Floyd the Barber Part II

Went and got myself a haircut today at the Monash Hair Salon in the campus center. I had it
trimmed really short on the sides and back. The hairdresser was an intern I think. She forgot to
put the hair guard on before cutting my hair. It’s that heavy black flap that avoids tiny hairs
from going down your collar. Only remembered when another hairdresser pointed it out. I didn’t
notice myself. The haircut was okay but she’s too chatty for my liking. I was not in the mood to
talk coz I’m in a hurry to get to Caulfield to hand in my assignments. It cost A$18 so it’s
definitely an intern. Usually it costs A$25 to get a haircut. I grabbed a pizza from the pizza
place after that. I’m not really a big fan of pizza, but the other shops were closed. I had a slice
of University Volcano, which I heard was slightly spicy. Now I can take very hot food, but this was
on an empty stomach and I think the person preparing it dropped chili flakes on the pizza coz it
was saturated with it! Made me feel queasy for about two hours. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I also bleached my hair
today. Got the fudge speed2 bleach. I like
fudge, coz I still remember the large poster they had in
Christchurch back in ’96.

Contents of the box: One 25ml bleach base, one 25ml booster, one 2.5ml bleach base, one 2.5ml
booster, one 55ml developer liquid, one sachet shampoo, one sachet conditioner, one brush, one pair
of gloves, one manual. The 2.5ml small packets is for the strand and skin test, which I never

Anyway, the end result was this:

I only left it on for 15 minutes coz I was in a hurry. It turned out to be a semi disaster. πŸ™‚
The picture is taken using my webcam so the coloring nuances cannot be seen. Its lighter than what
it seems to be with some patches of ultra light colors. Kinda horrible, but I don’t want to recolor
it, so it’ll have to stay.

Days till I get my digital camera: 1

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