Sup Kaww!

sup kaww

Sup Kaww! (with an exclamation mark to prove the point) is a Malay soup establishment in SS 6 that boasts a menu filled with all things soup. This eatery is one of those hit-and-miss places. They’ll have really great soup one night and really crappy one the next. You never know what you’re going to get over here. It’s puzzling since I would have thought some measure of quality control would go into the process, but apparently not.

sup kaw special

On the good days, Sup Kaww serves a mean bowl of rich broth. It’s so thick (hence the name) that drinking the soup alone would fill most people up. Sup Kaww literally means “hearty soup” but due to the inconsistencies mentioned, it can range from a really sad broth to its namesake – hearty soup.

sup kaww special tongkat ali

I usually order Sup Kaw Special + Tongkat Ali (RM 12) which comes with the meat, bones, stomach, lungs and tail of a cow, infused with our local herbal Viagra substitute.

sup kaww special

Sup Kaww is not stingy with their ingredients…on any day (good and bad) you’ll find large chunks of meat inside your bowl. It goes really well with steamed rice. I went again with a couple of coworkers just now and although they’re having a Bad Soup Day (TM) it’s still a good place to sit down to a hot, steaming bowl of potage for two reasons:

sup kaww movie

The establishment is fond of showing DVDs of dubious copyright. You can catch the latest Hollywood flicks while having your dinner.

sup kaww carwash

There’s a car wash service right on the doorstep. Give your car a proper cleaning (interior and exterior) for just RM 10!

sup kaww me

I also like their RM 5 large fruit juices. Washing down a hot bowl of soup with an icy cold drink is heavenly!

I’m SUPer! Thanks for asking! ;)

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29 thoughts on “Sup Kaww!

  1. HB, I thought you’re not into soup but I guess the restaurant must have AC inside be the reason. Soup sure look good wonder if I could find recipe to make it? Price not bad at all.

  2. Vickie: Yeah, I’m not usually a big fan of soup since but this one is pretty good (when it’s good). Hmm…tongkat ali might be a bit tricky to get but to the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t add anything tastewise to the soup. :)

  3. Ryan: Alas, it did not. I felt like howling at the moon though just coz the moon was so full and shining in my face while I slept. ;)
    maggot: Yeah, it’s an awesome place. :)
    Do check it out if you’re in the area. It can be hit and miss though.
    KY: Nice! This place is close to me though, so I figured the extra RM 2 saved would go into gas anyway. :)

  4. headsteadi: Hmm…I didn’t have time to do a Google Map for this one. It’s beside Giant LDP in Kelana Jaya SS6 area. Giant should be on your left. :)

  5. Tongkat Ali is actually good to keep you energetic (not for the wrong reason. lol) and fresh. which is the reason why people put in coffee. If the normal coffee don’t work on you, drink the one with tongkat ali. Guarantee can keep you awake one!

  6. cweelee: On some days, it’s REALLY kaww…while on others it’s not. :(
    DYMM_Tuanku: Yeah, but I have tattoos and piercing/cut/burn marks on my hands which kinda ruins my good boy image, thus I tend to wear long sleeves to work. ;)
    eiling: It tastes great though! It’s no RM 1,000 dinner, but it’s not too shabby. Bring you next time. :)
    chefmel: Haha! Hmm…it didn’t keep me filled with energy though, I was really tired at about 1 am last night. :S
    I think coffee works better for me. :)
    headsteadi: No worries. :)
    Shirley Snow: Heh! Well, it’s KAWW cow soup. :)

  7. Simon Seow: SS 6? Drive on the LDP from The Curve, you’ll reach 1 Utama (just showing you the orientation), drive further down the LDP and you’ll hit Kelana Jaya LRT station. Drive down again and when you see Giant LDP (it’s beside the highway) turn left. That’s SS6 and also where Sup Kaww! is. :)

  8. Shit. I just googled it to see how far up my site is on the search and you got sponsored link spot. o.O
    BTW they’ve moved. The review is on my blog also. (promo, promo)

  9. Marcky: Sponsored link? I don’t do SEM, but used to do a bit of SEO though. :)
    Yeah, the entire place was torn down, it was illegally constructed – the entire stretch up to Giant LDP.
    They moved to opposite the condo a little bit down the road, huge complex. :)

  10. Hi Huai Bin,

    Been an avid follower of your blog. Am loving all the comments. Just wondering what would it take to invite your goodself to make a visit to a restaurant out of KL?

    Keep up the good work!

    With warmest regards

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