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Mount Lavinia is a city outside Colombo famed for its Golden Mile of beaches. There are a lot of beachfront restaurants over there – the sun, the surf, the sand all around you while you dig in to some fresh fish caught straight from the ocean.

boat hauus

I’m telling you, the waves in Sri Lanka are awesome! It’s an island surrounded by the ocean so the impressive surf is like nothing else. The sea spray alone is enough to whet the appetite.

fresh fish

I went to this place called Boat Hous Café. It was decimated by the tsunami several years ago and rebuilt from scratch.


I ordered Hadella which is sprats

fish sri lanka

…and some kind of butterfish that the proprietor recommended. It’s served with a side of salad and plenty of spices on the fish.

sri lanka fried rice

The meal was topped off with some Sri Lankan fried rice. The food here is cheap, inclusive of beers (5 x large local lagers) it came up to LKR 2,700 (about USD 27 or RM 90).

dinner red onions

I was amazed by the freshness of the fish. The sprats were deep fried and served with some kick ass chillies and the butterfish is tender and succulent. I noticed that the people over here love their red onions – it comes as a side dish, spiced with pepper and makes an awesome condiment for the fried rice.

dig in

Dig in!

(and ignore the Naval base with armed military by the beach – it’s a common sight in Sri Lanka)

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18 Responses to “Dining by the beach in Mount Lavinia”

  1. so how good is this lion lager?

  2. That food looks pretty good HB. We don’t get anything even remotely like that out here in Oklahoma USA. I have been to several islands, and sri lanka looks like it might be (at least from that one shot you took) one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. However, I do highly recommend finding a way to get to Cat Island, Bahamas. It’s a small out island about 30 mins, by plane away from Nassau. 50 miles of island with a population of only 1500, it’s probably the most natural place I’ve ever been. Anyways, enjoy the rest of your vacation

  3. HB, Are you fine now? Was worry from E coli poison you had. I think better stick to the city more in dining now. Maybe the food is fine for the local people there but not for visitors to eat.
    Like in South Korea they like to eat raw crabs which is OK for them not for tourists and raw beef salad too. I try it and got ill from it.

  4. Dude, who poured the mug in the centre in the first picture man? Too much foam man!
    And how are those ciggies on the right?

  5. lotsa fluid! lotsa rest!
    It’s not like you know nothing about pharmacology. where is your antibiotic and oral rehydration solution? x

  6. I prefer 3 Coins over Lion.

  7. Great photos and experience.. ^_^

  8. awesome!! so jealous

  9. woh…the lager is so cheap….
    the plate of fried rice seems awesomelly huge to me…maybe it was just an angle…

  10. I half expect to see u on top of a mountain :S

  11. Aww…man! Not something I wanna read while I’m starving in front of my PC! ;)
    HB, I saw you in the Star In-Tech yesterday. Nice pose. ;)

  12. eiling: It’s pretty good – refreshing and light, as a lager ought to be. Cheap too, despite it being a restaurant of sorts. :)
    bigwillie: I’ve never been to Bahamas but it sounds like a great place! Sri Lanka is nice, they have awesome beaches and the waves are huge (since it’s surrounded by the ocean). Poverty levels are pretty high though, and the military presence can put off some tourists. Travellers would be okay with both though. :)
    Vickie: I’m feeling better now (yeah, I said that yesterday) but seriously I think the antibiotics is doing their magic now. :)
    Marlboro Guy: Heh! I poured that one. I know, it’s not one of my strong suites. Yeah, those are Sri Lankan cigarettes. Interestingly enough, I can only find John Player (dominant brand) and Dunhill in Colombo. No other brands and NO MENTHOLS. Only full flavored and lights. :)
    cynthia: Thanks Cynthia! I have them both, I just hate succumbing to E.Coli. Grr…I’m sure my stomach is stronger than what excretment contaiminated water can do to me. Hmph. ;)
    ShaolinTiger: 3 Coins? I didn’t manage to try that brand, but I did get both kinds of arrack, including the one you recommended (VSOA). Cheers! :)
    cathj: Thanks Cath! :)
    musique: Sri Lanka is a great place to go on vacation…it’s an island in the middle of the ocean so imagine how cool that sounds. :)
    Cheong Hao: Nope, it was SERIOUSLY HUGE my friend. The three of us couldn’t even finish it! The portion must be enough to feed at least 6. I don’t know why they served up such a huge plate of fried rice. :S
    KY: Heh! It was too far away, had to settle for beaches instead. ;)
    Cheers: Thanks buddy! Yeah, I saw that article online. :)

  13. maybe they want to help the customers to save money by sharing the rice…haha…what did they even put in the plate besides the rice???

  14. Cheong Hao: Heh! It’s is a communal fried rice dish – it’s HUGE. The three of us (and one is quite a large dude, mind) couldn’t even come close to finishing it. There’s rice, veggies, onions (red onions, their favorite) and various spices. :)

  15. Haha…no wonder…Hmm…the ingredients are quite common..I wonder why they like onions so much…I mean the red ones…

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