Shirley Wong

shirley wong sibu

This is Shirley, who has an interesting relationship to me. She is:

my good friend’s cousin
the niece of one of my company’s management
the daughter of one of our clients (which of course I’m not at liberty to name)

She’s a nice girl and she has a really cute little sister who’s
about 2 or 3 years old and a younger brother which is probably 9 or 10.
I was apprehensive about putting up her photo due to the complex nature
of the relationship at first.

shirley wong me full
This is the full frame grab. We weren’t ready coz the speedlight takes several seconds to go off.

shirley wong me streets
This is the default attitude you see in Sibu while out and about.

I took a photo with her and she asked me to wait and she got her own
camera and wanted to take a photo with me as well. I told her about the
blog and asked her twice if she would mind me posting our picture up
and she said she didn’t mind at all. Thus, I have exercised due
diligence in this matter. ;)

shirley wong me smile
…and this is the last one which is a little blurry. The photos were all taken by her younger brother.

I think I’ll file this under People instead of that other category. ;)

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