Mr Aaron Ting & Ms Jenny Chong Buffet Dinner and Wedding Reception @ Riviera Lounge, Kingwood

riviera lounge wedding

Aaron Ting and Jenny Chong had a wedding reception on the 1st of February, 2006 at the Rivera Lounge
in Kingwood Hotel, Sibu. I thought it was a rather unique place to hold
a private party for friends since at our age, the emphasis shifts from
the traditional Chinese dinners to more relevant receptions for our age
group since most people drink.

riviera lounge interior

The entire Riviera Lounge was booked by the newlyweds for their
wedding reception, so we had the entire place to ourselves. I know both
the bride and groom since Jenny Chong is my classmate and Aaron Ting is
the brother of another one of my classmates – Ita Ting.

riviera lounge bar

Riviera Lounge has a full bar and it was open for the night so free
flow beer, champagne and other drinks were available for the guests. I
went with a couple of friends and it seems like everyone knows everyone
in there coz we’re all classmates or friends. It’s great to catch up
with all my ex-classmates and exchange contacts since we’re all working

riviera lounge buffet

The wedding reception also includes a buffet dinner which has soup,
mix-your-own salads, desserts, finger food and, of course, the main
course buffet fare. I loved the fish…I wonder how they managed to
debone the thing and serve it in fillets while still retaining the
taste of a classic steamed fish served in Chinese restaurants.

riviera lounge video

Download: Riviera Lounge wedding reception video []

riviera lounge aaron jenny

This is a photo of the couple – Mr. Aaron Ting and Ms. Jenny Chong.
Aaron is working in KL and he’s a reader of as well,
which I didn’t expect and Jenny is doing her Masters in very
interesting field. ;)

riviera lounge group photo

Here’s one of the many group photos taken throughout the night – I met with a lot of ex-classmates that I haven’t seen in ages!
L-R: Liza, Collena, Jenny (the bride) and Huai Bin
(me). Chiew Yieng was there as well, she’s currently in Shanghai, me
and her go way back – we used to swim in her pool at 2 am in the
morning when we were in Form Five. Heh! Memories…

riviera lounge ita ting

This is me and Ita Ting (the younger sister of Aaron Ting). She’s
been my classmate ever since Form One and she’s a tennis player,
represented our school and division (state?). She’s really good in

riviera lounge couple of the night

Here’s another photo of the couple of the night – Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Ting. Best wishes from all of us, and enjoy the honeymoon!

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