Elune save us! The Undead advance in waves!

The halls external network connection was down practically the whole day!
I’ve only been able to get online at night, no problems accessing internal
sites in the day, just can’t get into any external ones. Never mind that,
at least I got some solid hours in Warcraft 3. I can’t really play
Warcraft when ICQ is on because it’s too distracting. It’s my pet peeve
when someone messages me while I’m in a game. =D Anyway, I’ve never
actually played the single player campaign until recently because I jumped
into multiplayer the moment I got it. The single player story is pretty
good, but a bit hackneyed. I’m at the Night Elves campaign now and damn,
the Archers look good. I am retarded.

Well, I got a pack of these egg puddings yesterday and lemme tell you,
those are EVIL! The sweet stuff (caramel?) on the bottom is all congealed
and shit and it tasted horrible. I sacrificed them as offerings to the
porcelain god 15 minutes after I ate them. πŸ™

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