Japanese Buffet @ Cafe Majestic, Crown Plaza

jbuf crown plaza

Crown Plaza has a Japanese BBQ Buffet
at the resident Cafe Majestic every Saturday from 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm.
It is a long running promotion with a sushi and sashimi bar, a Japanese
food buffet spread and desserts inspired by The Empire of the Rising

jbuf japanese buffet

The promotional literature goes “Indulge in a seemingly infinite
supply of sushi, an array of salads, and a host of delightful hot
dishes including barbecue favorites to a variety of tempting
international desserts and authentic Japanese beverages.”

jbuf cherie

I went for the Japanese buffet at 9:30 pm with Cherie and started
filling our plates (an hour before the buffet ends). Irene joined us
soon after that and I think she was surprised at our healthy appetites.

jbuf sushi bar

The first stop was the sushi / sashimi bar which also serves
California Rolls and maki. There were also fresh salmon, tuna and
octopus to be made into sashimi.

jbuf sashimi chef

The sashimi chef did some slicing and dicing and we got a rather large platter of sashimi (raw fresh seafood).

jbuf scotty

Make us some sushi, Scotty!

jbuf cali rolls

…and while you’re at it, do California Rolls as well.

jbuf sashimi

This is our platter of sashimi which I thought was worth the RM 55++ per person buffet admission price by itself.

jbuf ebiko

Cherie is a big fan of ebiko – the stuff is fun to eat while *cough* as I’ve come to realize. It kinda pops in your mouth.

jbuf prawns

She also puts prawns and rolls them in ebiko, and that is equally
fun to eat. It becomes an explosion of prawn, sweet mayonnaise and
ebiko crunching…very interesting texture.

jbuf buffet

There was a lot of other stuff in the buffet table (which is
separate from the sushi bar) – off the top of my head, there were
Chawan Mushi, Kani Karage (fried soft crab – pictured above), gyoza,
tempura, udon noodles, miso soup (obviously) and cha soba served in
small, individual bowls.

jbuf massacre

It was a massacre! I think we took more than we were able to eat. ;)

jbuf itadakimasu


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