Kimarie @ Sungai Wang


Meet my hairstylist – MC (initials of her name) of Kimarie Hair Academy at Sungei Wang (she has Tuesdays off).

I finally got a haircut yesterday after putting it off for weeks. I
went to Sungei Wang and looked around and found that RM 25 seems to be
the base price for haircuts around there. I went into Kimarie and asked
how much it costs and was told it’s RM 25 by a hairstylist and RM 48 by
a professional. I said I’ll go for the hair stylist, seeing as to how
my bank balance is dismally low and how I have to pay excess bandwidth
fees every month, and I was not disappointed. ;)


Getting my hair cut.


This is a closeup of MC. It’s taken from the mirror reflection
(obviously – haircuts limits your mobility) so the quality isn’t


What my non selekeh hair looks like now.

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