What is wrong with this picture?

cuff links

This is me. Eating an apple at the Boulevard Hotel studio suite this morning. It sounds like a mundane (understatement of the year) post, which it is, but I’m trying to make it sound interesting. There really is a discrepancy in the picture above…

eating apple

Check out my new cuff links. ;)

Hint: YouTube is the place to be.

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70 thoughts on “What is wrong with this picture?”

  1. Are you saying I am not real? Stop ripping bloggers. I wrote to HB email so I am real. Would you like to contact me? Schizo should’nt be use to put down people. Guese you don’t have much manners. Your Mommy did not teach you well.

  2. Dude,
    I’m joining in. Since when Capping back? SCHiZO is way out of IT! Are you some KID? This blog is for GROWN UP. You aint the one You Son Of A GUN! Grew UP GREW UP

  3. Dude,
    I’m joining in. Since when Capping back? SCHiZO is way out of IT! Are you some KID? This blog is for GROWN UP. You aint the one You Son Of A GUN! Grow UP GROW UP

  4. Vince, Readed what you wrote and as another blogger it very uncall for. But you made HB blog more a hit. Instead of causing trouble let those bloggers enjoy it. If you’re not happy of it log off and never again.

  5. Hb, What is needed is manliner and black outfit. It cool fashion with the studds. Seen other blogs but your the coolest keep it up.

  6. cynthia: Cheers Cynthia! :)
    I think it’s getting infected though, some of the sites hurt a little now…
    Kaixiang Chin: I did it in KL. This is not the tattoo place, this is the studio suite I stayed in – Boulevard Hotel in Midvalley.
    Vickie: Interesting! Very deep thoughts indeed. Perhaps too deep for a Monday. :)
    Thomas: Hey, that’s a very nice interpretation. :)
    KY: Can. Wait six months for it to heal first. ;)
    Jason: The forbidden fruit, I see it. :)
    e: Hmm…I’ll give it a shock, I mean, shot. ;)
    No problem.
    Amy: Yeah, and now I’m all stressed out again. Work. Life. Relationships. Career. Money.
    Nick: Thanks for the kind comments, buddy!
    Michale: …to not give up. I need to remember that always. Thanks!
    Sean: Very true, my friend…
    yienyien: Go watch the YouTube video. :)
    Wuching: Part-cyborg. ;)
    Vincent: I just wanted to indirectly show the new flesh staplings I got. :)
    Chad: Yeah, this one was special coz it’s the first time I’ve done flesh implants and stapling.
    Matt: Cheers! Appreciate the support, my friend.
    Skwermy: Nope, I think proper planning would leave enough skin real estate for piercings and tattoos. Next one for me is a corpse hand on my left calf. Symbolize someone always pulling me down. :)
    Jena: Yeah, most of my face was pierced but I only leave the non-visible ones now. I have a tongue piercing, nipple piercings and three flesh staples, none visible at work due to my office attire. :)
    Ken: Thanks for the kind comments, mate! :)
    cheekybear: Haha! Well, it’s not exactly a stud, the implants go under the skin and above the muscle. It’s called flesh stapling. There’s a bar inside the skin and only one of the two studs can be unscrewed. These staples takes a long time to heal and have a high chance of rejection.
    Watch eh? I cringe at the though, coz it’s a little painful now that some sites are infected. :)
    janel: I’m not hurting myself, I just like piercings. :)
    essentric: Not very well unfortunately…I think it might be getting infected. At least the second flesh staple is okay, the first is definately going to get infected and I might have to take it out if it does in a couple of weeks. I hope the third will turn out okay but it’s not healing well. Oh well, at least I get to keep one, minimum. :)
    xin: I let you pull after six months okay? :)
    chefmel: It didn’t hurt during the procedure at all, but it hurts now coz it’s getting infected (first and third staple, second one is healing well). I don’t like dull pain, I like sharp pain.
    Thanks! :)
    Appreciate the kind comments Mel! :)
    xin: Well, unless you hit an artery, it shouldn’t bleed much. Hitting an artery is bad, and will most definately sprout blood due to the pressure. :)
    goolooloo: Wait six months can? It takes six months to heal. After that you can pull all you want. ;)
    meimei: Flesh stapling. Wanted to do something new. :)
    Simmy: Yeah, got it done in KL. I was the first one to do it – experiment for the piercing artist. :)
    Vince: Hmm…you know, I think they’re actually different people coz I’ve got emails from them. I gather they live together either in a house or uni residence. *shrugs*
    Katie: I know! :(
    It was his first time, I was the test subject. They didn’t offer flesh stapling or more hardcore piercings before and now they just got the jewelry in so I was the test subject. I’ve already knocked it and caught it in various fabrics (even my gf’s hair!) and the first and third staples are starting to get infected (bit of pus).
    The second one is healing okay though.
    Yeah, I should have gone to a more experienced piercer but there’s none in Malaysia. I have a feeling two of them is gonna get rejected.
    I’m interested in microdermals as well, the piercer has done it once before (!). I’m going to do that next, probably at the neck.
    Darren: KL at BB Plaza. Heh! :)
    Custom made one. ;)
    YingYang: Thanks. It didn’t hurt when it was done but it feels a bit sore now coz it’s getting infected.
    Cheesie: Oops…sorry. (TM) Cheesie. :)
    calvin: I like to explore new territory. ;)
    Vince: I’ve done my lip before too but can’t keep it coz I have to work in a conservative company. :)
    Will: Cheers mate! :)
    Simon: Your tongue ring? That would be very visible. Why don’t you use a regular stud during work days?
    Erica: Okay, got your email. Cheers! :)
    Tim: I dressed in all black on Saturday night. Coat and tie though. ;)
    aeroplane1234: Eh, don’t start giving me ideas. ;)
    I just might do it. Heh!
    Justine: Thanks for the kind comments! :)

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