The 4 year reunion

ed ff hb 2009

This is a reenactment of a fateful scene back in 2005 which culminated with the holy matrimony of two of the people involved. Clue: Not me.

e fish_fish me

I have grown significantly more robust in size since then, while FF and e just got married. Time just flies, eh? I’m glad I introduced the two. :)

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32 thoughts on “The 4 year reunion

  1. done reading 1/3 of your 2004 posts :) hope i m killing your bandwidth (still apply ka?) i like your old posts, they are natural more like you than the latest ones especially those advs you have to write. its so fake, everyone knows you write bcos its an adv. hehe~ (oO)

  2. Blackwidow: Yeah! LOL! He wore the same hat when I met up with him the last time he came back in Sibu too! :)
    kimberlycun: Yup, this is seriously one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever seen. Haha! Was hanging out with them that day, they were over for a day in KL. :)
    cynthia: Awesome! See ya then! It’ll be fun. :)
    yuetmui: I was using a lot of meth and opiates back then, so yeah I do look a bit fucked up. :)
    kennysia: Haha! Yeah, it was that fateful day when I met up with them in Ta Lai (food court near King Center). :)
    Chuck U. Farley: That’s Eddie’s – it must be from the US since he works over there. :)
    jg: I look positively fat now. :)
    len: Yup, she looks better now, more radiant, which I attibute to the marriage. :)
    chefmel: Thanks Mel! I was on so much drugs back then I guess I didn’t bother much about personal appearance. :)
    KY: Yeah, it’s so depressing eh? Four years is supposed to be a long time, but time just flies, not a good thing. :(
    jg: No worries, I’m on a high powered VPS now with plenty of bandwidth to spare. Yeah, I can see you point, but then again, who’s gonna pay for my RM 11,000 in car repairs. ;)
    I can’t live on my salary alone with all my financial obligations e.g. rent, parents, food etc.
    BTW, the last post was completely accurate, I always fiddle with my iPaq 4700 while attending mass. LOL!

  3. u remind me of a friend in the bottom picture..
    he is a damn crooked thief, liar and eat friends..
    we suspect he playing batu…
    i hope he die far away …
    just want to get this out of my chest..

  4. just 4 years, and you’d grown from a cute looking boy (sorry if you don’t like it) to a mature, good looking young man… and the game over imprint on your friend’s clothes makes me smile

  5. Kristin: Hmm…to the best of my knowledge, only one couple. :)
    There are others but didn’t end up in marriage. :)
    sweatlee: Hello Suet Li! :)
    chefmel: Nice! Thailand has just about everything, I love Bangkok! =D
    noname: He probably did hit the meth pipe. ;)
    Hardcore tweakers looks about the same, skinny, malnourished, and constantly sleep deprived (even though for all intents and purposes, they are wide awake and alert).
    Meth does no good to people, and it’s a hard habit to sustain unless you deal. I used to deal, but I don’t recommend it to my worst enemy. :)
    Cheers: Yup, gotta swim and do more push ups…that’s the best I can do with my workload. :)
    cindy khor: Haha! I like looking like a boy. :)
    I know I look younger than my chronological age (28) but I consider it a blessing – have good youthful genes like my mom. I don’t mind being called young at all. ;)
    Haha! I love his t-shirt too, it’s very appropriate considering his marital status. :)
    Trey: I was 50 kgs at that time, sometimes 45 kg, it really does a number on a person, what with no sleep and food for three days and sometimes you even forget to drink water. It’s all about hitting the pipe or rig again and again.
    If there’s one thing I am confident I’ll not go into anymore (and believe me, I’ve been tested since then), it’s meth. :)

  6. mahagurusia: Heh! Yeah, it was good to meet you too! Interesting days. :)
    Cheesie: Yep, the good old days (?). ;)
    I think I ate once every three days (HUGE meal) but since I wasn’t eating the other times, I turned really skinny. I kinda liked how I looked back then, I looked older, but better. ;)

  7. Dude, I remember you offered us some unusual candies upon the first meeting. Hey, Thanks again, earn you some Karma points at Pearly gate for being the cupid…and of course free flow of alcohol when we go home.
    BTW the hat is Shady Brady, tough hat comes with one year warranty, as you can tell it has lasted a few years.

  8. Huai Bin, so nice to see you that day. Sorry I was laughing at you in the hotel room that night (if only you still remember about what. :P ) Can’t see the pictures now as I am now in Beijing with mom. I have never fallen sick once in USA for three years, and I have a horrible sore throat and coughing after three days in Beijing! Can’t wait to finish my vacation soon, go back Kuching sleep kao kao and go back to USA. See you again next time, hopefully.
    Hi Suet Li and mahagurusia. ^_^

  9. fish fish: Haha! No worries! It was the best thing this year to see you guys together and coming to KL! Can’t wait for your wedding! =D
    See ya next time you’re back! :)

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