I’ve been reading this book courtesy of Karen from work and it’s been helping me to uncomplicated my life. It’s Blink by Malcolm Galdwell and I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it already. It explores the first impressions we get when we sense something is “off” and I wish I had read it earlier and saved myself the trouble of going about it the traditional way.

Friend a.k.a. fiend: I have sliced you and found you wanting. Hypocrite. Backstabber. I think I’m much better than you coz at least I don’t talk shit behind your back.

Ex-girlfriend: I don’t think patching up is the solution coz the problem lies with me, not you. There is no saving the relationship, coz the greatest of the Four Horseman is the root of our problem. I’m sorry.

Taking advice from a book might not be the best decisions out there, and I’m sure many people (including my fiend) would have a lot to say about that but yeah, see if I care. You’re full of shit, and people smart enough to see that can slice you and see right through you.

Regular non-emo programming will resume after I eat dinner. ;)

Nicholas CNY Open House

nicholas cny spread

Nicholas had a CNY open house yesterday and we were treated to a sumptuous spread cooked by his dad. There were a lot of bloggers and Nuffies in attendance. I don’t really know my way to his house so I tailgated Chris. Chris is the best ever, not only did he haul me back home last year, he stopped after the toll when he realized (and I realized) I didn’t have a Touch’N Go card (thanks to the car wash dudes) so I swerved into the cash lane.

nicholas cny me

This is Nicholas. Thanks for having us over!

nicholas cny cendol

His mom was also very hospitable, making sure all of us was well fed and all that. I love this thing – it’s like having a bowl of chendol in a single bite. The jelly has a gula melaka base and the santan and squiggly green pieces in chendol on top so it’s like a scoop of the stuff in one bite! Nifty!

nicholas cny group

Okay, I’m going to get a haircut now before I start work tomorrow. I know I’ve been slacking on the Ipoh updates – I shall write as soon as I get my haircut. Priorities, ya know. My hair is a mess right now and I need to get there before it closes.


Happy CNY* everyone!

*CNY lasts for 15 days, unlike Christmas with only 12. =D

This speed writing post has been brought to you by

Time spent: 3 minutes including photos.

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