Ear cartilage piercing syringe

I had a sudden and inexplicable urge to get a piercing while having supper the night before, after a long day discussing Family Matters (TM).

I can’t go for extreme piercings due to the nature of my work so I settled for a simple ear cartilage piercing.

Ear cartilage piercing

It cost RM 50 and it’s healing well so far (which is rare – I pierce a lot of places and the ear is the hardest to heal for me). Next up: Rook piercing! Heh!

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29 Responses to “Ear cartilage piercing – photos and videos”

  1. you could of done that yourself for free.

  2. wtf is rook piercing!?

  3. Dude, next time we chew on crunchy pig ear Kueh chap, we’ll think about your ear cartilage.

  4. Jerine: It was a spur of the moment thing and I was really sleepy at that time so needed something to wake me up. ;)
    WEEN: Yeah I have butterfingers so I don’t think I would be able to do it as well as a piercing place. :)
    kimberlycun: Rook piercings go through the ear. Erm…perhaps that’s not the best description since all ear piercings…go through the ear. ;)
    You can Google it, it’s a fairly simple one and not very unorthodox so it can be visible. :)
    e: Haha! Think about the surgical steel bar that you’re going to swallow too bro. ;)

  5. Very nice. You can still go for extreme piercings that won’t interfere with your work..it’s just in places people won’t be able to see. Makes me cross my legs just thinking about it though ;-)

  6. I did the same piercing before and it affected my back. One morning I couldn’t even get up from bed because of the unbearable pain. Have completely removed it ever since and now back problem’s gone.

  7. bro, it doesn’t look right mate, did they give you the wrong ear ring? Looks like that more for a tongue stud.

  8. wot da hell is rook piercing? u piercing ur dick ar ? :P

  9. Jeff: Yup, I can go for more extreme piercings in non public space, but for visible areas, these are about the piercings I can do. Haha!
    headsteadi: Interesting! How did that happen?
    I’ve pierced a lot of places but if there’s pain, it’s only localized to the piercing and not anywhere else.
    rocket: Nope, I requested for that. I didn’t want a ring. :)
    agentcikay: A rook piercing for the ear. You’re thinking about a Prince Albert. Haha!
    Can, I pierce, you wanna come and see? ;)

  10. holey … well … the gelantiious material in your nose or between your ribs
    ( done tis last year, or was it yhe year before?) but I am glad you got the ring in the cartegenelous area. think the thing in a chicken breastbone. or when … or the gristle in a pig skin. sounds gross, dont it. a favorite pastor af mine had a son who wanted to get an earring. and this is prettty conservitave metodism. his wife, said well, you take him, and convince him otherwise. they both came back with earrings. hey… commonn… like nicodemus… bet he had a hard time that night when he went home and said… well..

  11. I’ll just get coffee

  12. Very nice! Helix piercings are a pain (literally) to heal. It’ll be a good while before you can sleep on that ear comfortably. When I am healing ear piercings, I make a little donut out of a clean rolled up sock for sleeping. Much more comfortable.
    My rook piercing is one of my favourites. Not at all painful to have done, and an absolute breeze to heal!

  13. tom: Heh! Nice anecdote. I did the one in between my nose, that is a bit of a pain, probably the most painful piercings I’ve ever done. :)
    Jerine: Yeah, but it doesn’t really help. It does kinda but it makes you grouchy as well. At least it does for me. :)
    Katie: Thanks! It healed surprisingly fast though, I slept on it, no problems, even showered and styled my hair as usual, didn’t feel the pain at all.
    Rook piercings – that’s the one I’m going to get next.
    Cheers Katie! :)

  14. eee… i’m scared of piercings! that looks scarryyyy

  15. eiling: It’s just an ear piercing, very tame considering the other piercings I have which you’ve seen. =D

  16. Ouchhh… :x

  17. ahlost: It actually doesn’t hurt that much Rose. It’s like a needle prick. :)
    Come KL or I go Kuching (Borneo Headhunters!) and we do it again! =D

  18. I’m gonna pull on it during Digital Wed!! *evil grin*

  19. hahahah oi rebecca, i better keep mine far far away. ok DW we take photos of our piercings =D

  20. thenomadGourmand: Haha! It’s a good thing I wasn’t there tonight. ;)
    Hanie Hidayah: Ya, that would be nice eh? Tattoos too. Even better we ALL go get pierced together! Sounds like a plan? :)

  21. CAN! im planning to get another one end of this month but dont know which part.

  22. Angie: Nah, it doesn’t! It’s not that bad at all. :)
    Hanie Hidayah: Okay, we shall go first and find a place to pierce later. Haha! :)

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  25. What gauge is that?

  26. I’ve been going crazy looking for a place to do helix piercing using a needle, since it is a safer method.
    You said it was rm50?
    Where did you do this? :D please reply soon! I wanna get it after my SPM :) as a symbol of freedom!!!

  27. what is the correct name for that earring?

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