Colgate Propolis toothpaste

colgate propolis

Colgate just came out with a new line of toothpaste called Colgate Propolis.
The packaging comes with imagery of bees and pollen. Propolis is the
term used to describe “bees wax” – the resin building block used by
bees to reinforce their distinctive comb textured hives.

colgate propolis tube

The tube that comes out of the Colgate Propolis toothpaste box looks
like regular Colgate, except with the new Propolis ingredients. The
toothpaste is promoted as a golden gel and it doesn’t come with any
literature suggesting benefits to the teeth and gums (if any).

colgate propolis toothpaste

The Colgate Propolis toothpaste is actually a golden gel colored
substance! It doesn’t foam much when used to brush the teeth and it
leaves a distinctive honey like aftertaste, which I found weird in the
beginning, but it kinda grows on you, really…

It’s a change from my regular toothpaste anyway. ;)

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  2. propolis is not bees wax. It is actually a completely different substance. Bees use it as glue, instead of building material. it is different also in terms of it’s high antibacterial and disinfectant properties.

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