Sidewalk Cafe review


Sidewalk is an eating establishment located at the BDC / Green Heights area which is similar in concept to Oregano [], the other eating establishment it is frequently compared to.

sidewalk exterior

Sidewalk Café has a large al fresco dining area with a seating capacity of 40 diners as well as a small interior which seats 10 people.

sidewalk ambience

The décor at Sidewalk Café is charming and the ambience given off is very much one of warmth.

sidewalk open kitchen

Sidewalk also subscribes to the open kitchen school of thought…

sidewalk bar

…and has a fully stocked bar to boot.

sidewalk special

This is the SideWalk Special (RM 5.80) which I ordered.

sidewalk greenheight

I also had a Green Heights Breeze (RM 5.80) which are two of the flagship drinks.

sidewalk lamb leg provencal

Grilled Lamb Leg Provencal (RM 19.80) with tomato herb sauce.

sidewalk lamb leg provencal flash

My dining companion had this one, and I had a few bites. It tastes great!

sidewalk codfish

Pan-fried Cod Fish (RM 32.80).

sidewalk codfish flash

I went for the “pan fried cod fish with tomato caulis, apple balsamic, and basil oil infuse”. It was alright.

Sidewalk Café is a cozy eating establishment. It comes highly recommended from me.

P/S – This is the 100th food review post.

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