yoga pose

I am so proud of myself! :)

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  2. chefmel: Yes We Can! ;)
    zer0ize: It is surprisingly not as hard as I thought…need to work on my legs and breathing but otherwise, I’m still pretty…er, flexible. :)

  3. ahaha~ cool pose u have there! :D

  4. Thought u wanna say u r pretty + flexible ;p

  5. Patricia: Thanks! :)
    I’m working on getting better. I like how I feel chilled out (mind is relaxed) after yoga.
    TianChad: No la, I said I’m pretty flexible, which surprised me coz I always thought I’m not. I used to practise taekwondo and had HUGE problems doing splits. :S

  6. looks like you had clean feet there! :P

  7. KY: Haha! I remembered going with Ninie to Singapore, didn’t realize I was going to take up yoga seriously then. The yoga bug has bitten a lot of people in our office, I’m the latest statistic. :)

  8. You should use yoga mat.. = p

  9. dragoncity: I have a yoga mat now. :)
    I just wanted to do it at the lobby coz I wanted to do the asana (pose) that’s on the beyoga logo (at the background).

  10. Wow… I’m impressed!

  11. wow ur into Yoga these days huh?
    erm, so did you break any’thing’ attempting that pose? :|

  12. Great.. I also ever try yoga before but I’m not as fast learner as u did! ;)

  13. damn hb you’re always out doing something.
    should of posted more yoga moves.

  14. This pose you attempted is an advanced pose called Pincha Mayurasana (Feather Peacock Pose). It took me FIVE YEARS into yoga to be able to do it, and you managed it on your very first day.
    I, could never have been prouder and thank you more – for being the only one with no boobs today.
    See you next weekend for an advance class, may I suggest Hatha Vinyasa every Saturday at 9.30am? Yes? Yeay!

  15. This pose you attempted is an advanced pose called Pincha Mayurasana (Feather Peacock Pose). It took me FIVE YEARS into yoga to be able to do it, and you managed it on your very first day.
    I, could never have been prouder and thank you more – for being the only one with no boobs today.
    See you next weekend for an advance class, may I suggest Hatha Vinyasa every Saturday at 9.30am? Yes? Yeay!

  16. oh, that’s a really good one, flexible body and strong arms..and you have a really slim body..

  17. Huahhhhhhhh…!

  18. New Kamasutra position. It’s called “Lickin’ da floor baby …”

  19. Hahahah nice one bro, good effort :D
    BTW if Ninie still trying to get hold of me, feel free to give her my number.

  20. HB, I been taking yoga since college days and it great way help in relaxing and being in good health. No smoking or drinking and eating a healthy foods. My mother is into tai chi sword and chi goon like tai chi.

  21. It help in dancing also. Dancers do take yoga for that reason too.

  22. woot… can consider kamasutra classes after u have mastered yoga. LOL!

  23. eiling: Hehe! Not bed eh? I surprised myself too. :p
    Cheryl: I just took the first lesson yesterday morning and I’m hooked. It’ll be good in correcting my posture (you’ll notice that I tend to slouch, which is not a good thing).
    Didn’t break anything important. ;)
    Shirley Snow: It’s fun to do nevertheless…one good thing – it tends to reduce stress and anxiety too, the breating. It’s a good thing. :)
    WEEN: LOL! The link you posted would be like the…er, holy grail of yoga? ;)
    Ninie Ahmad: Thank you Ninie! I’ll keep at it, it’s a good thing, I’m not sure if it’s the endorphins but I felt a nice afterglow the entire day. :)
    I’ll be there for this Sunday’s class! :)
    cindy khor: I’m not slim actually, that’s just coz I was upside down so my potbelly shifted into my ribcage (or something like that). Haha! :)
    erin: After this can do complicated karma sutra post dy. :p
    headsteadi: Haha! I read this yoga magazine which had an article about yoga and sexuality while waiting for the class to begin. I’m intrigued. ;)
    ShaolinTiger: Cheers! :)
    Yup, I’ll pass her your number when I see her this Sunday. :)
    Vickie: I agree! It’s great for relaxing…but about eating healthy, not drinking and smoking…er, I’ll hold off that for a while. I still like my vices. Maybe in the future. :)
    Erica: Yeah, it helps in posture too, something I’ve been meaning to correct. :)
    heaven: I am thinking along that lines. ;)

  24. I told you that you can be flexible!
    On the other hand, I failed haha

  25. I love yogurt,, I have it all the time ;-)

  26. wah, u are flexible!
    i doubt would i able to do that…

  27. when ur done with that, you can join me in pole dancing class…. lol…

  28. chics: You’re pretty good too! I saw you can bend your legs much more than I can. My legs damn fail one…I can’t actually get it to straighten up properly.
    It was good to meet you on Sunday. :)
    Jeff: Haha! Yoghurt is actually compatible with yoga, healthy living and what not. I’m still holding back on the nicotine, alcohol and good living parts…it’s just exercise ATM, dun want to make DRASTIC changes, that’s the easiest way to quit. :)
    annant: I used brute force actually. :S
    I need to work on my breathing and doing things properly. It’ll make a solid foundation for yoga. :)
    waiChing: Pole dancing! Can, but I can only do weekends. :)

  29. Wah ?! ur maid help u to do yoga meh ?! (or tat 1 is ur yoga sifu ?) .. haha !!

  30. eldy: That is my YOGA SIFU la. :p
    She’s really good in yoga – Ninie, owns a yoga place in Metropolitan Square calle beyoga.

  31. Whoa!!
    Way to go!
    I tried Hatha yoga once in the heated gym and my back’s screwed up ever since. =.=”
    And they said the heat’s suppose to help your muscles relax.

  32. SW: Hmm…my muscles were a bit achy yesterday but I’m feeling fine now. Nothing like the horror I would have expected given the amount of stretching that I did. ;)
    I’m going again this Sunday.

  33. Holey shit, HB all I can say is ouch. kinda of like me 25 years ago. you go, my friend! tom

  34. I gotta tell you HB, I worked for a company that made and distributded “pilates” dvds. then one morning, I actually did all the reps on one of the dvds. Not bad, I thought, and went to bed. The next day I could hardley FXXXXXG WALK!!! A little at a time, I guesss. tom

  35. Tom Robinson: I’m pretty alright doing stuff like this, it’s just that I can’t for the life of me touch my toes with my legs straight. It causes too much strain on the muscles behind the kneees. :)
    Yup, a little at a time is how it works. :)

  36. Hello, it was nice meeting you on Sunday. There’s only one guy at our office yoga classes as well and he’s the best too. He could do all the difficult poses that we ladies failed to do.

  37. knees, KNEES, hb? you trying to kill me? I was woried about my calfs, ( and I dont mean the young catttle around here) shortley before i did a header toward the tv. fortunatlty,the screen was harder than my head. tom

  38. Sweettooth the one who joined you and Chics at the lobby: Haha! Thanks for the kind comments. I quite liked the yoga session, will be going again this Sunday. You coming? :)
    Tom Robinson: Crap, I’m sorry to hear that…it’s a good thing the screen didn’t shatter.

  39. Eldy:
    Your maid got biceps like that, meh?
    I always share this – injuries usually happen because of wrongly set intentions. To add salt to injured back, most instructors for yoga at gyms can’t afford to check EVERYONE’s posture and alignment therefore beginners might not get full benefits or worse, injure themselves :(
    Shaolin Tiger:
    I will BE in touch and turn YOU upside down very soon ;)
    Sweettooth & ChicsInRed:
    I highly recommend Saturday’s Hatha I class at 10.15am for you girls. Don’t forget to carpool and save on fuel!
    Come on SATURDAY (instead of Sunday) 9.30am for my advance Hatha Vinyasa. Y-O-U can skip beginners and intermediate class already!

  40. Ninie Ahmad: Sure! I’ll be there! :)
    Thanks for the kind comments, I’m lovin’ yoga already.

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