting the movement of the duck), a tree on the left side
of the house and several clumps of grass at the bottom left hand corner
to fill up the blank space. It feels good to render my favorite piece
of art once more. πŸ™‚



I just received a letter from The International Library of Photography
[] today. I had submitted a photo a couple of months ago
after being told about this contest by Daniel (I owe you dinner buddy).
Well, what do you know, they told me they’re going to publish my photo
in their upcoming anthology “Forever in a Moment” and they’ve
automatically entered me into the semi-finalists of the People category
in the International Open Amateur Photography Contest.

Unfortunately, I still have to buy the book (well I don’t have to, my photo will be included into the book regardless of whether I buy it or not, but I’ll want
to), albeit at the “contributor’s special pre-publication price” which
is still US $69.95. Apparently the regular price is US $89.95. It’s one
of those coffee table books, thus the price. It’s still very pricey
though, I’ve personally never paid A$140 or RM 265.81 for a
non-academic book before. I guess there is a first time for everything.

Oh well, at least they said “your photograph was selected for
publication because of its unique perspective and your artistic vision”.

Yes, I am easy to please. =D

Behold! I draw


I just came back from watching a 10:45 pm movie at Star Cineplex.
Before that I had pork liver noodles. Mmm… I neglected to bring along
my digicam so here’s a sketch I drew in Microsoft Paint depicting the
pork liver noodle scene. Items in the sketch are: table, chopsticks,
bowl of pork liver soup, plate of noodles, me, and a drink (kopi peng)
with straw. Please say that the sketch is nice or I’ll be sad and cry.

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