Okra (Lady's Fingers) chips – very unusual whole okra vegetable snack


Okra (commonly known here as Lady’s Fingers)
is a long green vegetable, much like chillies, except it’s green and
it’s not spicy. I noticed fresh (as in structural integrity) whole
vegetable snacks made in Taiwan on the shelves of the supermarket and
it caught my attention due to the unusual natural configuration of the
vegetable snacks.

okra chips container

The freeze dried okra snacks retails for RM 5.95 and comes in a
see-through plastic container which reveals the complete structure of
the lady’s fingers – the okra is preserved well, with the stem on top
tapering down to the vegetable proper.

okra chips fresh

The interesting thing about these okra chips from
Taiwan is that it’s made from fresh okra. The range of products from
this manufacturer runs the whole gamut of the vegetable and tuber
family – all with the original structural integrity present.

okra chips lid

There is a green colored lid (the different vegetables are color
coded for your convenience) which opens up to reveal a standard pull-up

okra chips whole

Here’s a close up of the okra “chips” – the lady’s fingers has been
preserved nicely, and all the okra is naturally green and whole (I
still can’t get over that). I ate one of them and the crispiness of the
okra is very pronounced. It tastes like the real vegetable and it comes
with seeds and all still intact.

okra chips seeds

This is what the inside okra chips looks like – it looks like the real thing, with the seeds and all…heck, it is the real thing!

The wonders of modern food processing…


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