Krabs at Krabi

crabs at krabi

Well it’s technically at Ao Nang before we took the ill fated longboat to Rai Leh. Heh! The miniature crabs comes in abundance and you can literally pick them up from the beach.

They have the Zerg Burrow research too – much like Brood Lords (or Guardians in the original Starcraft) – which also leads to the reason behind the lack of updates on the blog. I’ve been playing too much Starcraft II. >.<

Regular programming will resume REALLY soon – promise.

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68 thoughts on “Krabs at Krabi”

  1. chrisblitz: Heh! There are heaps more to go around! =D
    fresh: …and a proud one too! ;)
    Starcraft II rocks!
    Huge fan of the original and expansion. :)

  2. wow, a one in a million photo. you really are a pretty good photograher. tidal flats, the mist, the sea and island in the distance… the lone figure… I am not being a smart ass. plus I like crabs… kinda… used to play with hermit crabs on the coast of nc, use little crab as bait when fishing for other fish like drum, and like blue crab, on the atlantic, or dungeness on the pacific. but way too expensive for me to eat now. so I settle for krab ( surami) and its pretty good. those little creatures are indicators ( like frogs) of our environment. and I aint no eco nut. wish I had a red ( king) cluster of legs to crack and dip in butter right now. and some clams. tom

  3. pretty good videoographer too, it takes forever for me to watch that on dial up, but where I live, high speed is unavilable. but that was neat. and like I said, no eco or peta fanatic, but it is nice for kids to see that shrimp dont come in little breadballs, nor chicken in mcnuggets. and some mass produced things are good. excuse me while I drink a beer, and eat a bowl of ramen ( with hot dogs cut up in it). Tom

  4. eiling: HAHA! Thanks thanks! Ya I thought it rhymes. :)
    tom robinson: Thanks Tom! I personally didn’t think it was that great but I was never a good photographer anyway. I’m better in writing. Glad you liked the composition.
    Heh! True true, always good to educate them, chicken doesn’t come from the supermarket. :)
    Take care my friend! :)

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