kapitans club

The Kapitan’s Club is a restaurant that is set to look like the
heydays of old world Malaya. I’ve been intrigued by the interior decor
ever since I saw it, but never did get around to eating there until

kapitan decor

This outlet is located in Pusat Bandar Damansara. I went with my
girlfriend during my last day in KL. It has a nice (really) old Chinese
coffee shop ambience to it.

kapitan chairs

The tables and chairs are the old skool type you’ll expect to find
in some obscure coffee shop in a small town that time left behind.

kapitan regal

There’s even a huge portrait of a regal looking woman covering one of the walls.

kapitan coffee

I went for the freshly brewed coffee (RM 4.50). It’s good coffee, strong and served piping hot with milk and sugar.

kapitan nasi lemak

This is Nasi Lemak with Kapitan Chicken (RM 10.50), which we both
had. It’s served with acar, sambal ikan bilis, and coconut flavored
rice with Kapitan Chicken. Kapitan Chicken is their flagship dish that
is described as a delicious curry cooked with at least 20 different
spices. It was good.

I think the primary attraction of this place is not its food (which isn’t anything to write home about), but it’s ambience…

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