Inaba Light Tuna Flake

inaba tuna flake

Inaba Light Tuna Flake is a white tuna flake blend
from Japan. It retails for RM 5.90 and comes in a nice rounded flat can
containing 85 grams of tuna in a “non-oil blend”. I got it in KL and
meant for it to be a snack but didn’t actually get around to eating it,
and it somehow ended up together with my PS2. *shrugs*

inaba tuna flake can

I saw the bright red and white can when I was leaving for work just
now and brought it to the office for…breakfast! I like the nice clean
kanji writing (or is that hiragana?) and the shiny tin. I apologize for
the lack of eloquence in this post as I didn’t sleep at all last night.

inaba tuna flake front

Inaba Light Tuna Flake has an easy to open flip up mechanism that
does away with any need for can openers or other inconveniences along
the same vein. ;)

inaba tuna flake open

The can opens up to reveal white tune flakes in brine (that’s the
“non-oil blend” they were referring to). There are some nice large
chunks of tuna in Ibana Light Tuna Flake too.

inaba tuna flake fork

It’s a good thing there are plastic forks in the office (refer to
above comment about doing away with inconveniences) so I ate it
straight from the can.

Ibaba Light Tuna Flake tastes good. It’s not too salty from the brine and the tuna taste is well retained for a canned item.

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