Aftermarket chargers

Well, I got a new charger this afternoon for A$25.

The charger. It didn’t come with any packaging and the shop proprietor told me that if it
doesn’t work, I’m welcome to bring it back for a full refund.

Made in China by Tian Ye Electron Company. Tian Ye translates to Sweet Coconut in English.

Well what do you know…it actually made the optimized charging detector trip. I don’t know if
it actually uses optimized charging coz it’s not official Ericsson merchandise after all. I didn’t
feel the need to time the charge cycle to see if it actually charges faster or just trips the
optimized charging detector. =D

The bad thing about the charger is it’s unusual orientation. The plugs actually goes in sideways
so it needs to be at the end of the power board. Notice the green LED indicator.

Well, all in all, it works well and isn’t too expensive. I’ve seen one of those USB chargers
that charges using the USB port of your computer. They cost A$15 and take power off the computer
main power supply so they don’t need to be attached to a power source. It seems pretty nifty but my
USB ports are all taken so I didn’t get one of those.

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