Feb 122010

Frumpy, a convenient concatenation of “fucking grumpy” is an apt term to describe my state of mind right now. I just got off the phone and realized that my flight is not 7:05 am but 5:20 pm. I already took half day leave – that’s wasted annual leave coz we’re working 1/2 day tomorrow (or rather later today) anyway and I could have caught the flight easy. I need to conserve all my leaves this year to go on vacation. >.<

yee sang

Anyway, enough grumbling, it’s CNY! I had another yee sang dinner just now – this one comes with a super long pair of chopsticks depicted below.


All the better to lou you with, salad!

lou sang

My eyelids are at half mast now due to sleep deprivation so if you have a burning urge for more reading material here’s two of my favorite CNY posts:

Firecrackers in Malaysia – photos, videos and descriptions

CNY firecrackers and fireworks roundup – a sixthseal.com Chap Goh Meh special

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21 Responses to “Frumpy”

  1. Actually “frumpy” is a legit English word..it means dressing like a bag lady. Its often used to describe Camilla Parker Bowles (Prince Charles’ wife). “Frumpy” is not like “fugly”, which is a genuine combo word.

  2. so many yee sang dinner u had as all this life i nvr try b4…lol
    u r beter than me as i my flight time diffrent from i thot i saw n missed it n bought another ticket to go bk…

  3. that chinese fish salad thing for CNY is … AWESOME!

  4. hey, i had that too last night at imperial. saw you enjoying with friends. so how was the dinner?

  5. Yah it’d be a cool combo word if it wasn’t already actually a real word haha.

  6. happy CNY!: Haha! Yeah, I know, that is the other description, I’m just appropriating it for another meaning altogether. ;)
    Happy CNY! :)
    ah nel: Oh sorry to hear that! Mine was coz the email trail was confusing (merged) so I took the first itenarary instead of the second. :S
    KY: Yeah, Grand Imperial does it well too, very professional. :)
    Leo Hong: Hello Leo Hong! Happy CNY! Yeah, we had two tables at Grand Imperial last night. Where were you all seated? :)
    ShaolinTiger: Haha! Indeed, but it’s still alright to be butchering existing words. ;)

  7. Gong Xi Gong Xi!
    Did u read the itinerary wrongly or AA chg-ed?

  8. thenomadGourmand: The email trail was very confusing. T_T
    I read the first itinerary, not the second.
    Happy CNY! Have a great holiday! :)

  9. do you ever not go out? what’s wrong with staying home, ordering a pizza, relaxing on the couch, hitting the bong, and playing xbox live.
    show your “gf” in nice clothes so i have something to jerk off too.

  10. WEEN: There’s nothing wrong with chilling at home – it’s just Chinese New Year right now so people tend to go out, just like the regular new year. ;)
    Haha! I don’t have a gf but if you want photos like that just type “sex” into Google.

  11. oh’come on now. out of all these years of taking pictures you must surly have some arousing pictures.

  12. Dude, I remember the nostalgic sixthseal fire cracker post.
    My first encounter of Sixthseal.com was Miss Photogenic photo shoot, unfortunately, these ladies appeared so Ah Lian one, I don’t think Mr. Ween would use their pictures as whack off material…..even after a case of Miller. .

  13. I’m so not looking forward for Chinese New Year except the food. :(

  14. Happy CNY – may u n ur family b blessed with good health.
    Health is wealth bro. . .

  15. Happy Chinese new year dude

  16. WEEN: I do but those are for my personal use only. :) It’s an agreement when the photos are taken and I don’t intend to break it.
    e: Haha! Yeah bro that was a funny one, so many unintentional upskirts. ;)
    Happy CNY bro, enjoy your first CNY with your wife! :)
    WEEN: HAHA! Alright, have fun buddy!
    Michelle Chin: How come? What about the family reunion, the friends and the fun? :)
    foodcrazee: Indeed bro, I totally agree. Hope you made it down to Bentong in time. Happy CNY bro! :)
    Charles: Happy CNY Charles! :)

  17. HB, happy CNY. Busy cooking now, all by myself. :P

  18. Haha Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine Day :)
    Omg..stomach hungry again.. lol

  19. Communication problems…
    With my nucleus family yes lar. And to be honest, I like the food best. Not the balik kampung part though.

  20. fish fish: Happy CNY! You’re still in the States? Not coming back for CNY? Have a good one nevertheless! :)
    Eriku: Happy CNY and Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Heh, ya me too, have been eating a lot these few days. :)
    Michelle Chin: Ah…I get what you mean. Ya, I’ve been spending more time with friends than family. Tonight last night out with friends then must concentrate on family dy.
    Happy CNY and Valentine’s Day! :)

  21. LOL, Tummy must be growing big.. hehe

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