The Dandy

the dandy comic

I was browsing through a bookshop with a couple of friends when I
chanced upon this comic – The Dandy! I remember reading this in the
Sibu Public Library when I was in primary school. I instantly
recognized the familiar Desperate Dan character from the cover. He’s my
favorite character in The Dandy.

yugioh stickerpop

I remember The Dandy used to be much thicker. It’s just a couple of
pages now. I haven’t read this for more than a decade and decided to
pick one up, just for nostalgia’s sake. It has a Yu-Gi-Oh StickerPop
free with the issue and I misread the date of publication for 17th
January 2003 and wanted to see if it was still edible after more than a
year. Yeah, I like doing things like this. :p

It was actually the 17th January 2004 issue…I only noticed that
when I took the photo just now. Oh well, it would be fun to read
anyway. This comic (graphic novel, it’s not) retails for RM 5.50. One
thing I noticed about comics is the level of detail each frame has,
unlike the spartan manga drawings. You see details that you haven’t
noticed before with each re-read.

dandy yugioh stickerpop

Anyway, the StickerPop is definitely edible and it came with this
sticker of some Yu-Gi-Oh character. I guess that’s why they call it a
StickerPop. I love this strip with Desperate Dan eating his trademark
cow pies (the pies has horns and a tail sticking out of it) that his
overworked aunt churns out:

desperate dan

One of the simple pleasures in life – eating the Tutti Frutti Flavor
Yu-Gi-Oh! StickerPop (with chewy candy center) while reading The Dandy.
Sweet nostalgia.

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